Actor/ Actress of the Month

April is filled with endings and beginning! Don’t forget to check out other artist of the month here!

Kang Ji Hwan:

Kang JI Hwan

Because: Kang Ji Hwan will forever have a special place in my drama heart- Lie to Me was the first Korean drama I watched and he played the leading man. Besides my general fondness due to memories, Ji Hwan has an impressive resume that includes working with the Hong Sisters (Hong Gil Dong) and staring in the actually decent film My Girlfriend is an agent (that was made into the awful drama Level 7 Civil Servant).

Also Seen in: Lie to Me, Incarnation of Money, Summer Scent, Coffee House, Capital Scandal, Hong Gil Dong, My Girlfriend is an Agent (film), Runway Cop (film)


Park Ha Sun:

Park Ha Sun

Because: This is only my second or third time seeing her, but I totally have a girl crush on her current character in 3 Days! I think that she is pretty and I was taken with her character in 2 Weeks. I hope that I get to see more from her in the future and that her character and Micky end up together in 3 Days—I find them visually stunning together… Did I mention how much I love her in 3 Days?

Also Seen in: Capitol Scandal, Powerful Opponets, That Fool, Dong Yi, High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged, and Two Weeks

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