Running Man Headlines: Asian Dream Cup Edition

The cast jets off to Indonesia, a Bro concert is in the works, Running Man China makes people angry (and Lore tries to find the logic behind it), Kim Jong Kook caught a virus, and there be SNS updates galore. Get ready for a long, picture filled dose of Running Man headlines. Cheers!

RM Ep 198

Ratings episode 198
1. MBC Real Man 12.9
2. SBS Running Man 12.1 (ep 97 ratings: 10.7)
3. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 10.4

Next week on Running Man….

Okay, I feel 99.99% sure I know what is going to air next week which is a relief amidst all of the episode reshuffling. Ladies and gents it is Park Ji Sung time!!!!!!!!!! I love when he appears and according to the previews he will be joined by fellow soccer greats Seol Ki Hyeon and Cha Bum Kun. Oh, and it looks like there will be an idol football match up featuring appearances by Doojoon, Yoseob, Gikwang, Baro, Lee Minhyuk, Leo, Kim Dongun and Changmin. I sense epic-ness ahead.

Now on to the headlines!

Lore is upset, which should surprise no one

How do I miss this stuff? Or why do I feel like I need three months advanced notice? It looks like HaHa and Kim Jong Kook are going to be stateside- sunny California to be exact- on July 12th. The duo will be performing at their hilariously titled “Kim Jong Kook & Haha Running Man Bros’ Concert”, which is quite possibly the greatest name in the history of Running Man events. The event is set to be held at 8PM PST on the 12th at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, California. I wish I could go but alas I already have a very nerdy, long planned engagement that weekend (renaissance faire anyone) so I can’t go.

The bro concert

Anyone going to the event? I want to live vicariously through you.

Kim Jong Kook contracted virus while traveling

Kim Jong Kook Fever Green 5

Recent articles have revealed that Kim Jong Kook had to visit a hospital after returning from Indonesia as he contracted a virus while traveling. Apparently Mr. Capable required an IV shot and some other treatment before being discharged. Well that sucks. As someone who has experienced getting ill after traveling first hand I sympathize with Jong Kook. Here is hoping he stays healthy!

Random SNS Updates plus links to the cast’s SNS

With HaHa recently having to clarify which sites he actually has accounts on (like always there are people who like to impersonate and pretend to be celebrities on SNS) I thought now was a good a time as ever to list the cast’s real, confirmed, actually them social media sites. If there are any I missed please let me know and I will update the list (and I know I missed Weibo and Line, so let me know if you have their IDs)!

Ji Suk Jin

Twitter: @ilovegamdong

Yoo Jae Suk

Does not have a confirmed SNS account.

Kim Jong Kook

Instagram: @kjk76

Kang Gary

Twitter: @kanggary58

Instagram: @gaegun


Twitter: @Quanninomarley

Song Ji Hyo

Has accounts that are managed by her agency- does not have a personal account.

Lee Kwang Soo

Twitter: @masijacoke85

Lee Kwang Soo’s Twitter Update + Ji Suk Jin Replied His Tweet

credit: runnersrun facebook page

kwang soo ji suk jin twitter convo

– @masijacoke95 & @ilovegamdong Twitter

Kim Jong Kook’s Instagram Update

Kim Jong Kook shoes

Lol spiderman is on ma shoes~ who’s next? Hahaha! Coming soooooon~

– @kjk76 Instagram

Kim Jong Kook’s Instagram Update

Kim Jong Kook off to Indonesia
Lol We r off to Indonesia~!! C u all there!! #runningman #Indonesia

– @kjk76 Instgram

Girls Day’s Minah Twitter Update

Minah twitter update

내 옆에 분 은 누구게요~ 힌트는 ‘사람냄새’를 좋아하신다네요 ~!! 좀이따 런닝맨 보면 알지롱~~~

Guess who’s standing beside me~ The one that you will like with hint ‘Your Scent’ ~!! If you watch Running Man, you shall find out who it is~~~

– Credit @Girls_Day_Minah Twitter

Lee Kwang Soo’s Twitter Update

Lee Kwang Soo Twitter Indonesia
We love Indonesia♥

– @masijtacoke85 Twitter

Gary’s Instagram update

Gary Indonesia update

Goodbye Indonesia

-@gaegun Instagram

Haha’s Twitter Update

HaHa Twitter
thank u!!! Indonesia!!!
I luv Indonesia!!
see u soon!!

– @Quanninomarley Twitter

Ji Suk Jin’s Twitter Update

Ji Suk Jin

I love Indonesia~

– @ilovegamdong Twitter

Kim Jong Kook’s Instagram update


Thank u everyone for ur concern! I’m feeling a lot better. I’m taking off to Malaysia now! can’t wait to c u guys! N mark ur calendars, July 12th HaHa n I will be performing at Fantasy Spring Resort n Casino in California. Hope to c u all there!

-@kjk76 Instagram

Running Man – China Edition

On May 29th SBS confirmed that Running Man has been licensed for production in China. The Chinese version of Running Man will tentatively begin airing in the 4th quarter of 2014 and will be broadcast by Zhejiang Satellite TV. PD Jo and other Running Man staff are set to participate in the Chinese version, with a cast of Chinese celebrities taking the helm.

I have read a lot of negative comments about this occurrence, here are a choice few for your digestion:


“Why China why?? You can do it your own self… please be more confident than just used another countries show, you should push your citizen be more creative than just make another version.. please you big country with big number of people, so the idea should be more than (a)little country.. ckckckck:

“Really, not interesting anyway.. running man just in korea and same members.. i dont like this always copy korean show,”

“Please cancel the other version .!!!if you do (the) Chinese version you think running man Korea will survive???#love running man Korea!!!”

These types of comments make me shake my head, partially because they lack logic and partially because they are so anti-China it is just uncomfortable and sad. Personally I am excited to see what the Chinese version will do differently, what will stay the same, and how much fun it will be. I do not see the point in hating the show before it even premieres. That said everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you want to hate it good for you, don’t watch it. I respect that, but I don’t necessarily understand it based off the reasons that have been floating around the net.

Regarding recent rumors that the Chinese version will spell the demise of the Korean version of Running Man- folks this is BS plain and simple. It is true that PD Jo will participate in the Chinese version but that does not infer that the Korean version is set for cancellation. Think about it, why would they license a Chinese version (with an untested cast and ratings) and immediately, pre-debut of the show, decide to cancel the Korean version? I mean….it makes no sense (and it really makes no sense when you look at the ratings of Running Man – it is far from floundering at the bottom of Sunday night programming). These are rumors without any basis in fact.

As far as loving Running Man so much that you cannot possibly live with a cast (there will never be another Yoo Jae Suk, etc) that is not the Korean cast- then don’t watch the Chinese version. There, I fixed your problem. I highly doubt they are trying to copy the variety characters from Running Man (I doubt we will see the MC of the Chinese version being referred to as Grasshopper anytime soon).

Sorry for the ramble. If you want to watch, watch it. If you hate it already stay away. I guess my point is I was just so confused at the reaction people are having to the news. Running Man fighting!

Song Ji Hyo at Yesse Fan signing event

On May 30th Song Ji Hyo attended a fan signing event for the brand Yesse (she is a long time spokes model for them). You can check out pics from the event below:

Ji Hyo Yesse fansigning

Now for the moment you have been scrolling for…

Indonesia Pics! Lots of pics. More pics. A pic over there, a pic over here. So many pics. Get ready for a massive Running Man Asian Dream Cup 2014 picture dump. Enjoy!

(Side note- Ji Hyo did not play in the Dream Cup but acted as a water person / moral support. Awesome as always).

5/31 Cast leaving for Indonesia

5.31 Airport Running Man 1 5.31 Airport Running Man 2 5.31 Airport Running Man 3 5.31 Airport Running Man 4 5.31 Airport Running Man 5 5.31 Airport Running Man 6 5.31 Airport Running Man 7 5.31 Airport Running Man 8 5.31 Airport Running Man 9 5.31 Airport Running Man 10 5.31 Airport Running Man 11

6/1 Asian Dream Cup Press Conference

6.1 Running Man ADC Press Conf 1 6.1 Running Man ADC Press Conf 2 6.1 Running Man ADC Press Conf 3 6.1 Running Man ADC Press Conf 4 6.1 Running Man ADC Press Conf 5 6.1 Running Man ADC Press Conf 6 6.1 Running Man ADC Press Conf 7

6/2 Asian Dream Cup

Here is the full match for your viewing pleasure:

6.2 Running Man ADC 1 6.2 Running Man ADC 2 6.2 Running Man ADC 3 6.2 Running Man ADC 4 6.2 Running Man ADC 5 6.2 Running Man ADC 6 6.2 Running Man ADC 7 6.2 Running Man ADC 8 6.2 Running Man ADC 9 6.2 Running Man ADC 10 6.2 Running Man ADC 11 6.2 Running Man ADC 12 6.2 Running Man ADC 13 6.2 Running Man ADC 14 6.2 Running Man ADC 15 6.2 Running Man ADC 16 6.2 Running Man ADC 17 6.2 Running Man ADC 18 6.2 Running Man ADC 19 6.2 Running Man ADC 20 6.2 Running Man ADC 21 6.2 Running Man ADC 22 6.2 Running Man ADC 23 6.2 Running Man ADC 24 6.2 Running Man ADC 25 6.2 Running Man ADC 26 6.2 Running Man ADC 27 6.2 Running Man ADC 28 6.2 Running Man ADC 29 6.2 Running Man ADC 30 6.2 Running Man ADC 31 6.2 Running Man ADC 32 6.2 Running Man ADC 33 6.2 Running Man ADC 34 6.2 Running Man ADC 35 6.2 Running Man ADC 36 6.2 Running Man ADC 37 6.2 Running Man ADC 38 6.2 Running Man ADC 39 6.2 Running Man ADC 40 6.2 Running Man ADC 41 Dream Cup 1 Dream Cup 2 Dream Cup 3

6/3 Filming Taman Safari, Indonesia

6.3 Filmng 1 6.3 Filmng 2 6.3 Filmng 3 6.3 Filmng 4 6.3 Filmng 5

6/4 Return to Korea (Incheon Airport)

6.4 Airport 1 6.4 Airport 2 6.4 Airport 3 6.4 Airport 4 6.4 Airport 5 6.4 Airport 6 6.4 Airport 7 6.4 Airport 8 6.4 Airport 9

Note: Thank you for reading Running Man Headlines! My school just started back up (boo) and my work decided it was high time to dump a ton of hours on my plate aka it is budgeting season. I am going to do my best to still post Running Man headlines every week but there may be some weeks I just do not have time. I thought I would try to be proactive and let everyone know why they may see a lack of posts. I apologize in advance for any missed weeks and thank you for your continued readership. -Lore

Parting Thoughts


2 thoughts on “Running Man Headlines: Asian Dream Cup Edition

  1. I didn’t get all the negative comments against Running Man China either. The way i see it, it’s just more of a good thing. And if it fails, then it fails and we move on with our lives as we continue to watch the Korean version.

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