Super Fun Drama Chat Time: You’re All Surrounded Ep 5-6

Bored? Why not spend a few minutes indulging in some Super Fun Drama Chat Time?! Bam Pow. Imagine super hero drama bubbles here. Yep, E-Kun and I are back and picking apart episodes 5 and 6 of You’re All Surrounded. Cheers!


E-kun: So my initial question is this: Is kissing someone the only way to make them be quiet!! I was pretty OMG about that moment.


Lore: Ha. Yeah, he could have always put a hand over her mouth or something but no.

E-kun: Well, let’s start from the beginning and work our way up, ne?

Lore: Beginning it is. So we start out with Dae Gu mulling over the evidence of the mystery man who killed his mom (well, most likely killed his mom). Then we get a good ole chicken and beer party with the 4 rookies. Oh- and then Soo Sun kisses Dae Gu’s bare chest. Which was awesome.

E-kun: I love how she was not fazed by it… “You taste like strawberries! I gotta pee!” LOL


Lore: Haha! I know- makes me love this character even more! She was like “Oops, you taste nice. Now back to priorities- where is the bathroom?!”

E-kun: She also had a revealing moment of how her life now has purpose. I am glad for you Soon Sun, because the young hoodlum version of yourself was… how can I put this delicately… delirious and a mess-to think that you could be a singer when you can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

Lore: Yeah- she had an epiphany at the beer party and figured out she picked the right profession (how many times did she flunk her police exam though- kudos to her for not giving up)! So what else happened in episode 5 besides Lee Seung Gi half naked?

E-kun: Don’t remind me (I am not the Seung Gi enthusiast either… bian Lore unni!). We find out what happened to Sa Kyung and Papa cop. I was in tears this episode!

Your All Surrounded Ep 5 and 6 3

Lore: That was sad! I never expected there to be this sad of a back story between these two characters.

E-kun: And then the baby got hit in a hit and run by some rich inconsiderate jerk! How can you be so cruel to hit a baby and roll like that? And then that prosecutor Han (I am tearing up right now just thinking about it)! How dare you have a job on the planet where you are supposed to protect and serve! He is an a**hole!

Lore: I wanted to punch Prosecutor Han in the face – that freaking waste of space. During the episodes he basically jerked around Papa Cop and the rookies, which ended up in the bad guy almost getting away – and Papa Cop going to jail.

Your All Surrounded Ep 5 and 6 6

E-kun: Let’s talk about this going to jail bit… so because he refused to take an assignment from a prosecutor because he was DOING HIS JOB, he has to go to jail?! What kind of sense does that make? It seems like the prosecutors and police have a constant power struggle… shouldn’t they work together to get low life scum off the street? Rather than this, “I am your boss do what I say BS”?

Lore: That is exactly what I was wondering. How in the heck can these people ever get anything done! I mean, he was sent to jail because he refused an assignment- but it was not like he refused it so he could do something non work related. Aish! Again, if my tax dollars…..

E-kun: That is the name of this game… If my tax dollars!

Lore: That should be the secondary title of this show!

E-kun: Right! Anyway, they finally get enough evidence to arrest that bastard!

Your All Surrounded Ep 5 and 6 1

Lore: Yes- and it was hilarious when they did. More love for Soo Sun rushing in at the airport “Oppa, Oppa” Hahahahaha. Our baddie could not escape a clinging Soo Sun stopping his getaway.

E-kun: Look, I would have done the same thing. Probably snaked my body around him so he couldn’t move at all.

Lore: It was effective.

E-kun: And we find out some more interesting bits about our side characters… Shall I list the things I saw?

Lore: Yes, please do!

E-kun: 1. Ji Gook is starting to crush on Soon Sun along with Ji Yong/ Dae Gu. 2. Tae Il might have had a one night stand with Sa Kyung that got him strung out like a 50 cent crack ho- and has run into her again at the job. I think he had an older brother that died due to some unfortunate circumstances. 3. Sa Kyung still loves Papa Cop/ Pan Seok but is living her life any kind of way. 4. Papa Cop really is a simple man who only wants to make the world a brighter place. Did I miss anything else you might have noticed?

Your All Surrounded Ep 5 and 6 8

Lore: I think that about covers it. LOL at #2, love the description. And Ji Gook crushing on Soon Sun – should be interesting as the show goes on. I feel like we are going to have a hilarious love quadrangle going on with the rookies.

E-kun: Oh, I love it! Now I am on board for the shenanigans and foolery that comes along with the crime and backstory of the show. I just feel like they are forcing this thing with Soon Sun and Dae Gu… It has all potential of progressing naturally but it feels so forced to me– but maybe it is just me.

Lore: What?! The kiss at the end of episode 6 did not make you feel like their relationship is progressing naturally?! I am shocked… kidding. Still standing by the fact that their relationship seems more noona – dongsaeng and less first love, but hey, things will probably change now that Soon Sun realizes who Dae Gu really is.

E-kun: So in episode 6 Papa Cop was really about to lose his job!! When that Prosecutor Han hit him first! And is it me or does the head of the department Kang Suk Soon seem a bit shady?

Your All Surrounded Ep 5 and 6 9

Lore: Oh yeah- the punching! I almost forgot! That was stupid. Kang Suk Soon does seem shady, I am wondering what is going on behind the scenes.

E-kun: It’s not just her… that other guy that wants the rookie cops gone is shady too. What is going on in the Gangnam PD? Then the dude with the black boots found Ji Yong!

Lore: Yes! Definitely a conspiracy of some sorts, all of which probably ties back to Ji Young’s Mom’s murder. I have zero guesses right now as to what is going on or who the ultimate mastermind is behind it, but I am intrigued. I love that about this show, it can blend humor and mystery into an addicting hour of television. And I have to say- the moment that Dae Gu chased who he thought was the black boot guy (and then we saw that the “real” black boot guy was watching him) sent chills up my spine.

Your All Surrounded Ep 5 and 6 7

E-kun: I knew he was there, but I was curious as to why he did not have a mark on his face any longer. I am curious as to why he is back, why is he calling Papa cop, and what his end game is. It can’t be simply to kill Ji Yong. Interesting, interesting. I also want more clarity as to why prosecutor Han has beef with Pan Seok… perhaps he is related to this who Ji Yong’s mom murder, etc.

Lore: Yeah, why Pan Seok and Prosecutor Han have bad blood needs to be revealed sooner rather than later. So much to be curious about (I guess this show is doing its job- I want more)!

E-Kun: Final thoughts?

Lore: Show: Still like you, maybe love you. Soon Sun: I love you Dae Gu: Can you take a shower in episode 7 too? Pan Seok: You deserve to have a happy ending because you are a nice guy that much is evident. Prosecutor Han: I would like to punch you with a folding chair.

E-kun: Show: I am very optimistic with your overall outcome… slow and steady win the race! Rookie cops: You have worked hard and I am glad you are making me feel like you are working for your tax dollars. Papa cop: You do deserve a happy ending and peace of mind in general. Prosecutor Han: If I said what I wanted to do to you- homeland security would be trying to pinpoint my location and arrest me. Sa Kyung: When I grow up, can I have young bucks lined up outside my door like you?! Kekekekeke.


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