Actor & Actress of the Month Club

Hey there, you crazy drama lovers out there! This page is a tribute Lore and I (E-Kun) give to Actors/Actresses that are coming out with a show or finishing a show in the next month – either way they deserve a little love. Each month we will select a male and female choice, all of which are our opinions that we want to share with you! If you have comments, questions, or concerns please let us know. Hopefully, you will see one of your favorites one month!

March 2015Jang Hyuk:

Jang Hyuk

Because: My knees are weak and my heart beats really fast every time I see this man as of late! Totally loved him from the first moment I saw him, but he is an actor that continues to get better and better. While he was my favorite character of 2014 in Fated to Love You, he is at his best in Sageuk. I hope to see so much more of Jang Hyuk even after I get off this ride of Shine or Go Crazy.

Also Seen In: Tazza, Chuno, Midas, Tree With Deep Roots, Searching for Elephants (movie), Five Senses of Eros (movie), Iris 2, Fated to Love You, and Shine Go Crazy

Go Ah Sung:

Go Ah Sung

Because: I am intrigued. I have never seen this actress in anything before, but I am in love with her portrayal in the dark comedy Heard it Through the Grapevine. Ah Sung has taken on the role of Seo Bom, a teenage mother, with a mixture of comedic and dramtic acting that has won me over in only a few episodes. I can’t wait to see what this young actress does in the future, because if her role in Heard It through the Grapevine is any indication, her future is extremely bright indeed.

Also Seen In: Elegant Lies (film), Snowpierce (film), Heart It Through the Grapevine, Master of Study

February 2015

Hwang Jung Eum:

Hwang Jung Eun

Because: She is always playing a character that I can respect, even if I don ‘t like everything she does. She is a very talented actress. She is playing by far my favorite female character of 2015 in Kill Me, Heal Me. I want to see her to continue to take good roles (we can erase Full House 2 from our memories) and play respectable female characters. 

Also Seen in: Giant, Incarnation of Money, Full House 2, Little Mom Scandal, Secret Love, and Endless Love

Hyun Bin:

Hyun Bin

Because: Have you seen him? Maybe not, he was away from dramas for the last three years while he served his mandatory military service. But Hyun Bin is back with the drama Jekyll, Hyde, and Me and he is better than ever. He is slaying the small screen with his portrayal of a rich heir suffering from multiple personalities, so much so I keep wondering what the heck we did for three years without him. If you are not familiar with his work I urge you to watch some of his older dramas, which proved quite popular (especially Secret Garden and My Lovely Sam Soon. All hail the return of Hyun Bin!

Also seen in: Secret Garden, My Lovely Sam Soon, Ireland, Snow Queen, Worlds Within, Friend Our Legend, The Fatal Encounter (film), Late Autumn (film), Come Rain Come Shine (film)


November 2014


Park Hae Jin

Because: ever since I remember seeing him in 4 Famous Princesses I knew there was something about him. Admittedly, I did not see him again until last year in You Who Came From the Stars, but I am pleased at so many things when I read about him. He is a designer working on his own clothing line, he donates thousands of Won to various causes, and (this one is the best) he wants to do volunteer work with those who slandered him online! Seriously, if they were caught, rather than gaining compensation for defamation of character, if they apologized and did community service with him he would drop the charges! Being a good person and an excellent actor definitely makes the panties drop (did I just say that?)! Anyway, checkout his psychopathic tendencies (total understatement) in his new show Bad Guys aka Mad Dogs… You will not be disappointed!

Also seen in: 4 Famous Princesses, You Who Came From the Stars, Doctor Stranger, and Bad Guys


Kang So Ra

Because: I firmly believe she was undercast in Doctor Stranger – So Ra is capable of so much more. I was ecstatic when I learned she was cast in Misaeng, I was even more ecstatic when the drama premiered and quickly shot to the top of my favorite shows of 2014 list. So Ra plays an uber educated office intern in the drama, and so far her performance has reminded me why I love her so. The first time I saw So Ra was in We Got Married when she was paired with Super Junior’s Leeteuk. I liked her personality on the show, because she seemed so genuine. Her acting made me love her more.

Also seen in: Doctor Stranger, Dream High 2, Ugly Alert, Sunny (film), My Paparotti (film


Joo Won:

Joo Won

Because: Even if I have really disliked some of the dramas that Joo Won has starred in (L7CS deserves to be thrown into an abyss) I have never been disappointed with his performance. I was extremely impressed with his portrayal of an autistic surgeon in last year’s Good Doctor, he brought so much warmth to the role. Joo Won’s newest drama, Tomorrow Cantabile, is set to premiere later this month. While I am not sure if I will love the show I am pretty sure I will love his portrayal of a perfectionist composer, because such is the power of Joo Won.

As Seen In: King of Baking, Bridal Mask, Good Doctor, Cantabile Tomorrow, Fashion King (film)

Ueto Aya:


Because: Despite this actress being in a slew of shows, I have only seen her 3 times… Her latest role was absolutely the best! I don’t know if it was marriage, motherhood, or age that improved her acting, but I will no longer frown when I see her name in a show that I really want to see! I hope she continues to improve and excel to become a great actress!

Also Seen In: Konkatsu!, Nagareboshi, and Hirugao



September 2014

Nam Sang Mi

Nam Sam Mi

Because: I am enjoying her performance as the spirited noblewoman Soo In on Joseon Shooter. Sang Mi has been in quite a few dramas, regretfully Joseon Shooter is my first exposure to this delightful actress (and I have to say she is not only beautiful, but convincing). Soo In’s character can border on annoying if you look at the bare bones concept yet I can’t help but cheer on this woman (and I think half of that has to do with the actress playing her). Here is to you Sang Mi – and seeing you in more drama roles in the future!

As Seen In: Time Between Dog and Wolf, Sweet Spy, Possessed (film),Gourmet, Life is Beautiful, Goddess of Marriage, Joseon Shooter

Nam Goong Min

Nam Goong Min

Because: This man’s smile is like witchcraft! Every time I see him in a show I fall deeper and deeper in love with his acting. Although, I wish he would get a role (that I am willing to watch) where he actually ends up with the girl! I am excited to see him in My Secret Hotel, and will continue to let him bewitch me with his smiles and charm!

Also Seen In: My Secret Hotel, I Need Romance 3, Unemployed Romance, Cheongdamdong Alice, Birth of a Rich Man


August 2014

 Jung Eun Ji:

Eun Ji

Because: Ever since I saw her in Answer Me 1997 she has won me over. Even though her “day job” is a singer in the group A Pink, she is no light weight when it comes to acting. Though I have not loved all of her characters, I am always pleased with her execution. I think she takes on interesting women to play as well. Smart move on her part as a young actress! I love Eun Ji!

As Seen In: Answer Me 97, That Winter, the Wind Blows, and Trot Lovers


Jo In Sung:

Jo In Sung

Because: No one can smirk like Jo In Sung. Seriously. After a moody, melodramatic close up aplenty turn in That Winter, The Wind Blows In Sung is back and better than ever in the currently airing drama It’s Okay, That’s Love. As the complicated and complex character Jang Jae Yeol, In Sung is once again slaying the drama screen. A methodical and talented actor it is hard to not like this guy. At least for me.

Also Seen In: It’s Okay, That’s Love, That Winter, the Wind Blows, Spring Day, What Happened in Bali, A Frozen Flower (film)


July 2014

Jung Il Woo:

Jung Il Woo

Because: How many ways do I love Il Woo? Endless! He is not just the heartthrob that made me literally stop watching Return of Iljimae because of how attractive he is—he won me over with adorable bromance, great acting, and let’s face it… Long hair! I love that he can be comedic, but at the same time very brooding and emotional. He is still growing and perfecting his craft, but I am very excited to see how he is going to kill it in Night Watchman’s Journal. Kudos Jung Il Woo, I really will miss you when you go off to the military…

Also Seen In: The Return of Iljimae, Take Care of the Agassi, 49 Days, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, The Moon that Embraces the Sun, and Golden Rainbow

Gong Hyo Jin:

Gong Hyo JIn July

Because: Master’s Sun. Have you seen Gong Hyo Jin in Master’s Sun? No? Then you are missing out. She nailed the role of a ghost seeing insomniac with grabby hands syndrome to perfection. I nominated Hyo Jin as my first ever Actress of the Month and I have no shame in doing so again less than a year later. Seriously, she is gold and I love her. And I cannot wait to see how she takes on the role of a psychologist falling in love with a man with OCD in the upcoming drama It’s Okay, That’s Love (hint- pretty sure she will do great).

Also Seen In: Master’s Sun, The Greatest Love, Pasta, Biscuit Teacher Star Candy, Thank You, Boomerang Family (film), Crush and Blush (film), Love Family (film)

June 2014



Lee Joon:

Lee Joon

Because: If you had asked me two years ago whether this kid could give an amazing and believable performance as a twisted maniac I probably would have laughed in your face. I loved Lee Joon on variety shows but never knew he had it in him – acting that is. In Gap Dong he is slaying it, playing the psychotic killer Ryu Tae Oh. While we have not yet seen how this character ends up one thing is for certain, it has been exciting to experience Tae Oh through Lee Joon’s acting. I am not sure if Lee Joon just found the perfect role for him or if he will keep up the good work, but I will be watching that is for sure.

Also Seen In: Iris 2, An Actor is an Actor (film)

Lee Shi Young:

Lee Shi Young

Because: Every character that I have seen her play, I end up hating them. Her as a person and an actress is wonderful! She is not only an actress, she does boxing and has won a title or 2. Oh wait, I did like her character in Hong Gil Dong Descendants (movie with Lee Beom Soo)! Even if I hate her characters for whatever reason I thoroughly enjoy her acting. She is doing such a great job in Golden Cross, standing on her own with all the phenomenal actors in that show!  Kudos Lee Shi Young!

Also seen in: Eros Five Senses (Movie), Descendants of Hong Gil Dong (Movie), Boys Over Flowers, The Birth of the Rich, Mischievous Kiss, Poseidon, Wild Romance, and Golden Cross

May 2014


Park Micky Yoo Chun


Because: He is killing it in 3 Days! I personally do not think Micky is attractive, but he got me loving him all up and through 3 Days like never before! I knew there was something special about his acting from the first moments I saw him in SKKS. He made me love him more as the main character instead of Yoo Ah In who was the second lead 😧! Though this is only the 3rd drama I have seen him in, I enjoy him every time; even if I do not care for the show (sorry Rooftop Prince…). I want to see more acting from him and less JYJing— no offense to those fans out there, I am just not loving them like that.

Also seen in: Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Rooftop Prince, I Miss You, Miss Ripley, and 3 Days

Actress: Kim Hee Ae

Kim Hae Ae

Because: Have you watched her in Secret Love Affair? She is amazing as Oh Hye Won, a woman torn between love and propriety (with a heavy dose of calculated ambition). SLA is my first time watching Hee Ae in anything and I cannot help but be impressed with her ability. I count my blessings when I see any actor or actress pull of a role to the point where I am completely invested in the character’s outcome and I believe in the story they are trying to tell (whether I agree with it is another matter). Hee Ae is doing just that in SLA and I am loving it. With a career that has spanned 24 years, Hee Ae has made me want to dig out her past work and give it a shot.
Also seen in: Elegant Lies (film), A Wife’s Credentials, Midas, Snow Flower, Precious Family, My Husband’s Woman


Actor: Kang Ji Hwan:

Kang JI Hwan

Because: Kang Ji Hwan will forever have a special place in my drama heart- Lie to Me was the first Korean drama I watched and he played the leading man. Besides my general fondness due to memories, Ji Hwan has an impressive resume that includes working with the Hong Sisters (Hong Gil Dong) and staring in the actually decent film My Girlfriend is an agent (that was made into the awful drama Level 7 Civil Servant).

Also Seen in: Lie to Me, Incarnation of Money, Summer Scent, Coffee House, Capital Scandal, Hong Gil Dong, My Girlfriend is an Agent (film), Runway Cop (film)

Actress: Park Ha Sun:

Park Ha Sun

Because: This is only my second or third time seeing her, but I totally have a girl crush on her current character in 3 Days! I think that she is pretty and I was taken with her character in 2 Weeks. I hope that I get to see more from her in the future and that her character and Micky end up together in 3 Days—I find them visually stunning together… Did I mention how much I love her in 3 Days?

Also Seen in: Capitol Scandal, Powerful Opponents, That Fool, Dong Yi, High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged, and Two Weeks




Actor:  Yoon Kye Sang


Because: Every time I see him I love him. He has not done 50 million dramas, but I really like what he brings to each character he plays. He absolutely broke my heart in Crazy for You and has me crying in the first minute of The Full Sun! What I like most about him, is that he takes very versatile roles—he is not afraid to play second lead or whatever. Oh, and did you know he was a part of the group G.O.D back in the day? Random, but truth. I cannot wait to see how he will sweep me off my feet in his current project!

Also Seen in: She is 19, Crazy for You, Who are You? (not the Who are You from 2013), Triple, Road Number One, The Greatest Love, High Kick 3: Revenge of the short legged, six Years in Love (movie), and Phungsan Dog (Movie).

Actress:  Lee Bo Young

Lee Bo Young

Because: 2013 was the year of Lee Bo Young, she received two Daesangs (acting grand prizes) and critical acclaim for her turn in I Can Hear your Voice and My Daughter Seo Young (not to mention she tied the knot with fellow actor Ji Sung). Lee Bo Young is a versatile actress, I have yet to see her take on a role she cannot handle. I loved her turn in I Hear Your Voice (probably my favorite noona romance drama ever) and I cannot wait to see her in the upcoming dram God’s Gift- 14 Days (premiering March 3rd ).

Also Seen in: I Can Hear your Voice, Man from Equator, My Daughter Seo Young, Hooray for Love, Athena: Goddess of War, Harvest Villa, More than Blue (film), Once Upon a Time (film)


Actor:  Baro (Cha Sun Woo)


Because: Answer Me 1994 was a great idea that was poorly executed, but the ensemble cast pulled through. Baro (of B1A4) had his first acting role in AM94 playing Binggeure, a confused and sensitive fellow that came to Seoul and found a piece of himself. Baro will be taking on his second role in the upcoming drama God’s Gift- 14 Days along such acting heavyweights as Lee Bo Young. While I am not sure how he will perform, I am definitely eager to see this young idol turned actor hones his thespian skills.

Also Seen in: Answer Me 1994

Actress:Yoo In Na

Yoo In Na

Because: Not only is she pretty, I think she is a versatile actress. Most of the time she gets cast as that “mopey wench” like in You Who Came From the Stars, but she can do other things. I absolutely loved her in Queen In Hyun’s Man and she is really pretty to me. I would love to see her take more challenging roles, but she has time to develop her craft and focus on her current roles. Kudos In Na!

Also Seen In: My Black Mini Dress (movie), High Kick Through the Roof, Secret Garden, Birdie Buddy, The Greatest Love, Queen In Hyun’s Man, and Lee Soon Shin is the Best


Actress of the Month: Song Ji Hyo

Actress of the Month Jan 2014

Because: I am pretty sure if I have ever had a girl crush on anyone, it is on Song Ji Hyo. I mean, literally, I would make signs with her name on it and wait for her at an airport. Of course she kicks it with the boys on my favorite variety Running Man, but she also acts – as evidenced by her extensive filmography. Endearing on variety shows and amazing in dramas I want to be her when I grow up.

Also seen in: Running Man (variety), Mandate of Heaven, Frozen Flower (film), Goong, Jackel is Coming (film), Jumong

Actor of the Month: Choi Jin Hyuk

Actor of the Month Jan 2014

Because: Gumiho Daddy was the best thing to ever happen to Gu Family Book and I am still mad the show wasn’t about him and momma raising little Gumiho! I digress, Jin Hyuk has done several projects that I personally have not seen but I respect him as an actor and fashion icon. Ever since I saw him in Pasta I felt that there was something about him. Loved his portrayal of Hyung (Won) in Heirs and I am really excited to see him take on his first leading role in 2014!

Also Seen in: Pasta, It’s Ok, Daddy’s Girl, I Need Romance, Panda and Hedgehog, Gu Family Book, and Heirs.


Actress: Keiko Kitagawa


Because: This month my Actress of the Month is from Japan. Kitagawa Keiko is doing one of the best jobs in Dokushin Kizoku aka A Swinging Single. She is not only a pretty face; she acts, sings, and models. This is the only the 3rd show I have seen her in, but she is crazy popular and I love the job she is doing. Kudos.

Also Seen in:  Dokushin Kizoku aka A Swinging Single, Tsuki no Koibito, and Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de

Actor: Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun

Because: Have you seen this guy? Man from the Stars is set to premiere this month and is marking the return to drama land for noted film actress Jin Ji Hyun (she has been away for 14 years). Kim Soo Hyun will be playing her leading man (this is his second time with Ji Hyun, they sizzled on screen in the hit movie The Thieves), which in my mind says something. Like, hey, this guy is awesome. Soo Hyun received a Baeksang Award for Best Actor in 2012 (For The Moon Embracing the Sun). If you need me you can find me counting down the days until Man from the Stars premieres. I see bright things in Soo Hyun’s future. Pun intended.

As seen in: The Moon Embracing the Sun, Dream High 2, Dream High, Giant, Will it Snow for Christmas, The Thieves (film), Secretly Greatly (film)


Song Jong Ho

Song Jong Ho

Because: We know him as Answer Me 1997 Hyung, Red Demon in Mandate of Heaven, and now a psychopath. His name really is Song Jong Ho blazing up the screen in Suspicious Housemaid as the cray cray stalker/killer Seo Ji Hoon acting under the guise of Jang Do Hyung . He deserves Actor of the Month because even though I was faring well with Suspicious Housemaid, he made the show a heck of a lot more interesting! The animation and sincerity he brings to each of his characters is truly one of a kind. I love to see him in his various roles and he is quite good at playing either a good guy or bad guy. Here’s to grabbing my attention once again Song Jong Ho!

As seen in: Mandate of Heaven, Answer Me 1997, Surgeon Bong Dal Hee, The Princess’ Man, Will it Snow for Christmas, Cain and Abel, Three Sisters, Tazza, etc.

Go Ah Ra

Go Ah Ra

Because: Answer Me 1997 set the spunky pop culture drama heroine precedence; a lot of people had major doubts that AM94, the “sequel” to AM97, would pull off an equally lovable heroine. Go Ah Ra has proved the doubters wrong with her portrayal of Na Jung, the Basketball fan girl with a bad back. With consistent attitude, a potty mouth, and poodle hair, Na Jung is the type of character could go either way (but is thus far proving to be the type of character that grows on you). I am convinced Na Jung may not have been so well received if she was played by anyone else. And that is why Go Ah Ra gets my vote for actress of the month for November. Oppa-yah!

As seen in: Heading to the Ground, Who Are You, Snow Flower, Sharp 1, Sharp 2, Papa

OctoberActor: Lee Min Ho


Because: Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, you have heard of Heirs, the new Lee Min Ho drama. Yep, Lee Min Ho never fails to draw some buzz (it helps having so many other stars in the drama as well, but hey, we are focusing on LMH here!) His big break came with his role as the fashion terrorist rich kid Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers. Since that role Lee Min Ho has gone on to star in heavy hitting dramas like City Hunter and fun rom-coms like Personal Taste. With his latest drama, Heirs, premiering on October 9th, expect a flood of Lee Min Ho news and fan-girling from around the web. Because that is the power of Lee Min Ho.

As seen in: Boys Over Flowers, I am Sam, Personal Taste, Faith, City Hunter, and Heirs

Actress: Lee Yo Won

Lee Yo Won

Because:A solid actress every time I see her in a role. Even though I might not like every character she plays, I think she has a strong presence on screen that draws me in every time I see her. Her recent project Empire of Gold is over, but I had no choice but to select her as my favorite actress this month because I am still watching the show! Kudos to Lee Yo Won for her hard work this year. I hope we get to see more of her in the future.

As seen in: Fashion 70’s, Surgeon Bong Dal Hee, 49 Days, and Empire of Gold (other shows that she was in that I have not seen) Tough Guy’s Love, Blue Mist, Pure Heart, and Queen Seon Deok



Actor: Kim Jae Wook

Jae Wook

Because: Who isn’t completely enamored with ghost ex- boyfriend in Who Are You?! Kim Jae Wook (sidenote: I miss his hair) is the glue that is holding the show together (shout out to So Yi Hyun for her dynamite chemistry with Jae Wook). I have seen Jae Wook in almost all of his projects from Dal Ja’s Spring to Mary Stayed Out All Night– Hands down this is the best I have ever seen him. Military service has worked wonders for an actor I have anticipated to see more of since the day he left. I hope he get more projects in the future and that he will continue to make music with his group Walrus (I am not making that up… the group’s name is Walrus!).

As seen in: Dal Ja’s Spring, Coffee Prince, Antique Bakery (movie), Bad Guy, Mary Stayed Out All Night.

Actress: Gong Hyo Jin

Gong Hyo Jin

Because: I never finished the drama Pasta. But I should have. Because Gong Hyo Jin, I am convinced, can make any drama interesting and watchable. Currently appearing in Master’s Sun, Hyo Jin has brought a whole lot of fun and quirkiness to her role as the ghost plagued Gong Shil. I respect Hyo Jin for her acting chops but I shallowly nominate her for one reason- she is my idol…for grabbing on to Master so much. Yeah, I know, I need to come up with better reasons ( but seriously, she is a great actress). Cheers!

As seen in: The Greatest Love, Pasta, Thank You, Master’s Sun

16 thoughts on “Actor & Actress of the Month Club

  1. I really think that Kim Jae Wook and Song Jae-Rim (Flower Boy Ramen Shop – Hee-gon, Moon Embracing the Sun – Woon, Two Weeks -Teacher Kim/Killer Kim)…they could play like brothers or rivals or something. They would also make a good suspense/thrilller/kill-kill drama… it just me, but both of these men have go the looks for something incredibly devilish or extremely erotic!!!

    Kim Soo-Hyun, he is a wonderful addition to dramaland….love him in A Love from the Stars/A Man from the Stars (sidenote: his co-actresses Jin Ji Hyun….she is hilarious, love her so much)…oh what was I saying, Kim Soo-Hyun, I give you the title Mr. Lips…”come into my dreams from time to time” quote from the drama he is currently in.

    This thing about Lee Min Ho, I know some people would want to boil me alive for saying this…but he’s overrated. The hype behind this guy is way to much…and yes, I’ve watched most of his dramas, and he hasn’t managed to capture or hold my attention at all…the only way I finish any of the dramas he’s been showcased in, is finding some other actor to watch…example: BOF, it was Kim Hyun-Joong that kept my attention and Kim Bum (sidenote: Kim Bum, is so my ideal…goodluck Moon Geun Young, seriously), in City Hunter, it was Park Min-young, in The Heirs, it was Choi Jin-Hyuk and Kim Woo-Bin…not Lee Min Ho. I’m sure he’s a nice person, but he can’t act…sorry….maybe it’s female fans (old noona’s) lusting after him, that’s pushing his popularity.

    Anyways, don’t kill me, it’s just my opinion.

    • Good thoughts! I know a few people that could care less for Lee Min Ho, I am just not one of them. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, which I completely respect 🙂
      I have not watched Kim Jae Wook in anything so far, so I am very excited to see him in Insipiring Generation. And Kim Soo Hyun….yeah…I concur wholeheartedly!

    • I think you have valid points when it comes to Min Ho, I do not think it is because he can’t act because he was the best thing in BOF (Kim Hyun Joong? Are you kidding me? Were you watching the same show as I?)! His roles after that were pretty boo boo until He did Faith and Heirs. Granted, I was more drawn to Woo Bin in Heirs, Lee Min Ho did a great job as Tan. I think Min Ho is adorable and can sometimes be dangerous, but I know how to separate hotness from being a thespian.

      Soo Hyun is my boo of the month as Do Min Joon! Let’s face it, I will watch Soo Hyun rip up tissue for 20 episodes– that’s how bomb he is as an actor to me.

      Jae Wook hands down was the sole reason for watching Who Are You?, was the best thing about Who Are You?, and the only reason I am watching Inspiring Generation!!! I loved him since I saw him in Coffee Prince and Dal Ja’s Spring (We go way back as you can tell). Army has done something to him and it is great!

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