The Distractor’s Cut: Heirs Episode 19

Hey there! We are almost done with this edition of the Distractor’s Cut. Make sure to check out episodes 17 & 18 on Unnichan’s website.

Unnichan: Obsolete was pretty obsolete till the end. I mean I think she was a help to the boys and wasn’t as evil as she seemed but still.


Ekun: This raggedy WonTan, at least he has one person who understands him.

Unnichan: I think so. Why did he have to cheat on her?

Ekun: Because he lives by his *censored* apparently. Myung Soo, what are all these selfies about?!


Unnichan:Hyo Shin, that dive was priceless. OMG eye contact my turn you to stone.

Ekun: Chan Youngie you jealous!? LOL! It is her brother “Oppa” not sweetie “Oppa”.


Unnichan: OMG! That’s an Oppa to be jealous of…. Sorry Minhyuk but… Ah that cameo was so worth it for me.


Ekun: I can’t discuss that, we will never finish this episode.Won just rolled in. I like this potential wife’s hair color.

Unnichan: I like her.

Ekun: Girl I forgot Tan got a haircut. Good looking bastard. Ugh!

Unnichan: Kekekeke. He is a bastard too. Pfft. Sorry.


Ekun: No pun intended, bian.

Unnichan: Ah love is in the air, flashing lights and it’s Christmas… What more could a girl ask for?


Ekun: Look at WonTan face! He could have died right then. Is that too much to ask for? That could ruin the party, ne?

Unnichan: Oh WonTan, you didn’t know? Kekekeke. But if you’re going to die, it might be a nice birthday gift. Too harsh?


Ekun: No, it is what I have been wanting this whole show since he showed his A**. Look at how scary his face is after he told the reporters to leave. Unni, I really think he is going to die before this show is over girl.

Unnichan: I do like this hair style on Min Ho.

Ekun: It’s like Young Do and Tan switched haircuts!

Unnichan: Ha. I like that he’s keeping his cool and made a decent point. Would be nice if there was more depth to the argument but beggars can’t be choosers, ne?


Ekun: Ne, but I am scared he is agreeing to let them date… *shuts eyes* He still keeping tabs on Momma Tan? Crazy old geezer.

Unnichan: WonTan we know you’re not done but just cut it out for tonight ok?

Ekun: He got Eun Sang for his birthday! Chukahae!


Unnichan: Well that’s better than a dead WonTan too. OOOH LENA!

Ekun: Beggars, right?

Unnichan: Aigoo I don’t wanna hang out with Momma Tan but you love that girl so ok. I love my Mom too.


Ekun: We spending birthday with Momma too? This is sweet. I would want to be laid up somewhere with Young Do for my birthday… Why is it half a year away!?

Unnichan: That’s a long wait, just start your birthday at the beginning of the year, like they do.

Ekun: Awww, the mom’s are coming together again. They really are friends, ne?


Unnichan: I guess. Mom is perhaps the only perhaps that can handle her silly. And she’s lived alone cooped up, so… Pfft. She’s acting possessive like Tan.

Ekun: Good points. The real couple is together…


Unnichan: Of course. These are two the whole of Korea wants to live happily ever after.

Ekun: Oh Young Do, you making great strides to actually love yourself and others. I like this sweater too. *Wink Wink Kiss Kiss Kiss*

Unnichan: Yea I love the sweater too. Looks like size 30+ needles. I love that he’s saying what has been in his heart all these years. Much love Young Do ah.

Ekun: you actually letting my kisses go through!? Yes!!! Myung Soo is a total mess but great bestie.

Unnichan: He’s excellent. I love that fool. And good Young Do don’t cheat. Daddy will though.


Ekun: Ummm, Mom and Momma Tan, this drinking time I don’t want to hear. Because I don’t care what your excuses are Momma Tan.

Unnichan: Girl, this is a Jojo if ever there was. She knows she was wrong from the start. There’s no point to sing to the blues now… unless it’s for fun, like we do.

Ekun: The beach!!!! It is so beautiful, but it must be freezing out there.

Unnichan: It’s the best place on the planet. A beach. And the perfect place to cry.


Ekun: Hyung! I love him outside of Tan.. is that possible? Why are they arguing in front of him like idiots?!

Unnichan: This circular argument of nobody wins. I think Eun Sang is right but Tan is crazy so he might get his way.


Ekun: These kids are just in High School, do they really need to get permission to date? This is not dating with the intention of marriage is it?!

Unnichan: Permission? I guess cause they are still minors.


Ekun: Momma Tan sit your tail down please.

Unnichan: Lol. I love this. Mom finally speaks and it’s wonderful.


Ekun: I am not mad at Mom for feeling the way she does…Tan! This reaction is so delayed it is too funny.

Unnichan: This is too much. These two!

Ekun: They are kind of disgusting now aren’t they?

Unnichan: Fist bumps? Aigoo. Where was all this cute for 17 episodes?

Ekun: You made a slideshow Tan and giving her back hug? I just got diabetes because they are too sugary sweet! Did he just lock the door?!


Unnichan: They’re going to have great memories when they’re forty… no matter whom they end up with and that’s nice to think about. Why is he holding her hostage in her own house? Lol. Oh Tan.

Ekun: These harpies at the schoolhouse must really want Young Do to go bonkers and punch them. I think he would.

Unnichan: Some things never change girl. I’m serious this skirt is too short for Ji Won.


Ekun: I don’t know what they did to Rachel’s hair but these last 3 episodes it has looked good.

Unnichan: I think they thinned her bangs. I’m glad that things are calming down between them too. Cause goodness that was mess for far too long.

Ekun: Young Do making good on that promise. I love this kid so.


Unnichan: Bo Na is forever a drama queen that I love to pieces. Is this the reaction of shame Tan? Trauma? Yea there should be.


Ekun: Chan Youngie! Love him. Kim Tan is now 50th place. Myung Soo is 100th, Young Do is 27th! LOL! Daddy was right about something.

Unnichan: Why is he so shocked Dongkun?


Ekun: He is just shocked how much his score was raised. Young Do just beat daddy without cheating! Manse!!!!

Unnichan: Ara but he shouldn’t be that shocked. The fact he is scares me for his future. Manse! Manse! Daddy and the yakuza look.


Ekun: Momma Do?! She finally looking for him?

Unnichan: Finally. All that Young Do needs in life.


Ekun: Bo Na?! You must want Chan Young to show his A** all day, every day!

Unnichan: How is she not your friend when you know so much about her Bo Na? You’re so adorable.


Ekun: TAN!!! Who is your Yeobo?!

Unnichan: That was uncalled for Tan. WTH! Oh no! I’ve been waiting 19 episodes to see some fire from Chan Young… LOVE IT!

Ekun: These fools at this table… this is what HS should be like. Too cute.


Unnichan: Exactly.

Ekun: Tan, pure heart? I may have never been a teenage boy but I knew plenty. Your sentence is just a big fat round lie. What is this picture in her wallet about?

Unnichan: I can’t even speak on this innocence he’s spewing. He just wants more love. Stop it. And this picture. WTH!


Ekun: Daddy Yoon! Momma Rae! Unni, can’t they end up together at the end, oh?


Unnichan: Are we gonna get a conclusion to them too? Aw Show, I was just cracking coconuts… I don’t think they should. But I would love it. Maybe they should just date forever? An honest moment from Rae. Another nice simple, transparent moment.

Ekun: Perhaps Momma Rae isn’t all that bad. Oh, I sang this song in College for a concert. I really like it.


Unnichan: I don’t believe Momma Tan, but I hope she succeeds.


Ekun: Momma Tan, WonTan deserves to be by himself. He sucks. Is he going to die now?!

Unnichan: It would round out the show rather nicely in my opinion but death always brings redemption and I’m not in the mood for that.


Ekun: He passes out, now everyone is running over to the hospital for real.

Unnichan: See. What did I say? I’m not saying you shouldn’t care it’s just that it doesn’t wipe any slate clean.


Ekun: I am not in the mood for that either Unnichan. As a person who has dealt with death, I would never wish the feelings of losing a loved one on my worst enemy—but Daddy WonTan? This man does not deserve redemption.

Unnichan: Not a redemption where all is forgotten and everyone bends to his will once he wakes and feels bad about their ill feelings toward him.

Ekun: Oh, so we are going to try and turn Obsolete into the “big nasty” ultimate enemy? Show please.


Unnichan: Of course girl. They have to throw all the blame on someone else so everyone can forgive WonTan and hate the childless spinster. It’s ridiculous.

Ekun: *Throws Pringles at the TV* That’s stupid!

Unnichan: Then she will show out to the point that she has to divorce WonTan and Momma Tan gets what she’s always wanted. YUCK!

Ekun: I can’t waste anymore of these Pringles and I just vacuumed today. But if I could I would throw this and my Ginger ale! Call her or visit her Young Do.

Unnichan: He should but I know it’s hard. It’s been forever and then he has to make the first move. OH NO! He’s at the job?! We haven’t seen him there in a minute.


Ekun: Young Do always goes to work, he might not stay—but he goes. Uh oh. The IRS is here to confiscate them files for Zeus Hotel!

Unnichan: OMO! Dukes bout to lose everything? These boys and their fathers. That’s what this drama could’ve focused on.


Ekun: Maybe the Yakuza did not have time to clean the money…

Unnichan: Girl laundering will get their tails caught too. Zeus was already being investigated. Obsolete go away and take that ponytail with you.

Ekun: I do not understand why she is always walking around like she is a teeny bopper with this ponytail. I mean, you can have your hair long but do something with it.


Unnichan: The world of greed. How do people live like that? I really don’t know and think I will never understand.

Ekun: Girl, your guess is as good as mine. But the love of money is the root of all evil. I guess that is why these fools are willing to do anything to have, obtain, and keep it.

Unnichan: Why don’t people realize that money affords you nothing that is everlasting?

Ekun: Tan on the roof, Young Do on the roof. Both are having daddy issues, carbon copies in too many respects.


Unnichan: Like the Doctor and Hyung Min?

Ekun: No, I can’t discuss Doctor on the roof! But I really do like this song. I heard that Choi Jin Hyuk sang for the OST, did you hear that? Was it this show?

Unnichan: Really? I thought it was Gumiho… but I could be mistaken, cause practically everyone who can carry a tune in the cast sang on this OST. I hope he sings a track on his next drama OST though. I’m tentatively looking forward to that one.

Ekun: Me too. Wait, Ha Neul sang too? I need that! Well Unnichan, we have one more episode to go. I don’t know how you feel but I am glad that the show is coming to an end because I am over it. I need to see other hottness in 2014 starting with Soo Hyun, whose show premieres after this one. We had a lot of fun, few tears, and ample frustration. Time to roll along.

Unnichan:Um yes please! I love Soo Hyun and though I have zero expectations for the actual show, I know his hotness won’t let me down. As for Heirs, when a show starts wrong, everything remains that way and that’s what’s happened here. They were too heavy handed in America and everything since then just never really did what it needed to do. Therefore, this last development feels like a last ditch effort to make us love the characters we hate and despise the ones we never cared about. I don’t like that but what can you do? Well…. actually I can raise a glass of cold ginger ale to the penultimate episode and give a toothy farewell to these characters that I liked alot but can’t bring myself to love. Except for Young Do of course.

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