My favorite Korean Drama romances

I am so addicted it is not even funny. At least two times today I found myself starring off into space, questioning how much of a conniving concubine she will become. How will that change their relationship? And what will the court do?

If you have not guessed it I am fixated on Jang Ok Jung, Live to Love-and I realize my love for the show is because of the intense romance in the story thus far. I have been a lifelong sucker for love since the first time I tuned into A&E literary adaptations- from books to film to television I am without fail sucked into well thought out romantic plotlines. I have read Pride and Prejudice at least five times. I have watched the 1995 miniseries at least ten times. In college I had a party that culminated with everyone being subjected to Zeffrelli’s 1968 film version of Romeo and Juliet (the best film version).  I am Lore in Stone Cities and I am a romance addict. In conclusion, Lore in Stone Cities achilles heel is sappy romance- the sappier, the more intense, the better.

In honor of my fixation on this show and weakness to romantic stories I have decided to look back and remember the other k-drama love stories that have had me transfixed (Warning- spoiler clips ahead). Cheers!

Goo Jun pyo & Geum Jan di

Boys over Flowers (2009)

Love story: Rich boy meet poor girl, this couple becomes acquainted in high school via a multitude of misunderstood and heated circumstances. From love to hate to disregard to love Jun pyo and Jan di cycle through the romance.

I am Lore in Stone Cities and I am addicted because: I downloaded at least five songs because I heard them on the radio while driving and thought it reminded me of this couple. Sad, I know.

Notes: A hot mess of a story that I absolutely adored. Central to my love of the show was this partnership with all of the melo back and forth storyline that was given a plentiful helping of plot twists. In the end I cannot get over the possessive tendencies and fated meetings. And the pool. He learned to swim to save her?! Excuse me, my heart just burst.

Prince Lee Jae ha & Kim Hang ah

King 2 Hearts (2012)

Love Story: Set in a fictional present where South Korea possesses a monarchy K2H presents the story of a reluctant prince turned king and the North Korean special agent that he comes to love.

I am Lore in Stone Cities and I am addicted because: Um…I watched the show in three days.

Notes: Talk about an odd couple. Imagine a modern day Korean monarchy situated in the southern portion of the peninsula. Then throw in a North Korean special agent that catches the eye of a South Korean prince. To top it all off imagine a James Bond like super villain putting all of his energy into causing a war that will inevitably tear these two apart and result in a horrible loss of life on both sides. The implications of the setting only make the love between them more engrossing- a constant question of how their romance could possibly work acts as a dark cloud that intensifies the idea of this love story.

Kim Boong Do & Choi Hee Jin

Queen In Hyun’s Man (2012)

Love Story: Kim Boong-do is a Joseon scholar who jumps through time to the twenty first century. There he meets the actress Choi Hee jin. The two fall in love despite their unusual circumstances.

I am Lore in Stone Cities and I am addicted because: I have read and reread the articles detailing the real life romance between the leads…all because of the romance in the show.

Notes: A love story so intense it went reel to real. The story of a time graveling Joseon scholar meets modern actress gives off a rather mixed vibe- the story has the major potential to be awful. QIHM was anything but. And it gave us the intense, logically doomed love between a time traveler and a cosmopolitan woman. I can’t get enough

Kim Seung-yoo & Lee Se-ryung

The Princess’ Man (2011)

Love Story: The story follows Seung yoo and his family’s downfall amidst Se ryung and her family’s ascension to the Joseon throne. The duo loves each other despite earlier confusion, hatred, and all around awfulness (not to mention that their families are sworn enemies).

I am Lore in Stone Cities and I am addicted because: I watched the series three times- just to see them fall in love again.

Notes: Billed as a Romeo and Juliet story Joseon style, Princess’ Man is much more than a remake of the Shakespearean love story. A fictional setup amidst historical events, this drama takes liberties with secondary characters while pulling the story arc into the umbrella of reality. Familial enemies the couple of this story have the world against them, all of which makes this love story that much more powerful and intensely addicting to watch.

12 thoughts on “My favorite Korean Drama romances

  1. These are great kdrama romances — well, I haven’t seen Princess Man, but I’ve heard good things. For my own list, I’d also add Coffee Prince and A Gentleman’s Dignity.

  2. Love these! My most favorite of favorite is Queen Inhyun’s Man (which is ironic because I totally get the Jang Ok Jung fixation.) but they are all good choices and a massive reason why I love k-dramas.

  3. Have you watched lovers on Drama fever. I believe it is does not get the credit it deserves but is has some intense romance. I have watched it several times. The main actress in lovers is my favorite Korean actress.

    • I have not watched Lovers but I will have to put it on my to-watch list. I am a sucker for intense romances. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. My Fully watched drama

    1.Spring waltz *****
    2.You are beautiful ****
    3.My girl *****
    4.Love rain ***
    5.Shining inheritance ****
    6.Greatest Love ****
    7.Secret Garden ****
    8.Protect the boss ****
    9. Secret (2013) *****
    10. My daughter in law 19 ****
    11. Bad guy***
    12. Shark**
    13. Witch yoo hee ***
    14. Who are you ( go ara ) ***
    15. Athena god of war **
    16. Cruel city (2013) **
    17. Goong****
    18. Coffee prince***
    19. woman who want to marry ****
    20. Hearstrings***
    21. heirs*
    22. Lover in paris ***
    23. 49 days *****
    24. Lie to me****
    25. Romance town*
    26. Queen InHyun’s Man***
    27. Flower boy next door***
    28. Take Care Of The Young Lady*
    29. A love to kill****
    30. Heartstrings***
    31. Me To flower****
    32. What happened in bali**** (Slow beginning , middle to end good) – Zo In-sung acting was awesome.

    A. Watched few episodes and stopped because slow boring snooze fest,repeat plot , bad acting, annoying lead actor and actresses , clueless stupid role for lead actors.

    1. Full House* (awful acting especially SHK sucks)
    2. Boys over flower* (after 6th episode ..)
    3. Kim sam soon* (Kim Sun-ah has annoying voice. Only reason i can’t stand her)
    4. Delightful girl*
    5. My girlfriend is gumiho*
    6. Masters sun* (repeat plot every episode total waste of time)
    7. Personal preference *
    8. City hunter * ( Lee min ho same in every drama , he is best in fighting but i am not fan of his statue acting).
    9. Alone in love *( so slove snoozefest)
    10. Nine times travel *
    12. Hear your voice **( skip watched )
    13. Daljasprings*
    14. All In*
    15. Autum in heart*
    16. secret (old one) *
    17. Prosecutor princes * (annoying lead actress)
    18. Gentleman Dignity*
    19. City Hall*(Kim Sun-ah has annoying voice. Only reason i can’t stand her)
    20. History of slaary man*
    21. Queen of office*
    22. Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek*
    23. Innocent man* (every one acting was awful in this drama)
    24. NA Mirae’s choice*
    25. Brain**
    26. Rooftop Prince**
    27. Hello! MISS*

    I need romance only drama like secret and spring waltz and a love to kill. NO DEATH NO DISEASE to main characters , romance drama pls. Pls recommend if you know.
    Most disliked actreses: SHK ( script reader) and KIM SUN AH (Annoying voice and face) and PARK SE YEON ( 100% annoying)

    • Hi! I would recommend King 2 Hearts. Based on your favorites list I can tell we have a bit of a different taste in dramas, but I think you will really like K2H. Not horrible sadness at the end, plus the love story is awesome. I would also recommend Shut Up Flower Boy Band. I see that you finished two other Flower Boy shows; while SUFBB is a bit of a darker tale I think with your like of Melos this would fit in well with the dramas you have enjoyed thus far.Another show you may enjoy is My Princess – it is adorable and well played. Yet another (sorry, racking my brain) show you may enjoy is Answer Me 1997, if nostalgia is at all in your interest.Let me know if you watch any of them! Interested to hear your thoughts!

    • Im agree..except for Delightful Girl Choon Hyang. Its an interesting drama and theres a strong chemistry between the lead actor/actress.

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