The Five Best Running Man Out-of-this-world Episodes

RM Super Powers

One of the reasons I love Running Man is the fact you go into every episode unsure of what is about to happen-literally. Sometimes we end up with slightly predictable challenges and other times we end up with an entire episode devoted to such a weird premise that we know the CG guys had to have had way too much fun during the editing phase. Henceforth are the five best episodes based on oddly awesome setups and strange moments (literally-think HaHa can fly and Gary bought a magic genie lamp in Paris)…

  Space Controller

1. First Superpower Special- Episode 74

Awesome. Freaking awesome. Episode 74 marked the first time the Running Man cast delved into the beaker-drinking-super-power-imbuing premise that has marked a great episode ever since. Plus we got our lol-lols from this episode- and a trip to Europe.

As a reference the following is a list of the assigned superpowers, some of which the cast still attempt to invoke for comedic effect:

Jae Suk– Space Controller. He can move everyone else to a different location. Can be used only once.

Kwang Soo– Death note. The ability to eliminate one person, and one person only, by writing their name on his “death note”

Jong Kook-Sixth Sense. Ability to know if others are nearby (via the handy speaker in his ear)

HaHa– Time Controller. Ability to reverse time to one hour prior to the moment he invokes his power.

Suk Jin– Phoenix. Imbued with three lives. He cannot be ousted by the same person more than once.

Ji Hyo-Mind Controller. Immediately knows the power of all other Running Man cast members.

Gary– Duplicator. Surrounded by look-a-likes (aka lolols) he can create an instant diversion with his posse.

RM in wonderland 2RM in wonderland 1

2. Running Man in Wonderland- Episode 89

An oddity filled episode complete with an appearance by some of Gag Tonight’s most memorable characters, this weird premise had our cast entering a door to wonderland. Count Julien Kang as a genie, FD Dong Wan as the white rabbit, and other strange sights and you create an episode I cannot get enough of.

 RM Ep 100

3. The Gods meet Running Man- Episode 100

The 100th episode special has its fans and its haters. I am one of the prior, I really like this episode. I find it all too fitting that Jong Kook is essentially a Hercules like character, plus I think the writers outdid themselves with the way each god could be taken down.

RM Superpower baseballRM Superpower football

4. Superpower Sports- Episodes 96 and 119

The superpower concept, first introduced in episode 74, has only gotten better with the ensuing episodes. There are two instances that find the running man cast and guest drinking beakers full of superpowerness (I know, I totally invented a word) and reaping the benefits of their beverage. Epic.

RM Time Travel

5. Time Travel- Episode 122

This episode, while not super heavy on the out of this world concept, had our cast traveling to different years in the 80s and 90s. I loved this for the guest (all 80/90s performers) as well as for the references to the television shows gone by.

When Running Man failed at out of this world…

Psychic Powers Special aka future ddajki-Episode 116

This concept was way too out of this world for its own good. Full of swarming ajummas and plenty of future ddajki moments (which boils down to the power to invoke a do-over) this episode brought more confusion than viewing pleasure. While I appreciate the premise this is the prime example of where Running Man can go wrong in the out of this world department. Here is hoping the PDs and writers learned from this episode, because when Running Man does out of this world, 9 times out of 10 they do it right.

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16 thoughts on “The Five Best Running Man Out-of-this-world Episodes

  1. May I add that for the Ddakji Race, I find it unfair that the other teams didn’t even get the chance to try out their Ddakjis. What’s the point of going around doing the missions and getting the materials when the Ultimate Ddakji (or whatever they called it) was flipped over instantly by Kim Jong Kook team’s monstrous newspaper Ddakji? Not to mention they have to travel around on their own in the rain to get to the mission locations. Everything became pointless in the end. But I guess they didn’t expect KJK’s Ddakji to do the impossible.

    • I like the future ddakji episode it is just that the concept was too big for its britches (which sounds weird, I know, but it is the first thing that came to mind). There was a lot going on in the future ddakji episode which made it a bit confusing to keep track of. I still give the writers and PDs props for the episode and creative concept. I found that the time travel episode was easier to follow and just plain fun with the use of original idols and 80s and 90s entertainment references.

      • It actually took me at least 2-3 times to watch until I got the concept. But once I did, it was really funny.

    • I thought so, too. I think it was one of the best(s) in the Running Man history. The editing was great…plus, it’s undeniable that the members were eager to try their own ddakjis. I like it better than the Time Travel Episode, too.

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  4. Episode 115’s concept may be too complicated, but it was one of the funniest I’ve ever watched. I dunno about you, but I laughed the hardest at the RM members reacting on the premises on the’penalty’ after using the ddakji (My favorite was the ajjumas…).

  5. 115 failed at being out of this world?! I’m sorry but I completely disagree. That’s actually one of my favourite episodes, it was a very clever and new concept, so original and exciting as well as hilarious! You might have not liked it because it was too complicated for you but don’t go saying that it failed solely based on your opinion, you’ll discourage viewers from watching that episode. I highly recommend that episode and viewers should watch it and then have their own opinion on it.

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