Super Fun Drama Chat Time (Melo Edition): Inspiring Generation Episodes 23- 24 (Final)

YAY! Lore unni and I have wrapped up another edition of Super Fun Drama Chat Time! Thanks for taking this journey along with us in this Melo edition… Until next time stay classy drama watchers! Peace.

Lore: So, should we delve into the train wreck that is Inspiring Generation- finale week (that is what I am affectionately calling it). ‏

Ekun: I love it! So I have to get this out there in the opening since I have wait until this very moment to say it: I officially hated Inspiring Generation. There, I said it!‏

Lore: *Shock* Wait for it….I hated it too! Yay!‏

Ekun: *High Five*‏

Lore: *High five down low / secret we hate Inspiring generation super awesome handshake*‏ Let’s get balloons and Soju and try to forget this mess!‏

Ekun: I am not sure Soju would do the job, but it is a start. Are we going to call Master? Because he can erase the last few months of our lives. Nothing else matters when he is around, ne?‏

Lore: Yes! Let’s call master! I am completely and one hundred percent behind this plan!‏


Ekun: Before we call (Master) lets finish our chat. Age of Feeling train wreck #1: Ok Ryeon dies! But we saw that coming, especially with the BTS drama with her conflicting schedule with Doctor Stranger. I can see the big wigs who run Korean entertainment saying, “Ok Ryeon is dead to me! Make it happen!”‏


Lore: Yeah- pretty sure the moment she had to go shoot her other drama for a different network they were like “Well, seems like she drank poison. Muhahahahahaha” And that is how television happens kids.‏ Age of Feeling train wreck #2: Chun Ah.‏ Also known as – really, she shows up now? Gaya helped her this whole time? Hmmmm *judging show hard*‏


Ekun: Ugh! Do not get me started (but please do)!‏

Lore: Start!‏

Ekun: I screamed so hard at the end of the show like WTH just happened here! It would have made so much more sense for So So to be his long lost sister. This writer is either an idiot, lazy, or was intoxicated while trying to fix the mess of the first writer who decided that Chung Ah didn’t kill herself in the first place. If she had really died, that would have been the end of it and we wouldn’t have been subjected to the idiocy of that moment! Ugh! This is a soapbox I cannot get off of no matter what! This gets added to my new saying as of this week, “Fire and Brimstone.” *Said in a calm voice to pump fear into the hearts of those who hear it.‏*

Lore: I admit, you scared me. I was pretty pissed about this as well, because Chun Ah’s character never really made sense after the early episodes (in the beginning she was Jung Tae’s motivation and the reason he joined a gang ). But then, after her suicide that was not a suicide her name was brought up now and then but served no real purpose. And Gaya saved her? ‏

Ekun: Gaya couldn’t have saved her… What was she going to do? Raise her to kill Jung Tae and daddy? It was just nonsensical.

Lore: The entire Chun Ah saga was one of many plot points that showed how glaringly flawed Inspiring Generation’s story was. Whether that was all due to the writer change or not I am not sure, but I do know this show had a lot of plot points that made zero sense.‏

Ekun: Age of Feeling train wreck #3: Fight with the Japanese was pathetic! It was like, why did we even include them in this battle if the greater fight was against Chinese Daddy and his shenanigans?!‏


Lore: It was pathetic. Even the last fight when they tried to take the neighborhood. It literally took 2 people to defeat them. But I do have to give the Japanese kudos for one fight, and that is the one where they suddenly had a master ninja and guns. Now, if they had done that in the beginning they may have won the thing (note- I did scream when Il Hwa was shot. Repeat, screaming ensued. )‏

Ekun: I screamed too Lore Unni… Because if he would have died… Let’s just be thankful he didn’t.

Lore: Age of Feeling train-wreck #4: Did you inspire me, did I inspire you? ‏


Ekun: Um, do you really want me to answer that question Age of Feeling? Because that may require some cussing and some plastic knifes being thrown.‏

Lore: Haha. Yeah….I was trying to figure out how in the heck that is even a question that Gaya should ask Jung Tae. By “inspire”, do you mean murder? And by “you” did you mean everyone? Then yes, I think that is a valid question. ‏Okay—so can I say that there are three things about this show I did not hate. Sexy ninja, Il hwa, and Jae Hwa. And that was it.‏

Ekun: I know! And Sexy Ninja died for nothing! NOTHING!!! Am I the only one who felt that way? And though I was happy to see Soo (Aoki) and Jaw Hwa again, I was like why are they here again? Didn’t we wrap this up with their stories? This should have ended with a dead Gaya, Jung Tae, and Aoki… And all of them had the nerve to be living at the end of the show.‏


Lore: They should have died; it would have made more sense. I think sexy ninja died for no reason as well. At least Il Hwa survived. And then of course after the Chinese are taken down everyone is like “Bye- peace out. We are going elsewhere.” Call me shallow, but if I just risked my life to save a place that just became a SAFE ZONE amidst impending war I would not be leaving any time soon. I would be hanging out at the Shanghai Club and riding out the war. Okay—I think that makes me a coward or something. But come on, war- club – war. Club wins every time.‏

Ekun: You are not a coward, it is our natural instinct to survive. Jae Hwa and doctor girl were just going on a honeymoon, ne? Mo Il Hwa was always going to go back home—that is where his family is.‏


Lore: Oh—guess I missed that. I was thinking they were leaving for good. Hahaha—ignore my previous comments that indicates at the end of the show I was too zoned out to really pay attention (curse you show- you lost me back at the…well, awhile ago). ‏


Ekun: What did you think of the whole, “Jung Tae?! You Aboji hid you because Chinese daddy would have killed you! Be a good father to us like he was to you!” Speech? ‏

Lore: I just couldn’t. So he was actually a good Father for never seeing his kids?! I kept thinking “Well, maybe he should have not been a gangster and then he wouldn’t have to worry about leaving his kids and wife behind.”‏

Ekun: Right!? I was just like look, perhaps daddy had his reasons but he was still a bad father. A good man and person for protecting the people to neglect his own family, but I do not think that warrants forgiveness if Jung Tae didn’t want to give it.‏

Lore: Agreed.‏

Ekun: Then Chinese Daddy was still showing his a** at the end, like he didn’t do anything wrong! Though, I have to say, I respect those characters more than the ones who try to give a sob story of why we should forgive them. Chinese Daddy did it and he had no regrets—kudos for keeping it real at being a total and utter bastard til the end.‏


Lore: Haha—he was an utter bastard until the end! So, should we do final thoughts?‏

Ekun: Even though I started with mine, I will finish with the same thing: Age of Feeling aka Inspiring Generation? I hated you. I gave you time after time to get something together, to make me buy into what you were selling but alas I couldn’t—you sucked! Sorry, but it’s my true feelings.‏

Lore: Inspiring Generation: You inspired me to make a huge effort to forget about you; because you sucked. You could have been a good drama, but you sucked. Love Lore.‏ Wow- so that was a long and painful few months! How did we get through it?!‏

Ekun: On the I Love Master Yacht for Soju and fruit with Master! It was long, but we worked hard! Hahaha!‏


3 thoughts on “Super Fun Drama Chat Time (Melo Edition): Inspiring Generation Episodes 23- 24 (Final)

  1. A Viki commenter summed this show up early on: Stupid girls, hot guys, and good fights. Don’t expect too much else. (that’s a paraphrase can’t remember the exact wording) (I’ll argue the fights, tho, not THAT great).

    Takeaway=Mo Il Hwa. And thank you drama gods for Mo. I do not know if the character was written chockful of creepy quirky, or that was Song Jae-rim’s input, but it was wonderful.

    I know a lot of people were onboard for the So and Mo Connection, but I think SoSo did not stand a chance to play choo choo with Mo Il Hwa. I’m thinking Mo’s engine chugged along on a completely different set of tracks.

    • LOL! I agree, just because she liked him does not mean they needed to be together. Il Hwa was a grown man and So So, though adorable (at times) was too young to roll on that track. Whoever summed up this show earlir on is quite wise. I was just hoping that it would come to more than what it did. Call me an optimist…

      • Optimist! No, seriously I had high hopes for this show, so it was a huge letdown considering what the story delivered. Il Hwa was a high point, I will admit. I actually thought it would be cute if Mo and So hooked up, but then again I watch We Got Married every week so you can judge for yourself how bubbly annoyingly cute flower panda rainbow I am in the romance department 🙂

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