Coming Soon to Drama Land: June is for rom-coms and Lee Joon Ki

I made the mistake of looking at a calendar today. Guess what folks – it is June. Yep, no joke. Welcome to the wonderful world of June in drama land. Enjoy.

High School King of Savvy

Witch’s Romance ends, sparing me from continuously banging my head on a desk and gives us …King of High School Life (AKA High School King of Savvy)

tvN * Romantic Comedy * Monday / Tuesday* Premiering: June 16th * Starring: Seo In Guk, Lee Ha Na, Lee So Hyuk, Lee Yul Eum

Plot: Lee Min Seok (Seo In Guk) is a High School student. One day his life takes an extraordinary turn as he assumes the role of company director in his older brother’s stead. While playing grownup he meets Jung Soo Young (Lee Ha Na) and things get interesting.

Thoughts: Seo In Guk is usually a good thing but in all honesty I am rather meeeh about this drama. There is nothing that really pulls me in, other than the fact its premiere means Witch’s Romance is over.

Trot Lovers

Big Man bids farewell and gives us …Trot Lovers (AKA Lovers of Music)

KBS2 * Musical * Monday / Tuesday* Premiering: June 23rd * Starring: Ji Hyun Woo, Jung Eun Ji, Shin Sung Rok, Lee Se Young

Plot: Choi Choon Hee (Jung En Ji) is her family’s rock, she also happens to be obsessed with trot music and a promising singer to boot. When she meets Joon Hyun, a talented musician who hates trot music, sparks begin to fly. What will happen as Choon Hee embarks on a singing career with Joon Hyun as her support?

Thoughts: Ji Hyun Woo makes his comeback post-army duty and I could not be more excited. I am curious to see how Eun Ji does in this drama, but I have a gut feeling she will be her usual amazing self. While I am not sure if I will be tuning in (there is a little something called real life that keeps killing my drama schedule) I will definitely be reading the reviews for this show.

Note: There is an ongoing KBS strike that may or may not affect the premiere date of this show (and Joseon Gunman). You can read about the strike here.

joseon gunman

Golden Cross finishes up its expose on the top .001% and gives us…The Joseon Shooter (aka Joseon Gunman)

KBS2 * Historical, suspense * Wednesday / Thursday* Premiering: June 25th * Starring: Lee Joon Ki, Han Joo Wan, Name Sang Mi, Jun Hye Bin

Plot: This story is set in the changing times of 19th century Joseon. Park Yoon Kang (Lee Joon Ki) is the bastard son of a master swordsman. When Yoon Kang’s father and sister are murdered he swaps his sword for pistols and starts down a path of revenge.

Thoughts: Lee Joon Ki. Lee Joon Ki Oppa!!!!!!!!!!! Look, Lee Joon Ki:

lee joon ki 1 Lee joon ki 2 lee joon ki 3

I am sure the plot will be great as well (though the writer, Ki Seung Tae is a relative newbie, the director is from Princess’ Man one of my all-time favs). Did you see Lee Joon Ki? No? Here you go:

lee joon ki 4

Marriage not dating

Gap Dong better have an amazing finale and give us…Marriage Not Dating

tvN * Romantic Comedy * Friday/ Saturday* Premiering: June 27th * Starring: Yun Woo Jin, Han Groo, Jung Jin Woon, Han Sun Hwa

Plot: A comedy that centers on a man who is resolute to never get married and a woman who has zero chance of ever getting married, though she wants to. Enter the “I need my parents to think I am getting married but I am not so I should introduce this woman as my fiancée even though she is not my fiancée-what is the likelihood hijinks and romance will ensue?”

Thoughts: The plot is a standard rom com trope, so nothing amazing and innovative upon first inspection. I am interested in the cast- Woo Jin has always caught my eye as a talented but under-cast actor (amazing in Arang and the Magistrate, though I confess I have never seen him in When a Man Loves). And Sun Hwa is really pulling down the roles this year, good for her, I was surprised how non-awful she was in God’s Gift 14 Days. I have never seen Han Groo or Jin Woon in anything so I cannot really say how I feel about their casting. We will see how real life goes and if I have time I will probably check this one out.

So what will you be watching (or not watching)? Let us know in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Coming Soon to Drama Land: June is for rom-coms and Lee Joon Ki

  1. I’m probably going to give most of these a try, except Joseon Gunman to see what sticks. I rarely like Lee Jun Ki vehicles no matter how much I like the thought of looking at him and I rarely like anything sageuky. The No Marriage, meh, that Woo Jin guy just looked constipated through most of AATM and annoyed me, but I do feel the need to give him benefit of the doubt and I do really like Jin woon. I don’t know any of the female cast in these dramas except Trot Lovers or the secondary cast and directing and producing teams. I need to do some homework lol.

    • Haha- I guess Woo Jin did look a little constipated during AATM (never really thought about that before). I am a diehard LJK junkie so I am tied to this show like it or not (however much that is a good thing is questionable). Trot Lovers looks interesting, and I think it is probably going to kill in the ratings.

      • I really would love to see LJK do a romantic comedy or even just a character where he is smiley and snarky or even go further and be goofy. He can be such an entertainer and bloody charming on variety/reality shows/interviews but he’s so rawr intense in dramas. Not that intense is bad, but I’d love to see him stretch his comfort zone.

      • Yes, yes, yes! I agree- it would be nice to see him in a different type of role. The man could probably (note probably) give a fine performance in a rom-com. That said I am hopelessly watching him no matter what he is in- because he is truly talented in my opinion.

      • Yes! I actually like to watch him do interviews or sing, because I like to see the different aspects of his abilities. I also like his physicality and energy in film. I just never love his dramas, sigh.

      • The man has energy. I have generally liked the dramas I have seen him in (I fully admit I have never seen all of his shows, only his later ones). I think it would be interesting to see him in a role similar to So Ji Sub’s in Masters Sun. I think LJK could really pull it off.

      • Yes, indeed. alkdajalkdjalkjdflkad adkfjlkjd is what I wanted to type. I love historical dramas – especially if they have are set in a time of cultural/ major social change. Love the poster- about to update the post. Thank you for the link!!!!

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