Distractor’s Cut: Pride and Prejudice… They Actually Showed the Book!

It has been awhile since I have called on my partner in crime Unnichan to do a Distractor’s Cut, but with Choi Jin Hyuk gracing us with his presence before he departs for Military Service, we could not help ourselves. Pride and Prejudice is the new show taking over The Night Watchman’s Journal (Thank God that is over) time slot on MBC. Here is what we think so far—how are you feeling about the show? Love it? Hate it? Leave comments below—Deuces!

Pride and Prejudice line Up:


Ekun: Unnichan, the time has come to add to my ever growing list of shows starring Choi Jin Hyuk… I think I have seen almost all of his shows since 2012… But there is something special about him when he is the main character (Besides Gu Family Book… He should have been), I always like his “swag”. Do people still say that? Anyway, in case those who are reading have not figured it out, I am rambling about the new show Pride and Prejudice that premiered this Monday and Tuesday. Already, I am pretty excited about the show.


Unnichan: People say “swag” but I’m not sure how many… And Jin Hyuk has that something. He hasn’t always been as hot or magnetic as he is now. When I first saw him, I wasn’t impressed at all but that was over six years ago and since I didn’t see Gu, my current appreciation has nothing to do with that boom. He’s come a long way and I’m glad he’s doing another drama this year. I’m happier it’s one that I think I will be able to enjoy as a whole, along with his character in particular.

Ekun: Wait, when was he not hot? I don’t ever remember that time. I was always on his trail—since Pasta if I recall. I am not one of these “Gumiho Daddy” Ho’s who just started loving him (no offense to the ho’s glad you got your life together… lol).

Gumiho Daddy

Unnichan: DongKun, believe me. He wasn’t. He didn’t always look the way he did in Pasta. I’m thinking his shift as an actor and his attractiveness began somewhere around that family drama he did, My Lovely Child or something… I always say that family dramas and military service does wonders for actor.

Ekun: My Daughter the Flower? I didn’t see that…

Unnichan: No, no, it was before Pasta. I peeked. I didn’t stick around. But he’s steadily risen since then and I’m so glad he’s finally getting lead roles and tons of love. He deserves it. Ok, so now that we’ve gushed—back to Pride and Prejudice. What’d you think?

Ekun: I am already loving the setup of this show. I like the mystery between Koo Dong Chi and Han Yeol Moo, I love the work that the prosecutors are doing (because golly, they actually work!), and I like most of the characters so thus far. Can you tell who I have a problem with right out the gate?

Unnichan: Oh I know, but before we get to that, I also appreciated the first two episodes. However, that first episode felt disjointed and weirdly edited. I wasn’t sure what to look for when I turned it on; the type of style this drama would have or the overall tone. I like that it doesn’t steer too heavily one way or another, yet it also feels that PD isn’t quite sure what he wants either… By episode two, it was a little steadier and I’m cool with where we’re going.


Ekun: I don’t know if it is lack of sleep earlier this week, or my eagerness to get into the show, but I thought it was fine. I think the first episode was rather predictable, but it worked. We really got to see how the prosecutors feel, think, and work, when criminals think they know more about the law, and think they can get away with crimes. Heck, I had to put my thinking cap on of how they can catch those nasty bastards! Unnichan, there are a lot of thing I can handle, but kids being beaten, molested, dying, etc… I am very biased. Especially when it is done by people the children are suppose to be able to run to for help and trust.

Unnichan: The story wasn’t the problem, and I like that we aren’t necessarily dealing with “whodunit and what fors”, but more how these criminals and lawbreakers or evil doers will be brought to some form of justice. That was definitely the issue in that first episode. ‘Cause the moment we meet both of those jokers, we knew they were guilty; one a flasher, one a molester. We just didn’t know how the wires would get untangled enough to trip and sling them up for public trial. And I don’t think there is anyone that can handle the discomfort of watching caregivers, public servants, and the like, abuse their positions. Especially against any individual that can’t properly protect themselves, whom, by default are defenseless.


Ekun: I understand what meant, I just didn’t see it. I am certain there are others that will agree with you. I just think I was overly excited about actually liking the first 5 minutes, I did not really pay too much attention to the way things went down with the editing, and PD’s vision. So can I mention how I am tired of documents ruining people’s lives? Lore and I discussed how they (documents) are the #1 villain of 2014!

Unnichan: Heh. Well I think it depends on the document. And it seems the document we have here and the one of which you speak, have different purposes and hold a different type of significance and weight. One can crumble a nation and a monarchy, the other, relationships and lives, possibly livelihoods. They are different—important, just different.


Ekun: That is so very true, none the less, I am weary. That one in Secret Door has a very high death toll. While this one, I am not sure what it can really do. It looked like a birth certificate to me, but I was not able to really see it. Did you go back and take a look?


Unnichan: Naw, I didn’t get a chance but I did spy a date— 1999. Now, I’m not sure if that was the date of the document or when it was printed or filed or whatever but I do think it’s significant. Either way, I think it has something to do with Yeol Moo’s mother and the “child” she was speaking about just before Yeol Moo hopped into Dong Chi’s car ten years later (2009).

Ekun: Has to be significant—it made her run out of Dong Chi (WTF!) 5 years ago, become a prosecutor, find him, and snoop around in his office at 4am in the morning…


Unnichan: Look, I wasn’t a fan of these flashbacks, cause none paint Yeol Moo in a positive light. The present doesn’t do much for her either, but we as the audience, want to believe that she has a valid reason for making the choices she’s made, acting the way she does. There’s even that (what I now believe to be) red herring, where Dong Chi concedes, perhaps he did something wrong. But early on (20 minutes into episode 1), I had a gut feeling anything she thinks concerning him and their past, would be petty and baseless. Now, armed with their memories, coupled with her current actions, my conviction are solidified.


Ekun: Oh, so we can discuss this now, yay! Look, I was done with her 3 minutes into episode 1 (and I really did try). When she said something about acting like they didn’t know each other, I knew she was insane and I would not really care for her. She’s bossing him around about teaching her, she not picking up on clues at the job, etc. It is a setup for her to blame him for scolding her for doing something stupid later. *Eye roll*


Unnichan: You tried…? For three whole minutes? Mmk. And I act like I don’t know people all the time and I may be crazy, but I’m certainly not insane, so I wasn’t upset about that. My true upset was cemented when she jumped into a stranger’s Dong Chi’s car, however, regardless, it was mainly how most things went down in their first re-meeting. Things that now with their back-story (or some of it), makes complete sense from Dong Chi’s perspective and adds up to nil from hers.

Ekun: You (and me for that matter) acting like you don’t know people and her intention for saying is different. She was acting out, not just living. The only thing she did in these 2 episodes that I appreciated was in episode 2 when she hopped in that cab. It was dangerous and a mess, but she held her own and got the job done. That is what I need her to do instead of being a snitch with a grudge for no real reason.

Unnichan: She yaps about going to school and being a prosecutor, but I’ve yet to see any evidence of this. Though I didn’t care for Dong Chi snatching her case, and giving her some bogus reason for why, I wasn’t pleased with her actions either. She does alot of posturing and I don’t like that. She’s tattling with zero evidence or forethought, then when she does jump in the cab, all that spunk and audaciousness is zapped from her. She was practically crying when biker dude questioned her (and she wasn’t pretending). What happened to “start out, how you can hold out?” Sure, she runs after him but she could’ve done much more when they were alone before he peeped her spot. I just wasn’t for it. I mean I get this isn’t Heartless City but geez!HC-16



Ekun: Very valid points, but I do not know how I would act with some creepy guy, in a shady back room, when I jumped in a cab off the cusp (I guess therein lies the issue). I want to believe I will be cool and calm, but people react differently under pressure. Not giving her an excuse (because Lord knows she doesn’t deserve one), but I have to have something to cling to—to make it through with her! *Sigh*

Unnichan: She didn’t get her bearings quick enough for me, which makes her reckless and unreliable. Alls I’m saying. I couldn’t give her a “thumbs up” or a pat on the back because I was irritated with what could have, should have but didn’t happen. It made me feel like what we’ve seen concerning her interactions with Dong Chi is all there is to her. And again, that ain’t cool. But beyond her, I’m loving the other characters in the office, outside the other female prosecutor that we still know very little about.


Ekun: Girl! Did you know Kang Soo (LeeTae Hwan) is one of the boys from After School Club?! I did not even notice until like episode 2! He is adorable! I love him! And we all know I love that Choi Woo Shik… He can do no wrong—except forgetting to be in my pocket.

Unnichan: Why yes I did! But more than that, I am ecstatic you recognized him!

Ekun: I do not know whether to laugh or cry at that comment… I love After School Club, and the boys of 5urprise!

After School

Unnichan: You know how you do. So it’s just best to chuckle and keep it moving. However, for this drama there were several reasons to turn it on and my number one was Choi Min Soo. And I have to say, the man never disappoints. Moon Hee Man is hysterical but cunning and savvy. There’s something dark underneath and I love it. I don’t think it’s anything that will come back to bite us, but he’s seasoned in a way that makes me wonder about his story and his past. Things that I’m certain we will never really know but I want to! I WANT TO!


Ekun: I am on the same bandwagon because I needs to know too! That look Jung Chang Gi gave him; and the way he (Hee Man) looked at Chang Gi’s criminal profile? There is def some history there… I need to be revealed.


Unnichan: I am intrigued by Jung Chang Gi (Son Chang Min) and what spooked him enough to high tail and run. Once he saw Hee Man, he was done. He didn’t trust the process any longer and we already know what he thinks about the System. And did you get the sense that Kang Soo knows something; either consciously or subconsciously about Chang Gi, that we don’t? Of course they have a past that we aren’t privy to but that beat when they went over what he shared with Dong Chi gave me pause.


Ekun: Kang Soo might know something a little more, and to protect ahjussi, he is sitting on it because he feels indebted to him for helping out with Halmoni when she was in the hospital. Chang Gi is a thought provoking character within himself. It is always the back stories that we get so little from.


Unnichan: If the history between those two men is relevant to the problems of the present, I hope we get something that at least satiates the narrative query. However, with that brings me to the title of this drama. Was I the only one surprised we saw the book? I mean usually, Kdramas make poor references to novels, with no tangible correlation but seeing the book amidst Dong Chi’s things, gave me a twinge of hope.


Ekun: You know, I was stunned to see the book as well, but I have zero hopes. Is that wrong of me to think? You know I can’t even watch Gatsby (or attempt to read it) because of all the poor comparisons that have been used in a Kdrama. I have no hope.

Unnichan: I’m not cool with you passing up on an excellent story because of the mindlessness of fools, but I do understand that my hope is more likely than not, fruitless. For more often than not, dramas (Kdramas especially) begin with a reference but flounder on the delivery and it ends in a washed up mess of inconsistency. Kdrama is so bad, I’ve started to take shells of stories and compare it to life. Like right now, what we are doing is just like… Parfumerie by Miklos Laszlo. Though we know each other’s identities and don’t fall in love, nor did we meet in a store, we’re corresponding, so the we can use the reference 😉 That’s Kdrama Classic Comparion Law.

Ekun: Oh good grief! They are not all that bad; I thought The Princess’s Man was pretty good. And that was loosely based on Romeo and Juliet.

Unnichan: But what I find hilarious is that barring that one drama, there are no more proper examples. It’s the only one I could think of too. Look it’s just how it is. And it saddens to me. But it also feels like we are getting into some different “classic” territory with Yeol Moo misrepresenting herself and moving in the boarding house. For we all know (including Yeol Moo) what Dong Chi will think of this “move” and I’m certain it’s not what she thinks she wants. She’s decided on revenge and she needs her prey close to get what she wants. Why, oh why, is it so hard to like this girl?

Ekun: Because she refuses to do anything that seems outwardly logical. I knew as soon as he mentioned his boarding house with plenty of rooms, she would jump at the chance to be there. What is seemingly smart on most people’s account, is ridiculous and reckless to us outsiders looking in.

Unnichan: Overall, I look forward to more of our men (as usual), clearing up the mysteries at hand, learning more about how prosecutors do their jobs and our crime of the week. These first two episodes didn’t throw us into the action or setup us up, quite like I would have expected but I liked it. A great way to see Choi Jin Hyuk off. I definitely think I’ll be able to hold onto Chang Min and Dong Chi for two years!

Ekun: I agree. I am looking forward to really seeing the prosecutors at work more, because they seem so different than what we have going on over here (western law); I just find interesting within itself. I am glad Jin Hyuk is able to do one more project to wipe away the horror of Daniel from Fated to Love You… I want him to leave me on a high note; this will definitely get the job done! *wink*


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