Actor and Actress of the Month: June

Can you believe we are already halfway through the year (and closer to Ekun’s birthday!)?? This month we have 2 actors that I personally am fond of as people and would love to see more of them in general. Be sure to check out all the AOM by clicking this link! Peace!

Lee Joon:

Lee Joon

Because: If you had asked me two years ago whether this kid could give an amazing and believable performance as a twisted maniac I probably would have laughed in your face. I loved Lee Joon on variety shows but never knew he had it in him – acting that is. In Gap Dong he is slaying it, playing the psychotic killer Ryu Tae Oh. While we have not yet seen how this character ends up one thing is for certain, it has been exciting to experience Tae Oh through Lee Joon’s acting. I am not sure if Lee Joon just found the perfect role for him or if he will keep up the good work, but I will be watching that is for sure.

Also Seen In: Iris 2, An Actor is an Actor (film)


Lee Shi Young:

Lee Shi Young

Because: Every character that I have seen her play, I end up hating them. Her as a person and an actress is wonderful! She is not only an actress, she does boxing and has won a title or 2. Oh wait, I did like her character in Hong Gil Dong Descendants (movie with Lee Beom Soo)! Even if I hate her characters for whatever reason I thoroughly enjoy her acting. She is doing such a great job in Golden Cross, standing on her own with all the phenomenal actors in that show!  Kudos Lee Shi Young!

Also seen in: Eros Five Senses (Movie), Descendants of Hong Gil Dong (Movie), Boys Over Flowers, The Birth of the Rich, Mischievous Kiss, Poseidon, Wild Romance, and Golden Cross

3 thoughts on “Actor and Actress of the Month: June

    • I still have not seen the show, but I hear he is pretty amazing. I am glad that he is doing well being that acting is what he originally wanted to do. I am hoping to hunker down and marathon his show soon!

  1. Shiyoung is wonderful! I really love how she makes the effort to choose different roles. I actually really loved her character in BotR and I liked her depiction of “the other girl” in MK, I just hated the show. So glad she was chosen as AoM… Excellent choice!!

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