Running Man: The Best Episode for…

It was a long day. Then I watched Kwang Soo smash an egg on his head two times in a row and it hit me- I love Running Man for a plethora of reasons (and I need sleep). Every episode of RM gives me a new reason to think back and remember the best of the best- when I was in my happy RM place for the same reason I am presently laughing. The characteristics I love about this show all have a major highlight, an episode showcasing the element that brings the funny to the forefront. So henceforth is Lore in Stone Cities guide for the best episode for____ (fill in the blanks with joy). Cheers!

Monday Couple   

Monday Couple

Because Monday is better this way

Episode: 34 (Hongdae date)

A date! A Monday couple date?! That’s right- in episode 34 the variety duo of Song Ji Hyo and Gary went on a mini date in Hongdae; sipping the same drink and playfully giggling as they looked into each others eyes. While many more Monday couple moments have followed it is hard to pinpoint an episode that gave us such a gleeful glimpse of the pair. Fighting!



Because atmosphere is everything

Episode: 41 (Ransacking Haroro’s house)

Call this a fan call but I love the location- HaHa’s house. Unfortunately for our favorite penguin like RM cast member his apartment became the filming set of a challenge in episode 41. To make matters even funnier the challenge involved an almost repo like game of claiming Haha’s possessions. While unusual and well designed buildings in tandem with awesome outside locales are the backdrop of many episodes, there is nothing like seeing the inside of one of the members homes- to comedic effect. I still say this episode is daebak .


Easy Brothers (Lee Gwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin)

Because even loser’s shine

Episode: 92 (Jjajangmyeon Race)

This episode featured JYP as a guest. As a bonus for the entire universe our guest came up with an on the spot theme song for the hilariously paired Easy Brothers (so named because of the duos pairing in episode 68, where components of both of their names formed the clue). Since its creation this duo has sung this song to hilarious affect. Love you impala and giraffe!

typhoon blows

Cast Chemistry

Because seven is better than one

Episode: 139 (That Winter the Typhoon Blows)

I cannot help it- I love this episode. And what I love the most about it is the interactions among the cast. Introduce a drama scene and a three team pairing and comedic antics ensue. All of the members are spot on, with timing and jovial teasing. Thank you show.

flower teasherlock holmes

Plot Twists

Because Running Man knows how to throw out the unexpected.

Episodes: 56 (Flower Tea) and 79 (Sherlock Holmes) tie

Episode 56 gave viewers a most unexpected and hilarious twist to the two part Running Man special setup. Tune into this episode to see what happens when the male cast is expectant of one outcome but faced with another. Episode 79 gave viewers the pinnacle of Running Man episode editing (in my opinion) to date. It was hard to tell what was really going on until the end. One of the most bizarre episodes to date this episode had plot twists a plenty.


Best Out of the Country Jaunt

Because we have to leave sometime

Episode: 50 (Bangkok, Thailand)

The first time RM made an international trip is not to be missed. The reactions from the fans in combination with the cast’s surprise at their own popularity foretold the craziness to come. The fans reactions are really not to be missed (native son or not)- and the birth of Asia’s Prince occurred in this episode. Running Man has made several international specials to date but the first occurrence will always win in my heart of hearts.

 Super Power

Super powers

Because the writers and PD said so

Episode: 74 (Who is the ultimate Running Man?)

Maybe I am a sucker for firsts or maybe this show always creates its best work the first time around, but I love the first time super power territory was breached. Episode 74 witnessed the cast taking on unique “talents” in an effort to prove who the best of the best was. I doubt the PDs and writers realized how creative the cast could get- leading to the unexpected ending of this episode. Several versions of the super powers concept have been played since episode 74 (including karaoke, baseball, and soccer) but this episode stands strong as the origin of the concept.


Idol guests

Because of the following phrase: Hallyu wave

Episode: 104 (Idol Olympics)

Throw in seven idols and an Olympics premise and you have a scaled down funnier version of the idol athletic championships that go all hunger games on us every year. If you want to see how the cast does against seven entertainment minded young people watch this episode.


Unfunny Moment

Because there is such a thing as tears of a clown

Episode: 41 (Ransacking Haroro’s House)

I know, I know. Episode 41 was already noted for great atmosphere, but this episode was multi-tasking a plenty. Not only did we get a peek inside Haroro’s abode but we also saw the last episode of Song Joong Ki. RM’s resident flower boy left the show to focus on his acting. In his farewell speech he cried (so did LGS and SJH) and gave props to the true friends he made on the show. I dare you to watch this without a box of tissues.

What do you think of the categories? Agree or disagree- ramble on!  If there is one thing I never tire of talking about it is Running Man!

20 thoughts on “Running Man: The Best Episode for…

  1. This is an awesome list, and I’ll have to keep it in mind when I go back to watch the older episodes.

    And watching Kwang Soo break two eggs in a row on his forehead was just the therapy I needed this week, too!

  2. Oohh, trying to catch up with RM seems an impossible feat some days. But so entertaining! (I whip out your episode guide each time, THANKS!). Maybe I’ll try and watch these eps next though. 🙂

  3. The first time I watched a RM episode from start to finish was the first Olympics episode. It is still one of my most favourite episodes to rewatch, and I think it was a good episode for new viewers to understand the show. I mean, it shows the cast’s chemistry since they were all in the same team. It showcases each cast’s character (from that one episode, I knew that KJK was the strong, competitive one, LKS was the unfortunate one, JSJ was the weak one, SJH was the badass one, KG was the unexpected one and Haha was the loud one. There was even hints of MondayCouple-ness) There were also enough funny tasks to keep the casual viewer engaged, AND there was the epic bells hide and seek. So to me, the Olympics episode is the best to introduce to a new viewer.

    I recently watched episode 34, and ahhh the sweetness of Monday Couple is lovely.

    • I can see your point, the Olympics episode contained many of the elements that make Running Man so addicting. I was recently trying to chose an episode to show a friend and it was beyond difficult, once you are familiar with the cast and running jokes (no pun intended) your idea of a “good episode” is far different from what makes a satisfactorily interesting intro.

      What other episodes have you enjoyed?

      • I’m still catching up on older episodes (currently on episode 35) while simultaneously watching the current episodes. SUCH a hardship. Heh.

        But, off the top of my head, I really enjoyed the episode with Park Bo Young, the superpower baseball, the recent Fools+Princess episode (I’m a HUGE Monday Couple shipper! As well as my husband!), both of Choi Ji Woo’s episodes ( I LOOOOVED the way the RM members had to put their heads together for that one) and arg too many for me to recall.

        I only started watching RM since last September during my maternity leave, so I’m a relatively new obsessive fan. 😀

      • Yes, such a horrible task catching up 🙂 I guess we have to nobly bear the burden.

        I agree in regards to Park Bo Young, super power baseball, and especially the recent fools and princesses episode. Love to hear from a fellow Monday couple shipper! I am super excited for episode 144- looks like our Monday couple is a team!

  4. Thank You lore-in-stone-cities! watched Running Man and got bored with some episodes halfway through so almost gave up. Googled best episodes and got sooo lucky to find your site! I just watched 2 of the episodes you suggested so far…28 and 42…hilarious!!! thanks for sharing : )

    • Didn’t see it on 28, the rock paper scissors one and the disco ride? that was great! and 42 Running Man vs. The Fighters: Chu Sung Hoon was hilarious! btw which episode it the one with the egg smash?

      • The egg smash was episode 143. Based on the episode #s you are referencing I think that would put it as Dramafree’s ep 54 (your ep 42 is episode 131) 🙂
        Loved Chu Sung Hoon’s smackdown of Kwang Soo- hilarious!

  5. Thanks so much lore-in-stone-cities for sharing! Recently discovered Running Man but with so many episodes I found some were not so great so got pretty discouraged. I googled best episodes and luckily found your site. Watched 28 and 42 so far and they were hilarious! You Rock : )

    • Thanks! I love both of those episodes! What did you think of the RM dance number from Ep 28? I still watch this clip now and then when I want to smile 🙂

      • woops! I watch on dramafree and it is 2012 episodes…in the U.S. its a bit limited 😦
        still loved 42! will check out your 2012 picks!

      • If you are looking for older episodes check out Lore In Stone Cities Running Man Episode Guide, I have streaming links with eng subs there. In case you are interested 🙂

  6. Actually ISUBS on dailymotion has all the episodes subbed except the more recent ones Dramafever does,its the #1 source for getting your RM fix. The one the Lee Kwang Soo wins is my favorite, he honestly outsmarted Spartacus

  7. I agree with them all.. this is an awesome list.. This is really your point of view unlike the other bloggers which have the same list. THough their lists are good too but the running man has lots of good episode to choose from. 🙂

  8. A friendly site for RM fan like me. Hehe. Even tho I’m a fan of RM since then, I enjoyed reading your blog. Hehe. BTW, is this still existing? I mean, if the Admin is still updating this site.

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