The Bad Boy List According to ExtraKun

So I am not the type of girl who is into bad boys—I like “geeks”, artist, and logical thinker types. But every now and again there is a bad boy that I just have to get to know! Here is my list of must have Bad Boys/Men. Mind you, the listing is in no particular order.

Domyoji Tsukasa- Hana Yori Dango


The first bad boy that I felt I could end up with. The thing that I loved the most about Domyoji is that once he decided to be with Makino—that was it. A man who can make up their mind and hold to their decision is attractive and reassuring. Domyoji was also a protector—he loved his friends and Makino. There is nothing in the world he would not do to help them. Lastly, he felt the weight of his consequences. At first, he went around doing whatever he wanted to do whenever he wanted to do it. After he grew up, he became a bit more responsible and ultimately able to have it all. And please do not get him mixed up with Gu Jun Pyo from Boys over Flower… Same character different in so many ways!

Choi Young Do- Heirs


My boo of 2013! I loved everything about Young Do! At times he would have that psycho killer look in his eyes, but it would ultimately avail to be a misunderstanding. What I loved so much about Young Do is that he is damaged and knows he is damaged. It is one of the only reasons I could end up with a character like him. When it comes time to sit him down and have a talk; we can skip the “why you are a mess” portion of the conversation, and get straight to the “you need to stop it” sooner. I also love Young Do because our train of thought is very similar. Don’t get me wrong, of course there are some flaws in his thinking (I blame youth, and a form of being sheltered), but I understand why he draws such conclusions. Understanding is a good basis for a relationship, right?

Kim Hyun Soo aka Soo- Heartless City


There are not a lot of reasons why I decided to add Soo to my list. His quality to be a ride or die kind of guy, makes me want to be his ride or die chick. Sometimes you just like what you like—and I like Soo.

Yan Da Feng- Easy Fortune Happy Life

Da Feng

This man was mad with justifiable reasons! I loved him because of his reckless behavior and ambition. He has the type of attitude, “If I can’t have it then I will destroy it so no one else can”. Typically that would be a major “No-No” for Ekun, but because of him I just *Shrug*. I can be on board for just about anything if you have a reason and you understand it can destroy yourself in the process. Granted I cannot extend this courtesy to all, it will be given to Da Feng, because I trust he will do what is right in the end (even though I did not finish this horrible drama).

Hazuki Rensuke aka Ren- Tsuki no Koibito aka Moon Lovers


If I say Ren- San’s name 3 times and click my heels, will he appear on my doorstep?! I loved this man. Aside from the fact of being a bad man, he hits two out of the three other “types” I love—artist and logical thinker. He also knows how to use his hands aka he is a carpenter! What woman doesn’t love a man to fix things? I digress; the important thing is the Ren was notorious for doing questionable, horrid, bad things. Ultimately, when it comes down to it, he is dependable. With business you can count him doing what is in his best interest. With his personal life, you can count on him—period.

There you have it! My top Bad boy list. You all were scared when you saw Jae Kyung aka Cowlick of destruction from My Love from Another Star weren’t you? Heh, you sillies! Coming soon is my favorite Rude boys of 2013—a collaboration with none other than Unnichan! Until next time. Peace!

8 thoughts on “The Bad Boy List According to ExtraKun

  1. Soo- forever my favorite bad boy (well, attractive bad boy any way. John Mayer from K2H is my favorite batsh*t crazy bad boy that I am not attracted to). Love the post 🙂

  2. Yay Bad Boys!!! 😀 Um… only in dramas, though. 😉 But this is a good list — not the least because I’ve seen the actor who plays Ren in two j-dramas and he was awesome so… I just scored another rec!

    • My love for Kimura Takuya is indescribable! Yea, bad boys/men are only supposed to be fun in dramas. In real life they are a no go for me.

      • That’s the whole fun of dramas, isn’t it? So often characters are going through things — or doing things — that would have me backing away slowly in real life. But in drama land? Pop the popcorn and bad-boy away! 😉

      • You are right, but more often my popcorn gets thrown at the TV… I am serious. I literally throw popcorn at the TV when I see something I do not like. Like I was watch Haruma’s show The Hours of My Life, and I threw popcorn at Shige Senpai–Just because I didn’t want to see his face. 🙂

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