Running Man Headlines: Welcome to the jungle and the bad actors

The jungle meets the urban arena, Gary gives, and Ha-ha is in lala land. These and many more stories will be revealed. Read on (and check out the Running Man acts section for hilarious cast clips). Cheers!

RM Ep 144

Ratings Episode 144

Running Man’s overall ratings are combined with those of Bare Foot Friends (the show that leads into RM). Many have speculated that the drop in RM ratings are due to the poor ratings for BFF- I like both shows and only hope to see RM back at the top of the charts next week. In my opinion only time will tell if BFF is really bringing down RM. And hey, at least RM tied with the cute kids of MBC’s DWAWG!

1. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 13.3

2. SBS Running Man / MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 12.7

4. MBC Real Man 8.5

Next week on Running Man…

Grab the popcorn and get ready for an episode of epic proportions as the Running Man cast faces off against the members of the SBS Friday night variety show Laws of the Jungle. Variety meets variety as the two series cross over via an intense challenge. Who will come out as the winner- the jungle hardened or the name tag rippers? Tune in to find out. Check out the preview below:

Now on to the headlines!

Mandate of Heaven

Mandate of Heaven Producers claim that Song Ji Hyo’s variety image overshadows her acting

Moon Bo Hyun, the PD of our Ace’s currently airing drama Mandate of Heaven, mentioned at the show’s press conference that Ji Hyo’s acting is underestimated and undervalued. Quote:

“I believe it’s because her image in the variety show Running Man is so strong. She is more well known as the ′ace′ of Running Man, and her blank character is so strong that it also leads into issues over her acting skills…We expected such reactions, and it’s a question we and Song Ji Hyo must overcome. Her work doesn’t fall behind those of the other actors in Heaven’s Will. We believe opinions about her acting will improve as the drama continues to progress.”

Ji Hyo fighting! While I have not had the opportunity to watch Mandate of Heaven I have read good reviews. Here is hoping that our Ace is given more love in the future.

Thanks Gary 2Thanks Gary 1

Gary, you, you…nice guy you!

On May 5th’s broadcast it was revealed that peaceful Gary, a man who displays a playful and immature image on RM donated carloads of clothing to children in Africa. Gary’s good deed was revealed when the episodes guest, Cha In Pyo, thanked him for the generous donation. Gary seemed embarrassed and quickly changed the subject. What a great guy!

HaHas lunch

HaHa’s Lunch

Apparently still in newlywed la-la land (you know, that place where your brain does not exist) HaHa took to twitter to share the meal that his wife Byul prepared. A healthy lunch before him Ha-ha commented on how cute it was that his wife lined up the almonds on his plate. Awwww (I suddenly feel like an awkward third wheel…). HaHa and Byul were married last November and are expecting their first child in August.

YJS Baeksang Awards

Yoo Jae Suk wins the grand prize at Baeksang Art Awards

The 49th annual Baeksang Art Awards were held on May 9th. A celebration of the best achievements in the South Korean entertainment industry the awards show has been held since 1965. This year Yoo Jae Suk took home the grand prize (Daesang award). This is YJS’s first award at Baeksang and by far one of the most prestigious awards given out during the ceremony. Consistently humble the nation’s MC said in his acceptance speech:

“More than anything, whenever I give these kinds of acceptance speeches, I regret my days as a student. If I read some more books and stuff, I would be able to express my heart better… As always, I sincerely thank you.”

The nation’s MC also gave thanks to his wife and son, his parents and siblings, his in-laws, and the cast and crew of Running Man and Infinite Challenge. Congrats YJS!

Parting thoughts: Running Man acts

Two members of Running Man are actors by profession- Song Ji Hyo and Lee Kwang Soo. But never fear, at one time or another other members of Running Man have tried their hand at the life of a professional pretender. Check out the clips below, I guarantee they will make you smile:

Gary and Kim Jong Kook, cameo in Wonderful Radio (2012)

The two hyungs gave an awesome cameo performance in Lee Kwang Soo’s film Wonderful Radio. Love the passing out, love the driver. Check it out:

Ha-ha, Who Slept with her? (2006)

Ha-Ha had a lead role in this film. To be honest I have no clue what this movie is about, other than what the title implies- so who slept with her? I am betting Ha-ha. Check out the clip below:

Yoo Jae Suk, clips galore

The nation’s MC has appeared in multiple comedic programs since his debut. Many of the shows he has made an appearance on have at one time or another mocked the very popular drama genre. Thanks to the person who posted this medley of YJS clips. Check out the variety and the drama skits from early in the grasshoppers career below (warning: clip is 16 minutes long. Sit back and enjoy):


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