About Stone Cities

Stone Cities in a nutshell~

We give our honest opinions of the programs we watch -often with some humor and snark; we throw in a dash of eye candy now and then and we are always ready to engage in a conversation about dramas / variety shows. We agree to disagree and we often try to build hypothetical businesses out of drama premises. Because we can.

Stone Cities About 1

Meet the residents


Likes variety shows, dramas, math, reading, video games, and travel. Hates paying attention, has an unchecked sense of humor. May be found secretly bird watching (because non-secretly bird watching is weird). Also loves puppies and kittens- as long as they are fluffy. And purses. And Kim Ji Hoon. And Exo (don’t judge me!)

A Sampling of Lore’s Favorite Dramas: Princess’ Man, Secret Investigation Record, Heartless City, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, City Hunter, King 2 Hearts, Jang Ok Jung: Live to Love, Master’s Sun, Queen In Hyun’s Man, I Hear Your Voice

A Sampling of Lore’s Favorite Variety Shows: Running Man, Infinity Challenge, We Got Married, Explorers of the Human Body, Superman Returns, Roommates

ExtraKun aka E-Kun aka Eboni

Likes ice cream, shoes (you can never have too many), dramas, Suju (Super Junior), and Music. Sarcasm is my middle name and did I mention I love shoes? My currentl obsession is Seo Kang Joon… Life is hard because of him- Ugh!

A Sampling of Extrakun aka E-Kun aka Eboni’s Favorite Dramas: Princess’ Man, I Love Lee Tae Ri, Hong Gil Dong, Queen In Hyun’s Man, My Love from Another Star, A Man’s Story, Dal Ja’s Spring (Only because if Lee Min Ki), Sangkyungkwan Scandal, Master’s Sun… this list really could go on forever!

A Sampling of Extrakun aka E-Kun aka Eboni’s Favorite Variety Shows: I go in and out of watching Variety, but my fav’s are We Got Married (global edition too), I am enjoying Roommates, and of Course Running Man!

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