Artists of the Month: November

Happy Halloween folks! November eve is upon us, which means here in Stone Cities we have gone through the difficult process of selecting our next artists of the month. So here they be…two people we just can’t get enough of lately.

For past Artists of the Month check out our AOM page!


Park Hae Jin

Because: ever since I remember seeing him in 4 Famous Princesses I knew there was something about him. Admittedly, I did not see him again until last year in You Who Came From the Stars, but I am pleased at so many things when I read about him. He is a designer working on his own clothing line, he donates thousands of Won to various causes, and (this one is the best) he wants to do volunteer work with those who slandered him online! Seriously, if they were caught, rather than gaining compensation for defamation of character, if they apologized and did community service with him he would drop the charges! Being a good person and an excellent actor definitely makes the panties drop (did I just say that?)! Anyway, checkout his psychopathic tendencies (total understatement) in his new show Bad Guys aka Mad Dogs… You will not be disappointed!

Also seen in: 4 Famous Princesses, You Who Came From the Stars, Doctor Stranger, and Bad Guys


Kang So Ra

Because: I firmly believe she was undercast in Doctor Stranger – So Ra is capable of so much more. I was ecstatic when I learned she was cast in Misaeng, I was even more ecstatic when the drama premiered and quickly shot to the top of my favorite shows of 2014 list. So Ra plays an uber educated office intern in the drama, and so far her performance has reminded me why I love her so. The first time I saw So Ra was in We Got Married when she was paired with Super Junior’s Leeteuk. I liked her personality on the show, because she seemed so genuine. Her acting made me love her more.

Also seen in: Doctor Stranger, Dream High 2, Ugly Alert, Sunny (film), My Paparotti (film)

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