Running Man Headlines: Hong Kong Fan Meeting & Almost Baby Pics

Running Man holds a successful fan meeting in Hong Kong, 2NE1 films with surprise guests, and Lee Kwang soo is inundated with birthday presents. What a week!

RM Ep 154

Ratings Episode 154

1. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 17.4

2. MBC Real Man 16.5

3. SBS Running Man 15.0

So….Running Man’s ratings are behind MBC’s powerhouse Sunday night lineup once again. To sate my own curiosity and because I keep hearing the “Bare Foot Friends is killing RM’s ratings” argument I decided to chart Running Man’s ratings from January 2012 to present. There is a noticeable drop after BFF started airing, however I was shocked at how choppy Running Man’s ratings can be:


So my conclusion; yes, BFF probably is contributing but that is not the entirety of RM’s ratings issue. Airing against DWAWG and Real Men is certainly not helping the show; which sucks. Because sometimes a new variety comes around and is just more popular. I am hoping Running Man’s ratings pickup and I don’t have to chart this for a long time.

Next week on running man…

Suzy returns for what promises to be a scary trip through high school. The preview shows the cast plus Suzy light heartedly undertaking games followed by a fast forward. Suddenly we are treated to what looks like a horror movie. Check out the preview below:

Now on to the headlines!

Kwang Soo Birthday 2

Happy 42nd Birthday Giraffe?!

Running Man’s maknae turned twenty eight on July 14th (29 is his Korean age). Haha took to his twitter to wish his dongsang a happy birthday:

“I sincerely wish my loving brother Lee Kwang Soo a happy birthday”

Running Man’s PD Jo also posted a message of birthday wishes for the giraffe. Lee Kwang Soo, not one to be left out of the conversation, took to his own twitter account to post the following message:

“My last birthday in my 20s, I think I received the most support and love today. Letters. Presents. Twitter. Fan cafe. DC Gallery, Internet, they all celebrated with me…I can’t express here how much I’m thankful. I won’t forget and return the favor with even more laughs and sentiment.”

Check out some of the gifts that fans sent Kwang Soo in the following pic (am I the only one that finds that mask extremely disturbing?). Happy birthday giraffe!

Kwang Soo Birthday

Lee Kwang Soo Photobombs…again

Lee Kwang Soo’s target this time: Kara’s Nicole. The photobomb was made possible when Hong Suk Chun, who was participating with Nicole in a drama special, decided to snap a photo with the idol star. As is his habit, Kwang Soo made sure he stayed in the background and poked his head into the frame just in time to be captured by the camera.


Because I still find these hilarious, check out some of Kwang Soo’s past photobombs:

reflection photo bombWedding Picture Photobomb

Yoo Jae Suk is still an awesome person!

Seriously. Did you ever doubt it? Every week there is more and more evidence that the nation’s MC is an all around great guy. This past week produced two stories of note to support his great guy image. First we were treated to photos of Yoo Jae Suk busy working out at the gym during his down time (seriously, does this guy ever have downtime with three shows?). Jae Suk is seen dressed in a grey t-shirt and shorts, looking casual as he decides what equipment to use.

Yoo Jae Suk Gym

The second story of the week relates a scene from KBS’s variety The Human Condition. During the show Huh Kyung Hwan paid a visit to Yoo Jae Suk, who was busy hanging out in his waiting room. The subject of the show was saving electricity, so it was immediately apparent to Kyung Hwan that Jae Suk did not have the TV on or the AC running. When questioned, Jae Suk replied that it was not that hot out so he did not want to waste electricity. Wow! What a green, green grasshopper! Note- I type this as I have four lights on and two laptops running. Hmmmm….I think I am not going to win a green award anytime soon.

Which Running Man Member is the only person to visit Song Joong Ki’s house?

This was my favorite Running Man related story of the past week. It made me sigh and smile and get all happy inside. I just love these two!

Song Joong Ki recently appeared on KBS’s show Mamma Mia. During his appearance he was asked what his Mother does when he brings friends over. Joong Ki revealed that she treats his friend’s well and makes them things to eat.

When the MC asked if he had ever brought over an actor friend Joong Ki replied:

“Only Kwang Soo… When he comes over, my mom will even make handmade noodles.”


Awwwwww! Bromance! I love these two and miss when they used to run together. Here is hoping that Joong Ki makes another guest appearance on Running Man soon!

Running Man Holds Fan Event in Hong Kong

July 13th marked the date of Running Man’s fan event in Hong Kong. The much anticipated fan meeting included four members of Running Man; Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa, and Gary. But never fear, the other members filmed video messages that were played at the event.

Hong Kong Fan Meeting

After the show Gary took to his twitter account to express his thank you to the fan’s that came out for the show:

Gary fan meeting

Check out video from the fan meeting below:


HaHa and Byul’s Bundle of Joy- An Almost Baby Picture!

While not a full-fledged celebrity child reveal, this week still gave us a glimpse of HaHa’s little bundle of joy. Twitter was the venue for the picture. On July 17th Byul posted the following picture on her twitter account along with:

“Many people are curious as to who Dream looks like ehehehe just looking at this…hm…kehehe… daddy’s king feet and son.”

Haroro Jr

Like father like son. Cute.

2NE1 Running Man Appearance- Surprise Guest’s Hinted At

As previously reported the ladies of 2NE1 will be appearing on a future episode of Running Man as YG, the label 2NE1 belongs to, recently lifted their ban on variety show appearances. This week behind the scenes photos of the ladies filming Running Man were released. No word yet on the premise of their episode but judging by the BTS pics at some point someone is running with a guitar. Hmmm…pondering away.

2ne1 BTS 32ne1 BTS

2ne1 BTS 2

One bit of information that has been released about the episode is that the Running Man cast and 2NE1 will make a stop at the offices of YG. Their drop in will include surprise appearances from other YG artists including Akdong Musicians and Big Bang’s Taeyang. I can’t wait!

Sulli Said a Naughty Word

This is the Running Man scandal that is not a scandal. There have been several articles in the past week referring to an incident that occurred during episode 154. During the episode Sulli, Ji Hyo, Gary, and Suk Jin were watching the other member’s play in the Asian Dream Cup. At one point you can hear Sulli say “cao ni ma”, a Chinese phrase that basically means “Go f*** your mother”.

Sulli Bad Word

SM entertainment attempted damage control by releasing a statement:

“While discussing the Chinese language with the staff members, the topic turned to Chinese curse words…We think that the words accidentally came out on broadcast without being edited.”

SBS also issued an apology:

“Apparently, the words came through while she was cracking a few jokes,… In any case, the editing mistake is a failure on our part, and we will edit this out in the online streaming version. We will be careful in the future to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.”

I have a couple of questions- such as why they were discussing Chinese curse words and why Sulli said the words at that time (it was while they were watching the game and then looking at an article about the game). Oh well, regardless I really do not see this as the scandal it is being made out to be. Yes, those are bad words and they should not have been said but I still don’t buy into how big of an issue the press is making this into.

KJK and HaHa Vogue

Haha and Kim Jong Kook for Vogue Korea?

Not exactly. A creative Chinese fan created a play on G-Dragon’s Vogue Korea cover by finding a picture of HaHa and Kim Jong Kook in a back hug. The fan put the two together and viola- you have Running Man’s Vogue Anniversary issue. HaHa first tweeted the picture on the 17th with the words Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke oh my, so funny~~^^. I cannot help but agree.

Tang Wei

Chinese Actress Tang Wei invited to appear on Running Man

During a pre-event interview for the Hong Kong fan meeting Kim Jong Kook exclaimed that he would love to have Chinese actress Tang Wei appear as a guest on Running Man. Tang Wei previously starred alongside Hyun Bin in the film Late Autumn, a role that earned her best actress awards at the Pusan Film Critics’ Awards and the Baeksang Art Awards. No word on if she is set to guest in the future.

Parting Thoughts

Hahahahahahahahahahah! Fighting!




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