Actor and Actress of the Month: May

Time to unveil our pics for May’s Actor and Actress of the month. For past AOMs please visit our Of the Month page. Cheers!


May 2014

Actor of the Month


Park Micky Yoo Chun

Because: He is killing it in 3 Days! I personally do not think Micky is attractive, but he got me loving him all up and through 3 Days like never before! I knew there was something special about his acting from the first moments I saw him in SKKS. He made me love him more as the main character instead of Yoo Ah In who was the second lead 😧! Though this is only the 3rd drama I have seen him in, I enjoy him every time; even if I do not care for the show (sorry Rooftop Prince…). I want to see more acting from him and less JYJing— no offense to those fans out there, I am just not loving them like that.

Also seen in: Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Rooftop Prince, I Miss You, Miss Ripley, and 3 Days

Actress of the Month

Kim Hae Ae

Kim Hee Ae

Because: Have you watched her in Secret Love Affair? She is amazing as Oh Hye Won, a woman torn between love and propriety (with a heavy dose of calculated ambition). SLA is my first time watching Hee Ae in anything and I cannot help but be impressed with her ability. I count my blessings when I see any actor or actress pull of a role to the point where I am completely invested in the character’s outcome and I believe in the story they are trying to tell (whether I agree with it is another matter). Hee Ae is doing just that in SLA and I am loving it. With a career that has spanned 24 years, Hee Ae has made me want to dig out her past work and give it a shot.
Also seen in: Elegant Lies (film), A Wife’s Credentials, Midas, Snow Flower, Precious Family, My Husband’s Woman

2 thoughts on “Actor and Actress of the Month: May

  1. Well you definitely need to check out A Wife’s Credentials!! KHA is phenomenal in everything I’ve seen her in even when her character is questionable(yes, I’m talking to you My Husband’s Woman!) she makes you believe because you know that “she” does.

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