Super Fun Drama Chat Time: You’re All Surrounded Ep 9- 10

Stone Cities is back with some more super fun drama chat time and this time around we have some important things to discuss- like who gets to keep Tae Il in their pocket on which day, why a villain looks way better without a hat, and how many nicknames we can throw at the cast of characters. Don’t forget to weigh in on the show in the comments- what do you think about the show thus far? Cheers!

YAS Ep 9 and 10 1

Lore: First things first. Did you get back together with Dae Gu or are you done done. I know you don’t often give second chances (I mean that in a good way, really).

E-Kun: Oh girl we are done. I just can’t with Dae Gu… He has his reasons for being the way he is, and I can’t always fault him for that. But our personalities do not mesh well and I think it is best for the globe on a whole if we are just broken up.

YAS Ep 9 and 10 2

Lore: Got it. Just thought I would check. So, episode 9 starts with Papa Detective almost figuring out who Dae Gue really is… but a quick (or rather spur of the moment) save on Dae Gu’s part leaves Papa Cop with his unconfirmed suspicions.

E-Kun: Right, I was like, “Dae Gu! The jig is up!” And then I was almost fooled by Shady Suk when she was talking to Dae Gu in regards to Papa Cop being a good guy. Like she was really a good person in this equation.

Lore: Shady Suk certainly has this weird back and forth, but at the end of the day she cannot be a good person. It is K-drama law #761: the side smirking person in charge is never good. Ever.

YAS Ep 9 and 10 3

E-Kun: Oh ok, I forgot that rule, but you are right. I was pretty dumbfounded when we found out how they became involved with each other. It was one thing I really did not see coming– but you know what I did see coming and show confirmed it?

Lore: What?!

E-Kun: That Black McBoots used to be a cop! And can I say, McBoots -you look much better without that baseball cap on. Like, dirty attractive. That voice I once found annoying was different after your cap was removed. Is that logical? No, but Ekun is not one to always use logic when I don’t want to.

Lore: I had suspicions about that as well, Mcboots being a cop seemed to fit the storyline well. I am on board with the hat thing- ever since City Hunter the black cap has a connotation in my mind that I cannot ignore. So what did you think about the super cute adorable date Papa Cop and Mama Cop (yeah, I am calling Sa Kyung Mama Cop now) went on?

E-Kun: I loved it! Because that means those twinkles in Papa Cop’s eyes (towards Soo sun) were a farce! But the date was really, really, adorable. And I got a peek at Papa Cop’s abs (Holla Cha! Kekekekeke)!

YAS Ep 9 and 10 4

Lore: Abs! More abs! Okay, sorry, back to the story. Loved it too. Those stars were not “I love you” stars but “Good kid, Papa is proud” stars so I was happy as well. Speaking of couples, Tae Il and Ji Gook’s bromance was mended in ep 9. I never would have guessed their point of contention!

E-Kun: I know! I was like, “Ji Gook! Noona (I think I am his noona) is going to throw her shoe at you for trying to break up a bromance over this silly today!” You got my Tae Il (Notice I said MY Tae Il) having to act a mess and in chaos over this…” *Shoe thrown at Ji Gook’s back* So basically, Tae Il was going to be a doctor, but he changed his field for some unknown reason which made Ji Gook feel inferior…

Lore: Wait! Wait! Are you trying to steal Tae Il from me again?! My pocket Tae Il. MINE!

E-Kun: Look, look, look… Can we work out some type of rotation? Because I often look down and there he is– in MY pocket!

YAS Ep 9 and 10 5

Lore: WHAT?! How did he get in your pocket? I need a little leash to keep him on! Or…I guess we could rotate since we are friends and all. How about I get him during the week and you get weekends?

E-Kun: I have work on the weekends… I think we will have to switch that. And why do you get him more often!? We need to work out a fair trade agreement!

Lore: Ummmm…well *shoves Tae Il in pocket for safe keeping and installs security system* Yeah, we could totally work on a fair agreement or whatever you say. Uh huh. *Shhhh Tae Il, Noona will keep you safe, just wear this sparkly leash. Good boy, good boy. Pats head* Okay, back to the story. So eventually in episode 9 Papa cop goes all forensic and gets a DNA test done on Dae Gu- and walla he knows the truth.

E-Kun: Exactly! Because Papa Cop ain’t stupid and Dae Gu only has himself to blame for being so hostile towards him. My heart broke for Papa Cop when he found out the truth.

YAS Ep 9 and 10 6

Lore: Mine too. When Papa Cop was just soooooo thankful that Ji Young was alive and grew up well….I had some things in my eye. Oh, and then we had the “I am not Ji Young, but I know him” bit with Soo Sun. D’awwwww. I liked this scene(s)!

E-Kun: Dae Gu trying to lie until the very end with Papa Cop was annoying. I was like, “This ain’t Maury where the DNA test results couldn’t or could be made up.” His reaction with Soo Sun proved that the little Ji Yong that I liked was still somewhere inside.

YAS Ep 9 and 10 7

Lore: Yeah, trying to deny a DNA test is beyond silly. But to think of all of Dae Gu’s pent up anger and then him having to basically understand that the big bad wolf he had built up in his mind was not so bad after; it must have been difficult for him. Soo Sun was adorable with her back hug and her “Noona supports you” reaction. I just love her. I think that pushes us into episode 10. Which gave us more revelations (seriously these 2 episodes were really chalked full of the explanations)! We learn why Papa Cop was late the night his son died.

E-Kun: I knew that he was late because Mama Cop mentioned how they were both late in picking up their kid, and that is why he got hit. Episode 10 really was a filler episode because LSG was kinda out of commission with his accident and all. So we saw A LOT of background stories and repeats, which I did not really mind in the long run.

Lore: Yes, it was filler due to LSG’s accident (he had an eye injury during filming that put him out of commission during part of this episode and part of episode 11’s filming). I was happy with the background info because I felt like I understood more of the story. I remember Papa cop being late, but I guess I never connected the dots and realized he was late because of going to find Ji Young. So what else happened in episode 10? Oh! McBoots and Papa Cop met (and we learned how he got that ugly scar).

YAS Ep 9 and 10 8

E-Kun: Yes, I figured Papa Cop owed him some kind of debt. I feel bad that he lost his job because he accidentally killed a criminal. Reprimand him, but do not take away his job for something he did not intentionally do. No wonder he is acting out and doing all the shady things he is up to. Don’t we find out how Shady Suk plays apart in this matter in episode 10? She was the one who stole the pendant and tampered with Soo Sun’s testimonial.

Lore: Yes, we do. It is revealed that she passed the pendant to McBoots. She is beyond sketchy. I am really curious what the underlying conspiracy is.

E-Kun: Well, we know it has something to do with that one Chairman, Assemblyman, or whatever he is. But is shady Suk only doing what she is doing for higher rank? Because that is kind of… what is the word I am looking for?

YAS Ep 9 and 10 9

Lore: Being a d-bag? Selfish? Shallow? Amazingly horrible? Amoral? Soulless? Um, Korean drama villain like? Can you tell I love her?

E-Kun: I will take them all! Time for final thoughts!

Lore: Dae Gu / Ji Young: Now that your identity is known please reconcile your rage with the facts (but still go after the baddie)! Soo Sun: Still love you girl. Shady Suk: Hmmm. Mama and Papa Cop: You two are adorable! Get back together NOW! Tae Il: You better stay in my pocket. Because Noona loves you. Show: Keep it coming, I need more revelations!

E-Kun: DG: we are over, it is you but it is also me. (LSG, get better). SS: You are precious and I hope you stay that way. PC and MC: Reunited and it feels so good! Reunited cuz we understood…. TI and JG: I don’t want another rift in the bromance- ever! McBoots: McBoots without hat= a plus. Shady Suk: You Suck!

Lore: Yes, yes she does. *Side eyes Shady Suk while patting my pocket and making sure Tae Il is safe and sound* Until next time folks.


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