The Distractors’ Cut Special Edition: Emergency Couple (BTS)

Unnichan and I are at it again! What are your thoughts on Emergency Couple?


The first “ex-marrieds get a redo” drama is ending tomorrow, so the Distractors’ are back (ExtraKun and I) with a look Beyond the Scenes at TvN‘s Emergency Couple.

[tvN] 응급남녀.E01.140124.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-10-15]Premise Emergency Kit: Song Ji-hyo stars as the paranoid, witless Oh Jin-hee and Choi Jin-hyuk as the spoiled, never satisfied Oh Chang-min, a couple that married young and divorced quickly, then wind up working together as medical interns, where their passion as doctors becomes a spring board for a mutual understanding that leads to rekindling their romance.

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