Roommates: 11 celebrities that make me feel lazy

Roommates Poster 12This is the true story… of seven strangers eleven celebrities… picked cast to live in a house…work together complete their grueling schedules and have their lives taped… to find out what happens… when people stop being are polite… and start getting real cute…The Real World Roommates.

So Roommate’s premise is pretty simple: 11 celebrities live in a house together. Wait…why am I trying to describe something that the Real World narrative could do a much better job at? Reference the opening quote.

I would also like to refer to this show as Roommates: 11 Celebrities make me realize why I do not want to be a celebrity. Which is not really a slam. No really. I appreciate what they do but my golly-gosh fence-jumping-macaroon do they have some wacky schedules and p-poor living conditions (for those just starting out). Not that I have never realized the preceding truths before but this show just shoved it in my face. Living with 6 other people in a cramped space and/or only sleeping 3 hours a night makes my skin crawl and my lazy sloth-self cringe. Yep, I am never going to be that motivated. Thanks for confirming that show.

Now on to the details and some good old Stone Cities Ramblings. Cheers!

Meet the cast

roommate poster

Room 1

Roommates 1

Lee So Ra * Model * Age: 44

Lee So Ra 1 Lee So Ra 2

Soo Ra is that fab unnie that has a cute purse, cute dog, and glamorous life style – but is still nice and kind of down to earth. Love her so far.

Park Bom * Singer (2NE1) * Age: 30

Bom 1 Bom 2 Bom 3 Bom 4

Oh Park Bom…um…you. Bom is heading up the cute and keeping it real brigade so far in this series and I applaud her for it. Plus she was the last roommate to show up. Fashionably late anyone?

Song Ga Yeon * Martial Artist * Age: 19

Song Ga Yeon 1 Song Ga Yeon 2

The maknae of the roommates (at the tender age of 19) Ga Yeon is a martial artist. She is rather quiet but comes off as having a fun side (if you take the time to coax it out of her). And I think she could probably win in a fight against all 10 of the other roommates.

Room 2

Roommates 2

Lee Dong Wook * Actor * Age: 32

Dong Wook 1 Dong Wook 2 Dong Wook 3 Dong Wook 4

Dong Wook comes off as the consummate MC, trying to make everyone feel at home and comfortable. I appreciate that about him because it makes this show that much more watchable.

Jo Se Ho * Comedian * Age: 31

Se Ho 3

The comedian of the bunch, Se Ho keeps the roommate’s conversation lively and funny. Think dumb, silly, loveable older brother and you have Se Ho down to a tee.

Room 3

Roommates 3

Hong Soo Hyun * Actress * Age: 33

Soo Hyun 1

Soo Hyun relates well to everyone thus far, as of episode 2 she has a mini love line with her two acting hoobaes on the show. Whether she is grocery shopping with the flower boys or kicking it with the gals she comes off as a cool character (with a funny way of not being able to mask her emotions).

Nana * Singer (After School, Orange Caramel) * Age: 22


Nana is, well…Nana. Love her or hate her she has some spunk. I personally love her dynamic with her roommate Soo Hyun.

Room 4


Shin Sung Woo * Singer / Actor * Age: 45

Shin Sung Woo 1 Shin Sung Woo 2

This rocker turned ahjumma cooking mum is the eldest of the roommates. This guy is seriously amazing – he cooks, he is cool, and he gives his dongsaeng’s precious advice (while making sure they eat and sleep). I may or may not have the beginnings of a crush on him.

Park Chan Yeol * Singer (Exo) * Age: 21

Chan Yeol

Exo’s Happy Virus is one of the younger roommates. He is all naivety and politeness, at least thus far. Oh, and overworked – seriously the amount of time he has to sleep second hand worries me.


Room 5


Roommates 5

Park Min Woo * Actor * Age: 26

Park Minwoo 1 Park Minwoo 2

You may remember Min Woo from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. Yep here be that noona killer. He shares a room with rookie actor Kang Yoon and thus far we have a promising bromance sprouting between the two.

Seo Kang Yoon * Actor (5Prise) * Age: 20

Kang Joon 1 Kang Joon 2 Kang Joon 3 Kang Joon 4

I am not sure if this kid makes me want to hug him or pity him or what. I was a bit shocked by his living conditions, and admire his ambitious side. And when he got a cell phone (for the first time in months) and wanted to have a mental breakdown for not telling his company’s chairman before hand…well I felt bad for him. Puppy let noona cuddle you.

Lore’s Comments

Roommate was a daunting show for me to pick up for a couple of reasons. The length (almost 2 hours an episode!) turned me off immediately. I can watch a drama for that long but a variety usually tops out at 1 ½ hours at a time for me. Don’t ask me for logic behind that, but hence is my attention span. Secondly the cast of characters had me on the fence. I was aware of most of the cast in one way or another prior to watching the show (dramas, music shows, variety appearances) and I was not all that excited for them to be honest. I felt like the cast list was just okay and not anything amazing. I was wrong. I like the dynamic going on in this show between the roommates.

There really is a funny cast dynamic going on, even though the depth of this shows editing is apparent (which is 99% understandable given the fact they can’t show every freaking moment and have to create some sort of narrative). Heavy editing or not, I am entertained (which is the point). Watch it, at least the first episode. If you hate it then send me nasty comments. If you love it let me know. Cheers!

E-Kun’s Comments

I agree with Lore.. the fact that each episode is almost 2 hours is a bit WTF, but, it seems like all things that I do these days are to see more of Seo Kang Joon! He is adorable, so I decided to checkout the show. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the first episode. I have always loved Lee Dong Wook (in every capacity I can get him) and I am totally crushing on Hong Soo Hyun (not in the Seo Kang Joon kind of way)! She is a mob boss (that is a compliment for those who were curious) and I think a lot of things about our personalities are similar. The people that will be most interesting to watch are Park Bom- just because if you have ever seen an episode of 2NE1 TV (the tears), Lee Dong Wook and his roommate Jo Se Ho- because they are already hilarious!  Give it a try… If you love it watch more, if not… at least you got to see Seo Kang Joon (that is always a benefit from Ekun’s perspective).


23 thoughts on “Roommates: 11 celebrities that make me feel lazy

  1. Everyone is talking about this show! (and I love it!) Glad you gals are watching it too, episode 3 really upped the fun and hilarity for me 😀

    *attempts (…and fails) to lip-sync Love is An Open Door*

    • We try to dabble our hands in a little bit of everything… but I might be in and out because 2 hours is a long time for me…

      • I hear you…2 hours is pushing it even for a Kvariety o.o I try to justify this by watching the show as 30-minutes ‘blocks’ whenever I can. Makes me feel better ahem more like justifying how my time is supposedly better spent :p

  2. I love this show so much!!! I noticed the Real World similarity too- but mid-90s real world, where it wasn’t all about everybody getting drunk and sleeping with each other. I don’t know how they managed to find so many people with different sides to their personalities. Everybody I thought I’d dislike, I love.

    The only thing I’m a little iffy about is the focus on romance. Of course, I have a few people I wanna ship, but I know it’ll come to nothing like all variety show romances. My favorite girl is Ga Yeon, she’s so sweet and bad ass at the same time. I pretty much just want to see a hot guy crushing on her. And I want to marry Lee Dong Wook now.

    • Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait! I rarely mention Lee Dong Wook, but he is on my list. I almost dropped a glass of water on my laptop when I saw him in La Dolce Vita! That was the first thing I ever seen him in. Love him!

      • La Dolce Vita, Scent of a Woman, Wild Romance, Mandate of Heaven, and My Girl are the things I have seen him in. I was not a fan of My Girl but everyone else in the world was. You should check them out. I also saw his movie The Perfect Couple, which is available on netflix if you want to check it out.

      • Thanks! I forgot he was in My girl. I tried to watch it a long time ago but I just wasn’t into it, although I did think he was super cute.

      • Yes! Road Rules was good back in the day. Sigh, how I date myself with these comments. But seriously Real World md-90s was hella entertaining.

      • Yeah, I think I’m not that old and then I talk to 20 year old who have no idea what TGIF was, or that MTV used to mostly play music videos, and I feel ancient. “hella?” Are you from California?

      • There are people that do not remember TGIF?! Whaaat?! Clearly I am not talking to young people now a days.

        No- I am not from Cali, I am from the beautiful and frigid northern Midwest.

      • Yeah, I was depressed when I found out. 😦

        Ah, I see. I didn’t know anyone outside of Cali said hella. My family in Ohio laughs at me when I say it. (I’m from the sometimes frigid, sometimes scalding, always weird San Francisco bay.)

      • Hey- I have family in Ohio too 😉 We are from central Ohio. I was recently visiting there and had a few side eyes from relatives as well due to things I say 🙂

      • AAHHHHH!!!! I am originally from Cali! Hella is a local word so when others say it, it reminds me of home! I am from across the bay in Oakland. Not there anymore, but plan on moving back someday. To Cali- not Oakland.

  3. I came here for Chanyeol and Bom. I think I’m staying around for Shin Sung Woo umma hahahaha.

    The two hours are seriously killing me – but I think I’ll keep trudging along.

    • The two hours is a hard thing to get over. Somehow though I got over it quickly….maybe because of my new found love for Shin Sung Woo LOL (seriously, seriously, where has this man been all my television watching life!I love him, maybe too much. Okay, I totally love him, I have a crush – a bad one. Thanks show!)

  4. I’m watching it on my commute to work, so i watch 40 minutes a day, lol. It’s the kind of show you can just watch when you feel like it, you don’t need to sit down and watch it straight through like a drama. It’s a cute show, I like everyone in it, even Nana, who annoyed me at first.

  5. i just fell for Shin sung woo – he’s awesome, nice person, down to earth aside fr being sexy N good looking Mama Shin! he rocks! he’s my ultimate crush in SK 🙂

  6. my only regret is i never knew him till watching Shin sung woo in his new drama Eomma & had the urge to see what else projects he’s been in & found this Roommate Season 1 show which am still continuing! he’s awesome overload! who wldnt want to fall for him? i’ll have Mama Shin in a heartbeat! he seems a perfect gentleman, who can protect you, very handsome, sexy & he’s great in acting & singing! hope to see more of him!

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