Running Man Headlines: PD Myuk says farewell

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Time for some Running Man Headlines! Cheers!

RM Ep 182

Ratings Episode 182

1. SBS Running Man 15.5

2. MBC Real Man 14.9

3. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 13.8

Yay!!!! 1st place b****es!

Next week on Running Man…

The cast and guests take part in a fateful partner race to find the person they were meant to be with. Guests for the episode are Jo Min Su, Moon So Ri, and Uhm Jung Hwa who are all costars in the upcoming film Venus Talk. Check out the preview below:

Now on to the headlines!

Myuk PD says goodbye

Myuk PD says goodbye

One of Running Man’s core PDs, Kim Joo Hyung (better known to fans as Myuk PD or the guy that Ji Hyo nearly throttled for airing her weight on the Idol Olympics episode) has officially ended his run with the show. PD Myuk’s new gig will be as the PD for SBS’s Music Program Inkigayo. Episode 182 was his swan song. Tears. I hate goodbyes.

Myuk PD

Best of luck with all of your future endeavors Kim Joo Hyung!

Upcoming Guests: Winter Olympics Special

Olympic Special Guests

I always look forward to Running Man Olympic specials because they are usually highly entertaining. This year’s Olympics challenge will take place two episodes from now (ep 184) and will feature guests Son Ho Jun, B1A4’s Baro, Seo In Guk, Kang Yea Won and Park Seo Joon. The lineup is a nice switch from the usual idol only guests that have appeared on the Olympic Specials in the past. The cast and guests were spotted filming for the special on January 27th.  Some BTS pics:

BTS Ep 184

Running Man’s Ace: Entertainment Weekly Interview + Yesse Spring Collection + New Year’s Message

Previews for Yesse’s Spring Collection are out, and Running Man’s Ace is (still is) the spokes model for the brand. Check out the pics below. How does this woman look amazing in everything?! Sigh, such is the power of Song Ji Hyo:

Ji Hyo Yesse Spring 2 Ji Hyo Yesse Spring

While not modeling, Ji Hyo has been busy promoting her new drama Emergency Couple. Recently Miss Mong sat down with Entertainment Weekly for an interview. You can check out the Q&A session below (Ji Hyo’s portion starts at 15:40):

Last but not least -on January 31st Ji Hyo took to her Line account and offered the following New Year’s greeting to fans:

“Happy New Year! You know that Lunar New Year is today, right? Did you get to eat the delicious rice-cake soup? I had just one bowl hehe. Also, don’t forget about 8:40pm tonight. Third episode of ‘Emergency Couple!’ Watch it live! Stay tuned! See you later~ Muah!”

Here is hoping that Ji Hyo and the rest of the Running Man cast had an amazing New Years!

War of Words discusses the Monday Couple

War of Words Monday Couple

JTBC’s January 30th broadcast of War of Words touched on Running Man’s OTP, Monday Couple! War of Words is a show that discusses topics in a matter of fact manner. So how did the Monday Couple topic fair amidst so much honest opinions? Here are some comments from the show’s MCs:

MC Kang Yong Suk: “Running Man’ Song Ji Hyo and Gary have not progressed for five years. They are the representative example of on-screen couples on variety shows.”

Heo Ji Woong: “They are like Mulder and Scully from ‘The X-Files.’ Their relationship was promising for nine years, but in the end, nothing happened.”

Kim Gu Ra: “Gary and Song Ji Hyo have been developing their love line for five years. If there has been no decisive moment filled with sparks, the two are no different from religious people.”

Lore’s imaginary commentary: “I don’t know what you are all smoking but it is REAL. Trust me. REAL. Lalalalalalala”

And there you have it folks. I drown out all differing opinions. I can yell really, really loud. *Resumes delusional shipping*

LeeSsang Asian Showcase Ends

LeeSsang Asia Showcase

LeeSsang (comprised of Gil and Gary) wrapped up their 1st Asian Showcase recently and by all accounts it was an overwhelming success. The showcase, which witnessed the hip hop duo making several stops around Asia, was sold out at almost every venue. CJ E&M, the tours promoter, commented:

“We were nearly shocked to see how popular Leessang is as the fans sang with them, even despite this being Leessang’s first time visiting the countries. This opportunity made us seriously consider future overseas promotions for Leessang. Also, we are already receiving love calls from local promotes planning for large-scale concerts.”

Now come to America LeeSsang. Preferably as close to me as possible. No, I am not selfish. Nope not one bit.

Kim Jong Kook Taiwan Fan Meet

Kim Jong Kook Taiwan Fan Meet

Running Man’s Commander recently jetted off to Taiwan for a fan meeting. The charity concert / fan meeting was held on the 25th and was dubbed “The Power of Love”. Why so sappy Kim Jong Kook? Henceforth is a dump of pics from Jong Kook’s arrival and the event. Enjoy!

kjk fan meeting taiwan 1 kjk fan meeting taiwan 2 kjk fan meeting taiwan 3 kjk fan meeting taiwan 4  kjk fan meeting taiwan 6 kjk fan meeting taiwan 7 kjk fan meeting taiwan 8 kjk fan meeting taiwan 9 kjk fan meeting taiwan 10 kjk fan meeting taiwan 11

 Parting Thoughts – Because Kwang Soo loves Irene

Kwang Soo says Thank you irene

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  1. Thanks for sharing these news! My favorite picture is the one where Kim Jong Kook, smiling brightly, with all the Taiwanese fans as his background.

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