Fluffy Cute: Dating Agency Cyrano Series Review


Cyrano Dating Agency shut its doors for good this week, leaving me feeling a little bit empty. Cyrano has been far from a drama masterpiece, which is fine by me. I watch enough heavy hitting plot-thick dramas as it is; sometimes I need a light and fluffy show like Cyrano. Yet bidding farewell to my weekly dose of cute is no easy task. That’s right- ramble starts now (please be prepared for an overabundance of the word “cute”. You have been warned!). Cheers!

The Good

Client 2

Bi-Episodic Resolution

One thing I really liked about Cyrano was the fact that each little romance, each client case, was usually resolved within a couple of episodes. What I loved even more was the fact our plot was never left behind; even though the client cases were cycled through the main characters still progressed through the changing environment. This show was able to keep me interested in who the next person to walk into Cyrano would be all while never missing a beat on character development.

Resolved 1

About midway through this series I found myself firmly believing that I could watch this as a weekly show with an indefinite end date. The revolving door of clients felt like endless possibilities. The assembled family of the Cyrano Agency were engaging enough for me to want to keep watching. Of course this is wishful thinking, the drama had a definite end point. However even after the poor plot turns towards the end of Cyrano I am still convinced I could watch this show weekly for the next three years. At least three years. A girl can dream.

cad 6

Cute Fluff

A watchable Romantic Comedy seems few and far apart these days, at least in my opinion. It is hard to ignore the plot heavy dramas of the last few months and point out a happy go lucky show that gave viewers two episodes of light heartedness a week. Cyrano filled this role. While not a rom-com masterpiece the drama knew how to bring the cute while never leaving the romance behind. I never finished an episode of this show and felt like I had a whole lot to think about; almost like a variety program I just ended the show with a smile and a happy feeling for what would come next week.

cad 9

Cyrano reminded me of 2008’s dating agency rom-com Love & Marriage; which is another beyond cute drama that had me giggling and feeling like I could float off on a cloud. Not heavy in its message, not overburdened with its own goal of relevance…just plain cute. Like a puppy playing with a ball. Or a baby panda. Or a cute kitten with string. Or an adorable baby elephant. Or a Cyrano Dating Agency. I said I would use the word cute a lot, I was not kidding!

The Bad


The out of place kidnapping-bomb plot

The reason I like Cyrano is largely a product of the lighthearted plot- the sudden dramatics at the end of the series was disappointing. I would have been happier with some cute fluff, especially in the game for Min Young’s heart. The kidnapping plot, with the possibility of devastating violence, seemed way out of place for this show. After all it was only a few episodes ago that these characters were trying to hook up a nurse and firefighter while playing the adorable assembled family of that ever-closed theater. Where did all of this seriousness and life and death come from?

cad 8

In my opinion this was the weakest spot in an otherwise awesome series, a series that executed what it set out to do. I can imagine a variety of ways episode fifteen could have played out plot consistency other than a bomb kidnapping plot. Unfortunately such consistency did not occur. While I was certainly disappointed in this final push towards a story climax I still like this show. Which I think speaks volumes; I hated the buildup to the ending but loved 90 percent of what Cyrano did. So should you watch it? Yes, yes, and yes. Especially if you have been partaking in the currently airing drama selection. Sometimes a girl needs to laugh. Cheers!


So what did you think of Cyrano? Are you going to miss this weekly dose of cute? Let me know; I love a good drama ramble!


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