Running Man Headlines: Gary is Pissed

Yoo Jae Suk makes his mind up regarding the agency question, Gary is not a fan of April Fools, and Ji Hyo has a concert. Time for some Running Man headlines. Cheers!

RM Ep 191

Ratings episode 191

1. MBC Real Man13.3
2. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 12.2
3. SBS Running Man 10.4

Next week on Running Man…

The cast and guests kick off a two part travel special. Guest starring are Kim Dong Jung, Kim Jung Nan, Kim Min Jong, Lee Sang Hwa, Lim Ju Hwan, Oh Man Seok, and Ryu Seung Soo. The preview makes it look like the teams are in for a rough time traipsing around Korea, which usually spells funny. You can check out the preview and official BTS pics below:

Ep 192 BTS

Now on to the headlines!

Song Ji Hyo wraps up her drama with a concert!

Ji Hyo’s drama Emergency Couple, is coming to an end today and yes- I am about a bazillion episodes behind in the show. I liked what I saw in the first few episodes and have every intention of catching up on what I missed. While the drama has its final curtain call (and I lament my lack of past commitment to this show) the cast will be taking part in a concert on April 9th and 10th. Here is the Naver announcement of the event. Credit:

Emergency Couple

[Emergency Man and Woman] Concert
Production Company: tvN
Scheduled Broadcast date: April
Scheduled Filming date: April 9th and 10th
Location: Ilsan, CJ Recording Studios

Hello everybody, we are tvN’s broadcasting department’s production team.

tvN is known for their famous Fri-Sat Dramas, and they have been holding drama-themed concerts for their hit dramas.

Firstly with the team of actors from <Reply 1994>, and the concert <Reply by Singing>(?)

And secondly with the cast of <Emergency Man and Woman>, with the concert <Sing, Emergency Man and Woman>

The main casts Song Ji-Hyo, Choi Jin-Hyuk, Lee Pil-Mo, Choi Yeo-Jin and Clara, as well as various famous singers will be performing songs related to love in this LOVE Concert.

Couples who got a divorce but got back together like the main characters of this drama, as well as couples, dating or married who nearly broke up once before but got back together again will be invited as guests and take part in the recording.

Gary is Pissed

April Fools Day came and went a few days ago , but one person was not laughing when everything was said and done. Kang Gary spoke up on April 2nd, and he left his peaceful moniker behind:

“I do not pull pranks on April Fool’s Day by selling other people. I want to curse, but since it’s the morning, I’ll hold it in.”

So what was Gary so  upset about? Apparently a Running Man fan-page photo shopped a screenshot of Gary’s twitter account to appear that the rapper had tweeted “I love you Song Ji Hyo”.

Gary photoshopped twitter

Because the world works this way marriage rumors began picking up steam on the 1st, causing a bunch of Monday Couple shippers to probably 1) Cheer a lot 2) Curse April Fool’s Day. I get why Gary was upset (note to self- do not photo shop Gary’s twitter in the future).

Lee Kwang Soo at Broken Film Premiere

Running Man’s maknae attended the Broken film premiere this past week. Yep, not much to say, so here are some pics (is it just me or are Kwang Soo’s pants too short?!):

Kwang Soo Film Preimier 2 Kwang Soo Film Preimier 1

Yoo Jae Suk: I know everyone wants me but I don’t want them

Or something like that. On the last episode of Infinity Challenge Yoo Jae Suk addressed the rumors around being scouted by different entertainment agencies. He said on the show that he has decided to go it alone (as he has been) for now. Sorry YG, sorry SM, sorry everyone else- this Grasshopper is flying solo.

Yoo Jae Suk

 2014: The Year Running Man is sold

Well, kind of sort of:

SBS held a luncheon meeting on April 4 at a hotel in Yeouido. The meeting was attended by Jang Kwang Ho, the director of SBS production department, Ha Seung Bo, the head of SBS variety department, Baek Jung Ryul, the chief producer of SBS variety department, Mok Jun Gyu, the manager of the SBS PR department and more.

As the competition for higher viewership ratings is getting fiercer, it has brought out higher quality content in variety shows, which also feature hallyu stars, leading to new hallyu wave of variety shows. SBS’s Running Man has especially been gathering a lot of popularity across countries in Asia.

It has been reported that many countries overseas have been sending their love calls to purchase the program formats. SBS has also expressed positivity in supporting the exports its program formats.

But when would the overseas edition of Running Man come out?

The head of SBS variety department Ha Seung Bo stated, “We don’t intend on selling Running Man for short term. We are looking for agents that can support the format of Running Man long term. We cannot say definitively for now, but we’ll have a detailed outcome by the end of this year. That is our goal.”

Credit: CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee Na Rae Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Random SNS Updates

On March 31st Kwang Soo posted the following picture to his Line account with the words: Fun. Australia. ♡

Australia Running Man

Kim Jong Kook in Japan (and bonus pic with Tiny):

Kim Jong Kook JapanJong Kook and Tiny

Ji Suk Jin shows off his handsome son:

Cute kids~ Pretty kids~
This two look alike~ It’s a waste that Tak Soo wasn’t here~

P/S: Ji Suk Jin’s son is the boy on the right.

– @ilovegamdong Twitter

Ji Suk Jins Kid

Haha took to twitter:

Everyone have a good dream!!!

-@Quanninomarley Twitter

Haha twitter


Parting Thoughts

Just a friendly reminder that I want to be Song Ji Hyo when I grow up (except I am already grown up….aish! Maybe next life).

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2 thoughts on “Running Man Headlines: Gary is Pissed

    • The ratings for the show do fluctuate quite a bit. This may give you some comfort (it does for me)- 1N2D, a direct competitor of Running Man had floundering ratings for months, they recently changed their cast and saw a pickup in ratings… and they were not cancelled prior to the pickup in viewership. Sunday night can be a b**ch for variety shows, there is stiff competition among shows (with all of the cute kids of DWAWG and SIB as well as 1N2D). Honestly I do not foresee Running Man being cancelled anytime soon, considering it is still a relatively popular show that comes in at #1 ratings wise now and then (last time was only 1 episode ago!). 🙂 P.S.- When/ if RM is ever cancelled you will find me in the hole I dug in my backyard. I will be mumbling Seumdwa over and over while clutching a picture of a tiger and a giraffe.

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