Ghosts, Mind reading, and Gold: 5 must see summer dramas

2013’s drama lineup is in full spring (see what I did there?! Sorry, bad joke time). This drama season has produced some winners (Nine) and some sore losers (Iris 2) all while being anything but dull. I for one have found my watch list full- there are so many engaging dramas airing right now I can’t keep up.  On the opposite end of the spectrum I have read a lot of recent articles describing a lack of notable airing shows.

What ever your present drama schedule contains the next few months will give drama lovers everywhere a new lineup of shows to enjoy and/or avoid. The lineup-to-be contains stories aplenty that make my fangirl self jump for joy- in giddy anticipation, critical apprehension, and all around k-drama nerdom. Henceforth are the five must-see summer dramas according to Lore in Stone Cities. Cheers- and tune in!

I can hear your voice

I Can Hear Your Voice (SBS)

Genre: Fantasy romance

Starring: Lee Bo young, Lee Jong seok, Yoon Sang hyun

Premieres: June 2013

What it is about: A Sherlock and Holmes partnership-kdrama style. Our heroine is a public defender with a prickly attitude (Sherlock) while our hero can hear others thoughts (Watson, I presume?). Or is this more of a Buffy/Angel partnership but without the vampires and the kicking ass? Who knows but the premise sounds exciting.

Why  you should watch it: If Lee Jong seok is not enough of a reason than perhaps the writer of Dream High and the repairing of everyone’s favorite one sided awkward romance is enough (reference Lee Jong seok and Yoon Sang hyun in Secret Garden). If that still is not a good enough reason to watch this show than, um, I give you:

Dating Agency Cyrano

Dating Agency: Cyrano (tvN)

Genre: Romantic comedy

Starring: Lee Jong hyuk, Choi Soo young, Lee Chun hee, Hong Jong hyun

Premieres: May 2013

What it is about: A prequel to the 2010 film Cyrano Dating Agency this drama tells the story of a group of people who work as cupids-for-hire, creating elaborate scenes to help their clients hook up with the ones they love. The titular dating agency is formed when our hero looses a friend to tragedy. After feeling guilt he decides to make money to save his deceased friends theater group.

Why you should watch it: As the latest entry in the Oh boy! Series from tvN this show has a lot to live up to. While series history alone is not a reason to watch this show this drama has a lot going for it: Lee Jong Hyuk gave a great performance in Gentleman’s Dignity, this is his first role after his breakthrough performance. For this alone I am watching- and because I can’t help but geek out at Junsu’s dad. Wow- did I just type that?! All kidding aside we have Chunderella making an appearance and…do I only want to watch this because of variety shows? Maybe, but probably not. After all, tvN rarely disappoints. Nine has only built up my love of cable dramas.


Goddess of Fire Jung-yi (MBC)

Genre: Historical drama

Starring: Moon Geun young, Kim Bum

Premieres: July 2013

What it is about: Our heroine is the first female ceramic maker in the Joseon period while our hero is a warrior that has loved our heroine for his entire life. To add to the enticing plot our hero is described as an upright just man possessing mad martial arts skills and a perfect physique. Count me in.

Why you should watch it: The writer is of Warrior Baek Dong soo fame. Kim Bum is making his first appearance in a historical drama. Lee Gwang Soo is playing a supporting role (for the Running Man fans out there).

masters sun

Master’s Sun (SBS)

Genre: Romantic comedy horror

Starring: Gong Hyo jin, So Ji sub

Premieres: August 2013

What it is about: Meet our hero- the president of a company that sees everyone in terms of their economic worth. Meet our heroine- a woman who works as a secretary at said company (and also happens to be an insomniac who sees ghosts). There is a ninety nine percent chance hilarity will ensue.

Why you should watch: The Hong sisters (disregarding Big). My favorite sister scribes in Korean drama-land are known for their ability to deliver the brutally honest laughs (see You’re Beautiful, MGIAG). Known for their ability to give an absurd story a dose of realistic heart their writing is no joke.

Empire of Gold

Empire of Gold (SBS)

Genre: Melodrama

Starring: Go Soo, Lee Hyun jin, Lee Yo Won

Premieres: July 2013

What it is about: Empire of Gold is about the power struggle within a rich family living through the turbulent economic times of 1990’s Korea (IMF crisis). Our hero is a rich man who has struggled from the bottom to the top. The drama will span twenty years, featuring our chaebol family’s struggles and successes.

Why you should watch it: The writer and producer are the same duo behind the addicting 2012 drama The Chaser. Go Soo returns to drama land for the first time in three years. Plus everyone needs a little melo in their lives.

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