Super Fun Drama Chat Time: Heard it Through the Grapevine (1-2)

What is that you hear? Yes, you are correct – the residents of Stone Cities are back after a long absence to chat up the good, the bad, and the hilarious sides of our new favorite drama. Heard it Through the Grapevine, a dark comedy airing on Monday and Tuesday nights on SBS, premiered last week and we love it. So far any way. Time for some Super Fun Drama Chat Time. Pow!

Ekun: Super Fun Drama Chat Time is back!!!! And I think we went the correct route with picking Heard it Through the Grapevine rather than Blood… That show is getting some horrible flack! But I have to start by saying this: I am unexplainably in love with Lee Joon– my views might be skewed. Continue to help me see the light Lore Unni!

Lore: Ha! Yes to being in love with Lee Joon! I think he is perfect for the role of In Sang. At first I was a little skeptical that he could pull it off, but that was before I had a good grasp on what the show is about. But heck, once I saw him introducing his girlfriend to his parents in that delightfully awkward and tearful way, I was in love. He is the right person to pull off the comedy and the drama. What are your thoughts on the overall concept of the show? The look/feel of it?




Ekun: I knew I was going to really like it the moment we see him begging her for some “play” outside her door. And this show is genius! Wait until you are due to tell his parents! Not only have the baby in their house; one their BED! I was laughing so hard I was crying. The overall look conveys the genre as it is: a black comedy. The discussion of teen pregnancy is always tricky to maneuver in whatever country you are living in because it is really not supposed to happen. But so far, I am on board with what the show is trying to sell overall. And it seems like we have a LONG way to go before we can really say yea or neigh.

Lore: Yes, this is a long one. 32 episodes in all! Yikes. I tend to ignore longer dramas because my attention wanes before I can get through all of the episodes, but this show sounded so interesting that I had to give it a chance. I am glad I did, at least so far. Should we do a high level mini-recap of what has happened so far for any of our readers that have yet to check it out?

Ekun: Sounds like a plan! Girl, Seo Bom (Go Ah Sung) is pregnant. How you ask? There is this thing called the birds and the bees… She did that with a boy Han In sang (Lee Joon) at some camp before they decided not to talk to each other until they pass the college entrance exam (like the SAT’s or ACT’s). In the time they were separated, Seo Bom did not tell In Sang that she was expecting a child.


Lore: Eventually In Sang received letters that Seo Bom had sent to his school- but his head teacher kept the letters until after the semester ended. In Sang reads the letters and realizes something is wrong, but he has no idea what. Through his own connections (his Father is a prominent Lawyer, his Mother…a daughter of a diplomat or something) he finds Seo Bom. In Sang tells Seo Bom’s parents he loves their daughter and is willing to prove it by taking her to meet his parents right then and there. Of course his parent’s are richy rich Mcsnobersons and Seo Bom is from a working class family – which means there is bound to be some conflict on a socio-economic level (nevermind the fact the girl is about ready to pop out a baby).

Ekun: As soon as they get to the house to let his parents know, Seo Bom goes into labor and has the baby in their house! Talk about making a first impression…



Lore: Haha! It was beautiful and hilarious and hilariously beautiful! Did we mention In Sang’s parents seem cray cray – as in they run a mini empire in their house and talk about how many generations of wealth their family has compared to others. Seem a little insane in my opinion, but it adds a lot to the dark comedy portion of the story (seriously, his Dad seems to have some kind of King complex). And that is the setup of the story. Okay, now that we have explained the setup on a high level, and included a super awesome use of clipart pictures of birds and bees, let’s confirm that we both think the maid is awesome. Come on, you know you do.

Ekun: All of the staffers are amazing at this point. It was only Daddy’s secretaries that might be problematic. The one maid who actually helped her birth the child into the world is really just a good person. Her husband is pretty cool too. But In Sang’s parents (Yoon Joon Sang and Yoo Ho Jung) plan is to divide, conquer, and seem civil at the same time. I do not hate his parents at the moment, but they are a bit nonsensical to think that it is ok to rip these two parents away from their newborn child. In what world will that work, given that the parents want to be with each other and want the child?

Lore: The parent’s actions are hard to agree with, but are funny as hell because I really don’t see them working at all. Mom already went off on Seo Bom when she was supposed to be making her feel safe and comfortable. I feel like Mom and Dad will only drive In Sang and Seo Bom away. For a portion of episode two I was angry at Mom for acting like this, but once she started yelling at Seo Bom I saw how funny the situation may turn out to be (I seriously hope it is more on the comedic, less on the traditional evil Mother in Law side).


Like, these two people are so hell bent on protecting their image but have no idea why their son and his girlfriend may not want a super nanny, may not want to be separated, and may not want to just hang out in their mansion – because all three things ultimately make sense to them. Why would they think of ruining their reputation? Who wants to raise a baby without a nanny? They want to divide and conquer, but their methods do not seem to shock them very much. Like they don’t think what they are doing is all that bad. Personally I am just waiting for Seo Bom’s Mom to show up and get in a showdown with In Sang’s parents. I have a feeling it will be hilarious.

Ekun: I cannot wait for Seo Bom’s family to step in! You know, they are not excited or thrilled that Bom is having a baby either. Bom is smart and really had a bright future ahead of her. But, I do believe that they have had more time (9 months) to wrap their heads around the fact that their daughter’s life has change significantly. Hence, they will be a bit more practical when encountering In Sang’s parents. Or on the other end of spectrum– forcing them to get married is not always the best option either. But they will stand up for Bom and the baby.

Lore: That is a really good point, Seo Bom’s family has had a lot more time to digest the news. I mean, learning your son is about to be a father is shocking, much less having it happen at your house shortly after you learned of the fact. Yeah. Still, as you pointed out, Bom’s parents are more likely to stand up for what Bom wants. In Sang’s parents only care about what they want – like locking In Sang in a room to study for 14 hours a day. Seriously people. Wow, just wow. Here is wondering how he escapes next episode.


Ekun: I mean, I did not even know it was possible to “kidnap” a kid who already does everything you wanted him to do! And he will not only be studying 14 hours a day, he will not be coming back to their home… ever. Well, not until the paternity results are revealed, they get rid of Seo Bom and her family, and get In Sang back on the track they want him on.

Lore: Right – In Sang already does pretty much everything they ask of him. I mean, for crying out loud the kid left to go to school a few hours after his child was born.


If I were him I would already be locked up, because I would have told Mom and Dad to go suck on…something if they had asked me to do that. I think this fact (that he is so obedient) makes it that much more insane that they want to rip his life apart to meet their own goals for him. They clearly don’t care, or cannot comprehend, that he may have thought of doing something with his life that they did not plan for him. This being a comedy though, makes me think that they will come around eventually. And it should be pretty hilarious when they do. So, what did you think of Seo Bom and In Sang’s taxi ride? I laughed at In Sang’s attempts to jump in the river, with Bom following him in. It was funny despite the fact these two were/are dealing with such a serious topic.

Ekun: Clearly In Sang was having a moment, that resulted in great laughter for us, and fear and trembling for him. I mean, I don’t even think he was stressed or upset with Bom being pregnant– it is the fact that he has to tell his rigid, over concerned, micromanaging parents! I would be scared witless too In Sang. But the taxi ride itself was sweet because you could tell these two really cared about each other. I just hope they really have what it takes to make it through and stay together. I trust them because they are smart kids who had a slip up– I hope that everyone around them will see it that way as well.

Lore: I hope so to. I am already rooting for these two to figure it out, and on the path to figuring out helping their families figure it out too. This is the best case scenario for this story, in my opinion. Any other points you would like to discuss before we do final thoughts?

Ekun: I don’t think so.. I will start. In Sang: You already won me over and that has only 30% to do with Lee Joon (that statistic is subject to change). Seo Bom: I love how you seem to be dealing with all this in stride, I hope you stay as you are. In Sang’s Parents: *Censored* happens to kids everyday. Please guide them through it rather than being dick-tators (yes, I meant to spell it that way). And Bom Parents: Stay the course of logic and what is best for your child despite the external pressures around you.

Lore: Haha- dicktators. I like it. My final thoughts: Show- you are off to an amazing start. I love the comedy, the drama, the look and the feel of you. Let’s be friends. Friends that don’t let each other down over 32 episodes. Pinky swear? In Sang: You are adorably whipped by your parents but adorably in love with Seo Bom. You are just adorable. Now escape your study prison. Seo Bom: I like you, I really do. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders and a good family behind you. The parents on both sides: Let’s just let In Sang and Seo Bom and their bundle of joy do what they want, okay? Thanks show, love Lore.

5 thoughts on “Super Fun Drama Chat Time: Heard it Through the Grapevine (1-2)


  2. Darn, those dividing dicktators!
    Black comedies only come second to revenge dramas for me, so I am ecstatic I’m loving Grapevine so much. These kids are going to do a lot of growing up (which may include a little less sniveling from Ji-sang?) and should be a learning experience for everyone involved, perhaps even Baby Heir. It’s a long journey but I hope drama remains side-splitting hilarious throughout its run.

    • 32 episodes is still spinning in my mind, I hope I make it! Call it the sadistic side of me, but I love In Sang’s (Ji Sang? Were you thinking of blood Unni?) crying face. I want to see more, but just a little bit. Tears only get you so far in this world.

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