Actors of the Month: September

Time for another exciting edition of Stone Cities Actors of the Month! *Throws confetti* For September we are highlighting two actors in currently airing dramas (My Secret Hotel and Joseon Shooter). For actor of the month goodies from previous months, check out our AOM page here. Cheers!

Nam Sang Mi

Nam Sam Mi

Because: I am enjoying her performance as the spirited noblewoman Soo In on Joseon Shooter. Sang Mi has been in quite a few dramas, regretfully Joseon Shooter is my first exposure to this delightful actress (and I have to say she is not only beautiful, but convincing). Soo In’s character can border on annoying if you look at the bare bones concept yet I can’t help but cheer on this woman (and I think half of that has to do with the actress playing her). Here is to you Sang Mi – and seeing you in more drama roles in the future!

As Seen In: Time Between Dog and Wolf, Sweet Spy, Possessed (film),Gourmet, Life is Beautiful, Goddess of Marriage, Joseon Shooter

Nam Goong Min

Nam Goong Min

Because: This man’s smile is like witchcraft! Every time I see him in a show I fall deeper and deeper in love with his acting. Although, I wish he would get a role (that I am willing to watch) where he actually ends up with the girl! I am excited to see him in My Secret Hotel, and will continue to let him bewitch me with his smiles and charm!

Also Seen In: My Secret Hotel, I Need Romance 3, Unemployed Romance, Cheongdamdong Alice, Birth of a Rich Man

One thought on “Actors of the Month: September

  1. Nam Sang Mi is my first love since Sweet Spy and that was my first exposure to Kdrama. I followed all her works since then. She is a low profile actress but her performance was good in most of the characters she played. Cheers ~ Sang Mi, you deserved the fame!

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