Super Fun Drama Chat Time: You’re All Surrounded Ep 7- 8

Welcome to this week’s chat time! Where it is revealed why I am over Dae Gu, Tae Il and Ji Gook bromance pending, Lore and I have our I Love Master Jet pilot on standby to make a visit to the head writer of YAS, and the constant struggle to like female lead characters! Are you all ready? Let’s do this!

ExtraKun: So this week solidified Dae Gu and I are on the precipice of a break up… FOREVER!‏


Lore: Say it ain’t so! Shock, horror! You mean, you mean….you are almost over? Like over, over? What happened? *Pulls out some popcorn and listens intently* ‏

ExtraKun: I can’t deal with characters (and people in real life for that matter) who can’t separate business and personal #1, he used high ranking cops to get into the Gangnam PD to spy on Pan Seok aka Papa Cop #2, and him gazing at Soo Sun dancing while he is supposed to be peeing—didn’t like it #3. But mostly #1 is my main concern… personal is spilling all over the place, Ugh!

Lore: *Nods head while munching on popcorn* Yeah, I could see that. My bigger concern was what game Ms. High Ranking cop is playing and how much of Dae Gu’s chain she is pulling (because I feel like she is playing cop against cop with her super shady agenda). Oh, and I was a little weirded out by the outhouse scene too. Not sure if it was Dae Gu watching or Soo Sun dancing and singing like a dying pigeon.


ExtraKun: Kang Suk Soon sucks at this point. I can’t trust her… but I never did so I guess we are stuck in square one. She is totally pulling Dae Gu’s chain and I am mad he didn’t figure it out—see how personal is ruining his judgment?


Lore: But overall—you have a point. I can understand how a break up is imminent. But can I just make one thing clear? You can’t have Tae Il because I call dibs. Noona cuddle dibs I just..aialkjdkjajd love him.‏


ExtraKun: Soo Sun! Girl this was never going to work out as an idol! But I do love the younger version of her. She was a mob boss!

26LOL! I like her as an adult to, especially when she told Dae Gu she not for that relationship because she wants to be a diligent cop.‏ Wait…Wait…‏Wait…Wait…

Lore: Uh oh. You are going to go for Tae Il, aren’t you! Noooooooo!‏*Pushes Tae Il in my pocket for safe keeping*

ExtraKun: I needz to have Tae Il in my pocket! He is the other half of a bromance! You can’t have one without the other… Although Ji Gook is being a mess right now.‏ I’ve concluded Tae Il is not gay—there is no way Ji Gook would be that upset over the fact that he was gay #1 and like I said last week, he (Tae il) got a thang for Sa Kyung! Do people not see the way he looks when Papa Cop and she are together?!‏


Lore: Yes, yes, yes—no way is he gay. There was too much setup about him probably being gay for it to be true. He likes Sa Kyung, which is obvious. But why was Ji Gook so upset? Does he like Tae Il?! So confused…..but love their bromance to pieces. ‏


ExtraKun: He probably told him about the scandalous affair he had with Sa Kyung, and Ji Gook might not like that… Ji Gook likes Soo Sun remember?! He is too cute—she should date him, he would be good to her.

15Show? I do not like these “stars” Papa Cop—auni—Pan Seok is getting in his eyes with Soo Sun (angry)‏.

Lore: True—Ji Gook likes Soo Sun, but I thought maybe he realized he kind of liked Tae Il too or something. I don’t know, I think I am trying to make one of them gay (the one that is not Tae Il, LOL). I do not like those “stars” at all either. Nope, not having any of it. Nope, not even a little bit. Show, you better not go there or we are flying to Seoul on the I Love Master jet and smacking someone.‏


ExtraKun: The pilot is on standby awaiting our arrival 24/7!‏

Lore: Someone who has the title of head writer for You’re All Surrounded. I seriously groaned at their ending scene in episode 8. I really hope the whole misunderstanding between Sa Kyung, Papa Cop, and Soo Sun is resolved quickly. I am not a fan of Soo Sun getting in between these two patching up their relationship. Not that I think she would do that on purpose, but she could unintentionally.‏ And can we talk about Dae Gu being jealous while watching everything unfold on his SPY CAMERA?! ‏


ExtraKun: Yeah, and that is a mess because Papa Cop and Sa Kyung need to be together or, they have made it clear that they want to be together. Let’s talk about many things with Dae Gu!‏ Before that, I am glad that Papa Cop went and got Soo Sun off the rooftop… It shows why he is a PAPA Cop. He cares about his little pups in training. And that is where it needs to be left at show (Jet is getting fueled right now writer).‏


Lore: Yes, I like that he is taking care of “his kids”. They need to stay his kids (sending final destination to pilot).‏

ExtraKun: On to the many things of Dae Gu… First things first—his actions in the witnessing room! This is the 2nd or 3rd time he has messed up an investigation because of his personal feelings! What Dae Gu does not understand is criminals are criminals because they are criminals (redundant much Ekun?). Retaliation murders or crimes may seem like retaliation, but (and I hate to say this) they were probably going to be killed anyway. Look at how Black McBoots is trying to hunt you down and you have nothing to do with what your mom witnessed!‏


Lore: Black Mcboots? Love it, henceforth that is scary guy’s name. I am not sure that I agree on the retaliation part, but I do agree that Dae Gu is F*ing up investigations with his personal baggage (hate calling his Mom dying personal baggage, but not sure what else to call it). This boy needs to simmer down and think before his inner anger bursts forth while he is on duty. But I do agree a criminal is a criminal is a criminal—just not on the peeps dying any way. I think the police do have a duty to protect witnesses, but retaliations do happen. ‏


ExtraKun: Oh I want them to be protected and I definitely agree about retaliations. But I was just thinking on the other side of the spectrum. How many people have kept their mouth shut and end up dead anyway? Because they always have the power to eventually come forth and say, “He did it!”‏ So, they must be eliminated to cover all tracks. That is how a criminal thinks (Good Lord Golden Cross!).

Lore:Yes—I do agree with that! Okay, I agree with what you said I just didn’t understand what you meant. ‏

ExtraKun: Glad that I could clarify… In the words of Mary Ellen Pleasant, “I’d rather be a corpse than a coward.” Especially if it sends bad people to jail.‏


ExtraKun: Anyway, Dae Gu and his jealousy….‏

Lore: Dae Gu and his jealousy. Well I think he needs to walk into a door.‏ I mean that. Like, a metal door….I mean he up and kisses the girl, then dismisses it (I understand why he dismissed it, but come on). He generally is kind of stand offish with her, but likes her, but gets jealous when watching her on his secret spy cam when all she is doing is getting out of the rain? Wait a minute….nah, I take my words about walking into a door back. Seems like Dae Gu is just a Kdrama hero. Okay, continue on.‏


ExtraKun: LOL! Well, even if he is hero-esk I don’t like him. Soo Sun should have just asked to come to your place because it was raining, but you are at fault for not just texting her back and saying, “My bad girl! You want to come over to get out of the rain? And… this is not a booty call.” So when she takes up the kindness of Papa Cop, I was not mad at her. Heck, if I could stay at Papa Cop’s crib I would be over there too! Dae Gu, I can’t live my life because of you… and not in the way that I have been experiencing with Daniel Choi over in Big Man– I am loving THAT man too much! *Blows a kiss and a wink*‏

Lore: Oh, I think Soo Sun has no fault here at all. If I was in a tent in the rain I would say yes to Papa Cop too. Dae Gu should have texted her back and not ended up jealous because she found a place that was protected from the elements. I just meant that as I went on describing his actions I realized it was standard Kdrama falling in love fare, so I had to chalk part of it up to that.‏But yeah, Dae Gu, you need to…..I don’t know… something. Something that is not getting angry at work. Yeah, that’s it. ‏

ExtraKun: I get that he is angry because he believes Papa Cop to be the culprit, but he needs to be more constructive and less destructive. Ekun over and out on Dae Gu!


Lore: So, what did you think about Soo Sun’s attempts to prove the falling theory? This girl has a tendency to go all out (like way back when she had to disprove her assumed part in the criminal escapes the station fiasco).‏

ExtraKun: Personally, I love her tenacity, but professionally? I feel it is wasted on pointless things. Squad Leader already said it in the meeting and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to prove the theory true. Simply think about any time that you have fallen or been pushed—logical. I would like to see her be more vigilant in the important things in life. I don’t know if show is trying to dumb her down or if they were like, “we got 2-4 minutes to waste… Soo Sun should do this…”, or if they are trying to give a reason for her and Papa Cop to be cheek to cheek, so he can look at her with the “stars” in his eyes, and give us all a horrid pause!‏

Lore: Ha! “We have 2 minutes to fill, have Soo Sun waste some time investigating!” Love it. I feel the same way, it is overkill. I like this character too, but they are kind of dumbing her down with some of these stunts, completely agree. And it better not have just been a reason to see Papa Cop and her cheek to cheek! *Confirms jet is on standby*‏


ExtraKun: Well, it is rare, but I actually like her as a character. It is a shame but I have just become accustomed to not liking female lead characters because they always do something stupid to make them seem dumbed- down, insecure, etc. or it could just be as Unnichan always tell me, “Ekun, your life could never be a romantic comedy because you live in the real world.” LOL‏.

Lore: Hey, I am right there with you on the female leads often being low on my list of favorite characters in a drama. I was actually just thinking about this after watching Witch’s Romance—how much the lead disappoints me. I tried to think of how many lead female characters I liked in dramas this year and came up with 2—Soo Sun and Song Yi from YFAS (You From Another Star). That is it, and that is sad.‏

ExtraKun: That’s about right…‏

Lore: I love a well written heroine that is more than 1- Her life revolves completely around a man or men or having a man or getting married 2- She actually thinks and does not end up being written as weak or stupid or weak and stupid.‏

ExtraKun: Oh wait! I loved Bo Won from 3 Days!‏

Lore: Not watching 3 Days has gotten me again!‏

ExtraKun: What pisses me off the most is how I can like them until the last 2-4 episodes! That makes me flaming mad because show did it on purpose. Like with Wild Romance and Protect the Boss.

Lore: I know! I haven’t thought about Protect the Boss in awhile, but that certainly had a late to the game stupid thrown in.‏ So let’s cross our fingers and toes and hope Soo Sun keeps up the good work until the end! So, any other thoughts before we do our final thoughts?‏

ExtraKun: I think that is it, you go first.‏

Lore: Dae Gu- Calm down. I assume it will help that Papa Cop just figured out who you are. Why don’t you two discuss things, hug, and catch the bad guy together. Tae Il- Get back in my pocket! Soo Sun- You go girl, as long as that going does not involve wasting copious amounts of time on proving theories that do not need to be proven. Papa Cop- Get back together with Sa Kyung, your kids are your kids.‏ Show- You better not make me slap you *cough if papa cop and Soo Sun have a love line I swear cough*‏


ExtraKun: Show: We are not playing; the pilot is on standby if you try to play us. Dae Gu: *crickets chirping* this is the sound of our pending relationship. Soo Sun: Like you a lot, but let’s put that tenacity of yours towards actual work. Tae Il- ah and Ji Gook- ah: Noona does not like conflicts in bromances, get that together! Papa Cop: Those “stars” better have been because you see how hard Soo Sun is working and nothing more. Glad you finally got the hint that DG is Ji Yong! Don’t fall back! Sa Kyung: Seriously, what are you doing to have these adorable boo’s at your door, job, and just strung out? Do you give lessons? Black McBoots: What are you really up to?‏



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