ExtraKun’s Jukebox: OST Edition

In the last few months I have had my ear to the ground in the k-pop world… I have not been all that impressed. While I did find something magnetic and alluring about Red Velvet’s Happiness and WINNER’s Empty— I will keep an eye on them and report back later.

This report is dedicated to the OST (original soundtrack) songs that are on repeat!

In general, a lot of shows are featuring covers of already popular western song. It’s Ok That’s Love is full of them! And though it brings a sense of nostalgia and familiarity, I find myself bobbing my head and singing the songs actually featured on the OST! Here are a few that get a kudos from me:

It’s Ok That’s Love

Chen from EXO (yes Lore I finally heard one of them)- Best Luck

I like thing song because the vocals and music mesh very well. And you can tell Chen is really singing his heart out and having fun! I love it!

Park Kwang Sun from Ulala Session- Love Fiction

This upbeat tune always gets me going in my chair at work… granted my supervisors may look at me and wonder what I am listening to, but it will be our little secret…

High School Love On

Lel ft. Linzy- What my Heart Wants to Say

This cool mellow vibe with tight harmonies is just a sweet song to listen to. It makes me want to listen to more of what this artist is up to. If you have it– share with me!

Trot Lovers

Ji Hyun Woo- All Day

The show ended horribly, but this song will never lose its place in my heart. I heart Ji Hyun Woo and this song! You can hear the resonance in his voice which makes the song even better. Did you know he wrote it?

Fated to Love You (MBC)

Jung Dong Ha- Destiny Sonta

I am always on the brink of tears when I hear this song! Not that I believe in destiny, but Dong Ha almost has me thinking it could be real… Thanks for that!

The Night Watchman’s Journal

Kim Tae Woo- Because It’s You

What this show lacks in plot, it is trying to make up for in the OST… Kim Tae Woo is one of the artist that if he is on the OST, you already are making improvements. Holla!

EDEN- New Hope

I have never heard of this group before but I like them! This song really makes me believe in what they are saying… New World, New Hope, etc. We can make it!

And for some oldies but goodies:

A day of Love– Princess’s Man OST

Gray Paper– That Winter the Wind Blows OST [Ekun’s note: This is sung by my favorite Suju member… Hurry back Yesung!]

As Time Passes– Monstar OST

Growing Pains– Heirs OST

Another Time, Same Sky– Queen In Hyun’s Man OST

Anything from the Chuno OST!


What are some of your favorite OST’s or songs?! I have a ton more, but this can only be so long before it becomes ridiculous! Let me know your thoughts below!

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