ExtraKun’s Monthly Jukebox

I studied music in college, but by no means am I an expert! Certain things I feel we need to call a spade a spade… Either it sucks, it was really good, or it is addictive. This post is to give credit where it is due. One artist, duo, or group will be highlighted for a job well done! If you have an artist you want me to listen to please let me know— I love listening to new music!

This month I want to look at the adorable duo Akdong Musician aka AKMU


Of course we all know these two exploded on the scene of K POP Star! The first time I heard them is when they sang a song for the All About My Romance OST.

From that moment I knew this duo was a talented one. Then, what made me love them even more? They were signed to YG Entertainment! Do not get me wrong, I love a variety of artist from many different labels- but I seem to love more of what YG is doing with his artist in general. Anyway, when I heard these two were going to be dropping an album I knew I had to get it! The first song released from AKMU Play was 200%:

How adorable is this song! They look like they are having fun, it appropriate for their age, etc. Instant win. Then they dropped Melted:

Mind blown by the tightness of their harmonies and clarity and resonance in their tone, It made me ask, “How old are they again?”! Did I mention Lee Chan Hyuk composes, plays guitar, and is the backup vocals? He is kind of amazing. Not to take his younger sister Lee Soo Hyun lightly… in Ekun’s language– she is a beast! Killing vocals and redefining the sound of falsetto (or for women it is more of a head voice). So I bought the album and it is currently playing non stop in my car, at the house, and while I am at the job! Here is a sample provided with each song:

Recently they released the song Give Love:

All and all you have got to give this album a listen and keep your eye on this duo! AKMU has a fan in ExtraKun aka Ekun aka Eboni! Peace!


Please note this album is available on itunes for LEGAL download. Please support the artist by purchasing their music.


5 thoughts on “ExtraKun’s Monthly Jukebox

    • I have heard of them! I have yet to check it out but thanks to your recommendation I will take a listen. Thanks!

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