Running Man: Epic Guest Appearances

While watching episode 180 of Running Man I caught myself thinking “Yipeeeeee! Kwang, Park, Cross!” John Park and Kwang Soo teamed up again and I was far too excited for this pairing to simply ignore the variety goodness feels. In other words, time for a look at the most epic Running Man guest / fixed cast member teams! Cheers!

Warning ~ Gratuitous use of GIFs ahead!

The Idiot Brothers 2.0 * Lee Kwang Soo and John Park * As seen in: Episodes 159, 179, 180


tumblr_mrrvccyNpf1s2t776o1_250tumblr_mrvzuqFRiu1qltjdco5_250 tumblr_inline_mrqy5d5wul1qz4rgp


Aish- what can I say. Kwang Soo met his match when paired up with the equally clueless and unintentionally hilarious John Park. A match made in heaven? Probably.

The Love that Was Never Meant to Be * Kim Jong Kook and Shin Bong Sun * As seen in: Episodes 9, 56


tumblr_lud21uv2bc1qk2u4ao2_500 tumblr_ll9xc7zXgJ1qdcel5o1_500

Love is delivered in a blunt fashion as Bong Sun pledges her desire to buy the Commander a gym. Let me count the ways this is funny and weird at the same time…

The Mismatch * Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Seung Gi * As seen in: Episodes 120, 174

69115584 Best Running Man Games (6)

An all-around entertainer reveals his silly and dumb self, all while teaming up with a hyung that matches his cluelessness move for move. What could go wrong? Nothing- at least where humor is concerned.

The Drama Couple * Lee Dong Wook and Song Ji Hyo * As seen in: Episodes 133, 134, 136, 179

tumblr_myzi42NisB1rs3l09o1_r1_500 tumblr_moe6jtFTxZ1svg7g5o8_400 tumblr_mz0nio38bR1r10pybo5_250_zps4e0922dc tumblr_mz0nio38bR1r10pybo2_250_zps5058d077tumblr_moe6jtFTxZ1svg7g5o5_400

This pair was teamed up on Running Man before their drama Mandate of Heaven aired and again after their drama ended. All I know is that Ji Hyo has a special fondness for Dong Wook Oppa- and it shows. Gary, calm down.

The Idol BFF * Jung Yong Hwa and Cast * As seen in: Episodes: 7, 11, 17, 35, 36, 72, 73, 104, 127, 129

6ffa0c02tw1do16m9yu5lg tumblr_mgyt5fbxFY1qdcayvo1_500 anigif5az tumblr_lkw40gNrTN1qffwzy

The guest with the most appearances on Running Man to date, Yong Hwa has consistently brought his game face to the world that is Running Man. Plus he has had some of my favorite interactions with Jong Kook (when it comes to a guest).

Heaven * Park Ji Sung and the Cast * As seen in: Episodes 96, 97, 153, 154

giphy tumblr_m527d2W4ub1qdcel5o1_500


It has become a yearly tradition for the Running Man cast to race towards the Asian Dream Cup Charity Soccer Tournament. Call this Running Man’s annual rite of passage, call this their daebak dream in the name of charity and an epic stage. But never call this boring.

Hell * Choi Min Soo and the Cast * As seen in: Episodes 52, 53, 69, 118

tumblr_lrsi1vzwSp1qk2u4ao2_500tumblr_mcdxitpEz81qcyzen  tumblr_inline_mre1oeRcsU1qz4rgp

Chioi Min Soo started off like any other guest – he gave viewers a fun side of himself that fit variety and was outside of what he usually displayed in interviews. Then he was betrayed by Yoo Jae Suk. The rest is Running Man history; Running Man psycho challenge evil scary Min Soo history. Yeah- I have nightmares. Okay, like you don’t?! *shudders*


3 thoughts on “Running Man: Epic Guest Appearances

  1. Thank you for this list and descriptions! I will make sure to watch these episodes! I watched the cooking challenge episodes with John Park and Dong Wook guesting this week. And thanks to this list, I also watched the first set of Park Ji Sung episodes and loved them so much. Can’t handle how ridiculous these people are XD

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