Introduction to Running Man

RM 33If you are like me you picked up the Korean variety masterpiece Running Man when it began airing on Drama Fever. Unfortunately Drama Fever has not subbed older episodes and as of the writing of this post is only streaming Episode 90 and up (fortunately there are some awesome fan subbing sites out there streaming older episodes).

From my initial viewing of RM I have made it my mission to catch up on episodes 1-89 and fill in the gaps, largely because I wanted to know when Haha became Hararo, what Monday Couple was like when they were “together”, who the real King of Ddakjii is, and to watch SJK and his baby faced adorableness in all of its variety glory.

After long, tedious and painful research (note sarcasm here) I have compiled a handy dandy introductory guide to Running Man. Enjoy- I had to suffer through 100+ episodes of Running Man. Pain! (P.S. I kind of want to watch them over again. Is that too obsessive?)

Running Man

Part 1: Meet the Players

Who is the nation’s MC? Does Gwang Soo have a job? These and other questions will be answered by part 1.

Bells Hide and Seek

Part 2: The Games People Play

What is with that photo zone game? Bells hide and seek? Read part 2 for the back story on the epic games of RM.

Eun Hye

Part 3: Inside Jokes and Epic Alliances

KJK and the kids? Easy brothers? Such confusion is addressed in part 3.

Park Bo Young

Part 4: The Best of the Guests

An episode is only as good as the guests. Learn more with part 4.


Part 5: The Story Behind the Name

Did you ever wonder where the names “Yoo Hyuk” and “Haroro” came from? Part 5 is your answer.


Part 6: Behind the Camera

Running Man has turned the camera around more than once, from FD Dong Wan to Jae Suk’s VJ we have been entertained by the presence of the people behind the camera. For more on those who put on the show see part 6.

Kwang Soo

Part 7: The Soundtrack to the Chase- with links to songs!

St. Agnes and the Burning Train. That is all I have to say. For more musical tidbits check out part 7, character theme songs and all.

RM Wins

Part 8: Who is the Greatest Running Man of Them All?

The results are surprising.

Kwang Soo

Part 9: Dancing Machines

The RM cast likes to dance- which can lead to comedy gold. Check out part 9 for the cast members go to dances.

Running Man Header

Part 10: So You Want to Catch Up?

My biggest challenge while watching old Running Man Episodes was finding out what was what. I like context to my episodes. That is the reason (plus I needed a guide to help me recall older episodes) I put together the RM episode guide. I hope you enjoy. Update: Now with links to streaming episodes with English subs. Click on the episode number within the guide to access the episode. Cheers!

5 thoughts on “Introduction to Running Man

  1. Hi there,

    I stumbled upon your blog quite by accident and I have to say that I really enjoy all your Running Man posts. I was hoping to contact you but I couldn’t find any email address from which I could.

    Like you, I’m also a huge fan of Running Man and I would like to invite you to be a guest writer on my blog’s dedicated Running Man column, Running Mondays. Do drop me an email *you should be able to see the email address I assume* and we’ll try to arrange something.

    Keep up the great work!

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