Running Man Headlines: Gary, Tiger fan meets, and SNS Galore

Gary is having the best week ever, everyone is on SNS, and everyone is talking about your scent. Yes, your scent. I said it. Time for some Running Man headlines. Cheers!

RM Ep 197

Ratings Episode 197

1. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 13.6
2. MBC Real Man 13.2
3. SBS Running Man 10.7

Next week on Running Man…

It has been fun trying to make heads or tails of which episode is actually going to air next (after the idol challenge was supposedly pushed out to June 22nd). It appears that episode 198 will be the kickoff of the annual Asian Dream Cup special. Park Ji Sung will be guest starring. My confusion lies in the idol episode, which I had heard was the beginning of the Dream Cup special (with the winning idol attending the Dream Cup with the RM cast). Judging by some social media updates, the idol guests appear to have been filming recently (so the original filming date for this episode of May 13th appears to be incorrect).

Regardless, the cast just filmed an episode yesterday so there are no previews to be had. If you find out what next week is actually about let me know in the comments. Thanks! Oh, and enjoy some BTS pics from an episode that may or may not air next.

BTS Some episode Running Man 1

BTS Some episode Running Man 4BTS Some episode Running Man 2BTS Some episode Running Man 5

Now on to the headlines!

Those crazy kids and their SNS

There were a bunch of updates on the cast members respective social media sites, here they be:

First off- Kim Jong Kook created an Instagram account in the last week! Holla! You can find Mr Capable here:

[Kim Jong Kook Instagram update]

광수가 생일선물로 준 반비지 ㅋ This is the shorts Kwang Soo gave me for ma birthday! Cool~ haha!
-@kjk76 Instagram

So Lee Kwang Soo buys his hyung clothes. Why do I find this so funny?!

KJK Instagram

[Lee Kwang Soo’s Twitter & LINE Update]

Min Su. In Cheol

*It’s behind the scenes of movie “Confession”.

-@masijacoke85 Twitter & Lee Kwang Soo official LINE

Lee Kwang Soo Vine

[Gary’s Twitter & Weibo Update]


Tasty lunch

– @kanggary58 Twitter

Kang Gary Twitter

[2AM’s Chang Min Twitter Update]

박지성, 설기현 선수와 영광의 촬영^^♡ 와우 우리 아이돌팀 고생 많았다!!!!!

Proud that I did filming with player Park Ji Sung & Seol Ki Hyun^^♡ Waa oohh… We struggled a lot as the idol team!!!!!

Note: Chang Min was filming yesterday along with several other guests.

– Credit @2AMCHANGMIN’s Twitter

Chang Min Twitter

[Funny Conversation between Gary, Lee Kwang Soo & Haha] CREDIT TO

Gary, Lee Kwang Soo and Haha had their interesting conversation on Twitter recently. Gary first posted a tweet promoting his new song and followed by Lee Kwang Soo and Haha’s tweet.

Do anticipate Gary and Jung In’s new song, ‘Your Scent’ which is to be released on 27th of May!

funny conversation gary lee kwang soo kim jong kook

Kang Gary is busting out the solo fan meet!

Good Gary

LeeSsang’s Gary will be holding his solo fan meeting in Hong Kong.

An affiliate of LeeSsang’s company spoke with Newsen on May 29 and said, “Gary will be carrying out his solo fan meeting in Hong Kong on June 8.”

As SBS’s Running Man is greatly popular in great China region, Gary also has numerous fans in those countries. He has proven his popularity by being surrounded by fans each time he visited.

Meanwhile, Gary released a duet with Jung In on May 27, which has charted at number one on various music sites.

Credit: Newsen

Some more info on the event:

[Info – World Cup Opening Ceremony in Hong Kong]

Date: 8 June 2014, Sunday
Time: 1PM (Local Time)
Venue: Metro City Plaza
Attendee: Gary

*Gary shall be heading to Metro City Plaza, Hong Kong as the opening guest for the event.
*Meet & Greet & signature sessions will be held at the venue and it is limited to only 100 pieces signature sheet. Fans are able to redeem it on 31st of May 2014. Details of it to be released soon.


Duet with Jung In you say?

Jung In Kang Gary 1

Kang Gary and Jung In released their new duet, “Your Scent” on May 27th. And they killed it. Two hours after the single was released it placed in the top spot on five real time charts (Cyworld, Bugs, Genie, Olleh, and MelOn); shortly following this achievement they toped Mnet, Soribada, Daum, Naver, and Kakao for an all kill. Jung In and Gary fighting!

Jung In composed the song along with Duble Sidekick and Gary wrote the lyrics. I have always loved how these two complement each other vocally (if you have never heard “Girl Who Can’t Break Up, Boy Who Won’t Leave” drop anything and everything you are doing and listen to it now!) and I am happy to report that “Your Scent” does not disappoint. Oh, and there was a promotional photo shoot with these two looking amazing. Check out “Your Scent” and a whole slew of pictures below.

Jung In Kang Gary 6 Jung In Kang Gary 5 Jung In Kang Gary 4 Jung In Kang Gary 3 Jung In Kang Gary 2

Kim Jong Kook attends charity event held by fans

Fun fact of the day- Kim Jong Kook’s fan club is called Papitus.

Recently, Kim Jong Kook visited the charity event that was held by his fans after being moved by his fan’s philanthropic works! According to the singer’s agency, Kim Jong Kook had visited his fan club’s charity event, “Good Day.”

KJK Event 1

The event, which had taken place on May 24, aimed to raise money in order to help those who were in difficult situations. Besides online donations, the fans also held events in which they sold items and auctioned off Kim Jong Kook’s personal goods.

As the singer’s fans had held the charity event every year, Kim Jong Kook decided to visit the event in person. Thus, the May 24 event had become a time when fans were able to talk with the singer as well as purchase his personal items. All the money raised during the event was donated to children who needed funds for medical surgery, and also to people who were experiencing rough times.

A representative of Kim Jong Kook’s agency said, “Originally, Kim Jong Kook’s fans had planned the event to occur last month following his birthday, but due to tragic events that had occurred to the nation (Sewol ferry accident) the event was postponed. We are glad that we were able to help and participate in a meaningful event.”

Source: Naver

Kim Jong Kook Fan Meet in Malaysia

The tiger will be in Malaysia for a June fan meet! If you go I want pics- lots and lots of pics (so I can live vicariously through you).

Kim Jong Kook Fan Meet Malaysia

Known by many as Sparta from popular Korean Variety TV Show “Running Man”, Kim Jong Kook will be back in Malaysia again this June! It has been exactly one year since the star last visited Malaysia for a showcase.

The Kim Jong Kook 2014 Showcase Live will be held at Encorp Strand Mall, Kota Damansara on the 7th of June (Saturday). Be prepared to get up close and personal with Kim Jong Kook!

More details regarding the live showcase will be revealed soon.

Malaysian fans, be sure to tune in to 8TV Nite Live this Saturday at 11:45pm to win VIP passes to catch Sparta Kook live in action!

Your weekly Ji Hyo update

Because what is a week without Ji Hyo updates? First off Mong Ji is set to have a fan signing for Yesse:

Song Ji Hyo Yesse 1Yesse fan signing for JiHyo

Date: 30th May

Time: 3PM

Location: South Korea’s Gunsan

Signing based on a first come first serve basis, priority to customers purchasing at least 150,000Won of Yesse’s products.

There are no official news of this event, but for those going/in Korea you might be interested, it is not near Seoul!! Don’t know how reliable this is… but the fan asked the staff and got this news… there were fan signing events for the previous 2 years as well, so this is probably true… those who want can try your luck on this

According to sjhbaidubar, this might be the address:

전북 군산시 수송로 86군산시 나운동 97-3

Cr: SJH Baidu Bar, DCSJH

BTS photo-shoot for NBA Korea:

Ji Hyo is a model for NBA Korea and here is the video to prove it:

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