Running Man Wins at the 2013 SBS Entertainment Awards

The SBS Entertainment Awards were held today (December 30th) and once again Running Man took home a chunk of awards goodness. Henceforth is a Running Man Awards Post. With pictures and videos. And plenty of pictures. Did I mention the pictures?! Cheers!

RM Members Red Carpet

The Red Carpet

I have to say I absolutely adore Ji Hyo’s dress. All of the members look amazing. Even Kwang Soo. RM Members Red Carpet 3 RM Members Red Carpet 2  JI Hyo Red Carpet 2 JI Hyo Red Carpet Monday Couple Red Carpet

Song Ji Hyo wins High Excellence Award (Female)

Love that Gary helped Ji Hyo with the stack of flowers after she won – aww, a Monday Couple awards show moment! Ji Hyo cried, which yet again reminds me of why I love her. She is so kick ass, so fearless, and yet so humble. I was also really in love with the rest of the cast looking on like proud big brothers as she won the award. That poutty lip on HaHa when Ji Hyo was crying- I just, I just, love this cast!

An excerpt from her awards speech:

“I think it’s an excessive award for me. As the only female among the other male members of Running Man, I feel like I do not help and am a burden. I am thankful for the consideration. I will work harder, and will continue to remain in good relations with Gary.”

Song Ji Hyo Wins  Gary Helps Ji Hyo with flowersGary Helps Ji Hyo with flowers 2  Ji Hyo Tears

Proud Members at Ji Hyos awardYJS watching Ji Hyo get her award

Kim Jong Kook and HaHa win Excellence Award (Male)

The tiger and penguin took home the excellence award!

Gary and JI Suk Jin presentingHaha and KJK mobbed by supportersKJK during award Ji Hyo and YJS during HaHa and KJK award Kwang Soo watchign KJK and HaHa receive award Haha thank you speech

Lee Kwang Soo wins Friendship Award

Running Man’s maknae received the friendship award, which for some reason seems contradictory to his betraying personality on the show. But hey, I think he deserves it. Plus, I loved his manner stance while accepting the award.

LKS Wins cast congratsRM PDs congratulate LKSlks acceptance

Running Man wins Viewer’s Choice – Most Popular Stars Award

I don’t have video or photos of this award as of this post, however it is no surprise that Running Man won this award. Running Man is extremely popular, so any viewer’s choice awards they were up for they pretty much won.

Running Man wins High Excellence Award for Programs (Viewer’s Choice)

Running Man’s PDs took the stage to accept the Excellence Award, and the cast was absolutely beaming at the win. Love it.

Our PDs LKS Gary JSJ watching PDs Our other PD receives the award High Excellence Award our PD takes the stage Laughs from the cast

Congrats to the winners and the entire cast and crew for another amazing year of Running Man!

Gary: “I want you Ji Hyo” or Monday Couple Trolling

When Gary is asked if he has anything to say to Song Ji Hyo he responds “I want you Ji Hyo”. Our Ace’s response? “Thank you”

Running Man gets Growl on us- Variety Growl

Starts at 2:27 (with the entire cast). Prior to this you can witness Yoo Jae Suk singing along. Kim Jong Min, Park Jun Kyu and ZE:A‘s Kwanghee make this an epic performance (at least as far as comedy is concerned).

Note on the Daesang (Grand Award)

Yoo Jae Suk did not win the SBS Grand Award this year – in fact this is the first year since 2005 that he has not received the Grand Award from one of the major broadcasters (SBS, MBC, or KBS). I was a little surprised, but after much thought I think that YJS’s lack of a Daesang makes sense. After all, he is pretty much as legendary as legendary gets in the world of Korean Variety -at this point it is like giving Meryl Streep an Oscar every single year until she dies. Some years are bound to see others win, but nonetheless the Nation’s MC will forever remain in viewers hearts. And, for the record, I do think Kim Byung Man deserved it (and for the more in depth record -yep, I had something in my eye during his acceptance speech).

11 thoughts on “Running Man Wins at the 2013 SBS Entertainment Awards

  1. Ji Hyo’s blue pumps (Heels? Pumps? Haha) – OMG so gorgeous, total killer look with the dress. Congrats to her and everyone! Thanks for the digest Lore 😀

  2. They all look stunning! I’m so happy they got so many awards. I hope Running Man will continue far into the future. ^-^

    I also don’t think it’s anything bad that Yoo Jae Suk didn’t get an award. I don’t think he would even really want one. He’s the type of person to feel bad if he blocks other people’s opportunities, and I think he must be happy others are getting acknowledged.

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