Super Fun Drama Chat Time (Melo Edition): Inspiring Generation Episodes 7- 10

So Lore Unnie and I preempted our chat time last week– Sorry for not letting you know beforehand! But we are back this week with Gaya, Jung Tae, and the rest of the gang of Age of Feeling or Inspiring Generation or whatever…

Ekun: Shall we start with the first 2 eps we preempted last week?‏

Lore: Episode 7 starts with Jung Tae being beaten up. What a surprise! He was tricked…because he thought he had to SAVE THE CHILDREN! What the heck else happened in episode 7?


Ekun: I have no idea. Episode 7-8 (9 for that matter) were boring as crap. It took me awhile to get through them‏. Didn’t he fight Sexy Ninja?‏

Lore: I think that was episode 8.‏

Ekun: Jae Rim showed up?‏ People die….‏

Lore: Haha. Yeah, they did. Okay- memory is coming back. In episode 7 that dog like thug ran around and betrayed everyone (surprise, surprise) and Gaya told the Dobi gang she would wipe them out. ‏


Ekun: Soo and Ninja had an altercation, ne? Over Gaya of course. She is not worth it to me.‏


Lore: Oh, and ninja did fight Jung Tae for a sec (you were right) but then they decided to fight later in front of Gaya. Yep, I think that was episode 7.‏

Ekun: That’s right! He whooped him with a switch aka tree branch‏.


Lore: I don’t think she is worth it either. I still can’t figure out why Jung Tae is in love with her. He met her like 3 times before the Dad-died-revenge thing.‏

Ekun: That is why the show is upsetting. Am I supposed to believe these two are still “in love” after all this time and the continuous conflict between these two and where they came from?‏ I am not buying it and it makes me weary to see this “love” story of theirs.‏

Lore: Agreed. Should we move onto the events of episode 8? I thought episode 8 brought a lot of things together (heck- at least most of our characters were in the same place)!‏

Ekun: Right. Major things are Jung Tae and Ninja fight, Poong Cha dies for Jung Tae, Dog stabs his hyungnim who we find out saved his mother from his abusive daddy. What the WHAT show?!‏ (Correction: Dog kills Hyungnim in Ep 7, my bad readers)


Lore: Is it just me or do people in this drama take a long time to die. Like- they receive a fatal wound and then spend the next three minutes giving a speech. ‏I killed your Dad! I will save you Jung Tae! Is it bad if I shouted “Die already!”?‏


Ekun: Girl! I thought the same thing! He told a whole fn story before dying! At least when Jung Tae dad died, Aka killed him that way on purpose. It was supposed to take a long time for him to bleed out while he suffers and dies!‏ Everyone else was like stop wasting my time and do it already… DIE!‏

Lore: Good – it wasn’t just me. This show certainly knows how to do ridiculous. Like the entire Jung Tae fight with sexy ninja. What was the logic there? Let me count the ways of ridiculous…‏ 1- Jung Tae is trained to be a master fighter against a swordsmen in what- a day- two days? HUH!‏ 2- Fight me and I won’t kill your gang says the Japanese guy who is planning on taking over everything any way. Sure, I trust you.‏

Ekun: Let me tell you what is even more ridiculous… JUNG TAE BEING ALIVE AFTER BEING ON THE BRINK OF DEATH LIKE 8 TIMES!!!‏

Lore: I know- that kid should have died along time ago. But remember, the one thing he is good at is being hit (and all I wanted to do was see Gaya laugh). Sorry, I just vomited in my mouth.‏


Ekun: HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! Lore Unni, this is why we are able to get along. I was so annoyed with question marks in my eyes like, “What the hell did he just *barf* say!”‏

Lore: Haha! Oh, and my favorite “Gaya, don’t interfere or you are out of the gang. The gang that killed your parents” Gaya’s response- “Oh, okay sexy ninja. I won’t interfere until you impale Jung Tae with a sword. Then I will nurse him back to health. Being in this Japanese mob is fun! Lalala” *I’m done*‏

Ekun: I am glad I am not the only one who finds so many things ridiculous about this story. I am always watching with my eyebrows furrowed for several reasons.‏

Lore: Yeah, it seems like every other scene has another thing to make me either facepalm or sigh heavily or just laugh at how stupid it can be. So, episode 8 also had Ok Ryeon killing an officer. That was, um, interesting. ‏


Ekun: I am really annoyed with Gaya- didn’t she ripped ninja’s picture of her mom and him? I was like B**** What!?‏ She did kill him, and Soo (Aoki) went after them with the hunter and had a rifle fight with the hunter/assassin.


Lore: Oh yeah- she did. I like how they had a ninja fight over the picture. My hubby exclaimed “Just use scotch tape” until he realized it hadn’t been invented yet. I was thinking – “Gaya, did you think your ninja bodyguard would not see you enter his room? He is a NINJA!” Aish!‏ And Soo and that fight in the field was suspenseful.‏


Ekun: Hubby is funny!‏ It’s not the point, she shouldn’t have been in his room in his things. She taking this princess mess too far.‏

Lore: Yeah, she is. Because she wants revenge? Or something… Another event from episode 8- Il Hwa shows up!‏


Ekun: You don’t even know what ninja is up to, but one thing is clear: He wants to protect and help you. But she refused to do right.‏

Lore: I could see why she is mad at him though, he did try to kill Jung Tae behind her back. ‏

Ekun: That’s part of his job. Jung Tae is a potential threat…Il Hwa was whooping a**! I love to see him. He is my consolation since Jae Wook *sobs* is gone!‏ Why Lawrd Why!!!!‏

Lore: I am a fan of Il Hwa. He is second only to ninja in my eyes. It was nice to figure out why (finally) he had some sort of allegiance to Jung Tae – because Jung Tae’s Dad saved him. Funny, since Jung Tae hates his Dad.‏

Ekun: I have a lot to discuss about that in the next episodes. I have a bone to pick with Jung Tae pops‏.

Lore: Next episode starts here! Episode 9…..and go!‏

Ekun: Jung Tae’s Aboji? How are you a father to the masses and don’t even take care of your lil brats at the house!? I am not mad at Jung Tae for being mad at his dad. He did a lot of good things for other people, but didn’t do a damn thing for his family. What type of sense does that make?‏


Lore: None. It makes no sense at all. My major issues are with episode 10, so I will reserve my full out rambling for that. About episode 9 – how did the Japanese manage to find Il Hwa in the woods and storm the Chinese gangs HQ perfectly timed and wearing coordinating outfits? I mean, do they have a transporter? Because I am pretty sure they would have had to leave DAYS ago to get to China.‏ Okay, maybe I have a few issues with episode 9 :-)‏


Ekun: Look, there are a lot of holes in ep 9. How Soo just turn up after being shot half to death in the middle of nowhere?‏

Lore: I assumed Soo is actually a zombie. Ne?‏ Or an alien. Maybe a vampire?‏

Ekun: I guess so (bite me anytime Soo *wink*)! Back to the Japanese storming in and nearly killing Il Hwa… Like Gaya suppose to be better at fighting than him. This show is just to the point where I cannot suspend reality and get there with it‏

Lore: Yeah, this show requires one to really throw logic to the wind to appreciate the story. Unfortunately it is getting harder and harder to do. All of which is very disappointing because this show had a lot of potential to start with. ‏

Ekun: It did, it did. But ironically, I was more interested in the story by the end of episode 10 than any other episode thus far. I think it has something to do with the dude that took over after Jung Tae dad died. I like that actor… Kim Sung Oh‏.


Lore: I don’t know if I have ever seen him in anything. What has he been in?‏ Ohhhhhh, nevermind. I looked him up. He was in Secret Garden and A Gentleman’s Dignity. ‏

Ekun: Yea, He was in Ahjussi the movie with Won Bin, When a Man Loves, and Giant too‏.

Lore: Other events of episode 9: Ddol the dog boy is initiated into becoming Gaya’s dog (I am sure he has a bright future of being a d-bag ahead of him). Il Hwa and the remaining Dolbi gang go into hiding, deciding the Japanese are too powerful to take on at the moment (this was seriously Star Wards Jedi- empire stuff). Jung Tae wakes up in Manchuria and Il Hwa hands him a letter from Hyungnim.‏ The letter tells Jung Tae that his sister is almost 100% alive.‏ And then we get a 5 year time jump.‏


Ekun: Right, I think this little girl he meets in Shanghai (the story has come full circle) could possibly be his sister? Am I grasping at straws? Ok Ryeon would know her right?‏ Oh yeah, end of 10 Ok Ryeon is back *sigh*‏


Lore: I think that she is his sister too. So basically the end of episode 9 gives us the beginning of episode 1, with the trip to Shanghai and Gaya finally tracking down Jung Tae’s Appa. Appa, however, has already been attacked and tells Gaya a bunch of stuff that translates into “I didn’t kill your Dad, trust no one” or something like that. Now Gaya has to revenge Jung Tae’s Appa too….‏SO…MUCH….REVENGE‏


Ekun: I know, but Appa (Jung Tae’s) was trying to close the circle of revenge. Aka definitely killed her parents and Jung Tae’s dad.‏

Lore: Aka freaks me out. ‏

Ekun: If we only look at him from the neck down I am usually ok. But why did her mom have to die, I am still more invested in the story with the parents than the current generation. Let me be frank…‏

Lore: Ohhhhh- be frank! Be frank!‏

Ekun: I don’t give a *censored* about Gaya, Jung Tae, or Ok Ryeon. I am watching the show for everything else around them. I might be a bit of a mess, but I find the outskirts more fascinating than what is in front of me.‏ *computer male voice* Frank momo complete‏


Lore: I want to know what happened with Gaya’s Mom too! Gaya and Jung Tae lost me about the time their motivations became so convoluted and unbelievable. The only thing I have to hold onto are the questions I do not know the answers to. Like Gaya’s Mom, Jung Tae’s sister, and what is going on in Shanghai. ‏Which I think brings us to episode 10. ‏

Ekun: Let’s do it! Your thoughts please madam‏…

Lore: So Jung Tae is told to go to Shanghai. He gets there to find out his Dad, who by everything we have seen is not the greatest guy in the world, was actually an inspirational community organizer like gang leader beloved by the people. WHAT?! WHAT? EXCUSE ME? And the reason Jung Tae is in Shanghai is not because of epic world events – like Japan invading China, or Korea wanting to fight back. Nope.‏

Ekun: Why is he there Unni?‏

Lore: This is a story about THE PEOPLE. Save the children! The drunks. The downtrodden! WTF, show. The time period in which this drama is set could give us a great story of freedom fighters and gangsters and politics and the reality of living in the time before WW2 (in one of the wildest cities in the world no less)‏ Nope, this show gives us a cracked out Jung Tae should inspire the people because his d-bag Dad did!. Uh, huh. So that was it? Really. Really?! What! ‏Because the street of whores and the downtrodden need a guy like him. You mean a guy who gets punched every five minutes? ‏ *Throws microphone* ‏


Ekun: I couldn’t have described my disgust in any better way! This is absolutely ridiculous! I am still hung up on everyone being like, “Jung Taeah. Your daddy was a great man.” You know what Jung Tae needs to tell them, “That may be true but he was a piss poor a** daddy. Therefore, I could care less about that man- because he didn’t care about me, sister or momma when we were dying and starving in Manchuria!”‏ But I guess because Jung Tae lived a hard knock life, he is suppose to give a crap for these randoms he doesn’t know because he is his father’s son. Show Bye!‏


Lore: Yep! And the fact that we were leading up to this- this “fate” of Jung Tae becoming a savior to the people of Shanghai….I just can’t. Maybe it is because the entire setup felt like something entirely different. We were embroiled in gang warfare that had an undercurrent of Japan invading and taking power. It felt like the characters were being built up to be so much more. I think that is why it disappointed me so much. If, from the setup, the story seemed to be about the people and Jung Tae’s growth towards becoming a leader among them, I probably would not be so worked up. But because we had 9 episodes that made everyone’s actions seem so much more important in the grander scheme of things I was unhappy when the truth was revealed.‏ And heck- maybe this was just a bad episode and things will change. But I will remember how disappointed this episode made me. It was a nosedive from the prior episodes and with this show that is saying a lot.‏

Ekun: Jung Tae is still a hot head who couldn’t lead a horse to water let alone try to make it drink! All he is good for is getting his a** beat, beating someone’s a**, or complaining about how Gaya is doing!!!‏

Lore: Yeah, I think those three things are on Jung Tae’s resume, and those three things only. I guess it does not help that we had a writer change as of episode 10…..‏

Ekun: Heck, everyone (Japanese, Korean, and Chinese) in this show need to get there S*** together! Yamato fighting with Gaya, the people in Jung Tae corner are fighting… Aigoo, I was exhausted when this episode was over.‏

Lore: I was too. We were introduced to the Japanese in Shanghai, the Chinese gang leaders in Shanghai, and the infighting. And there is so much infighting. ‏


Ekun: I thought the new writer was supposed to minimize all the violence, but honestly, I think it is the only way we can keep Hyun Joong and Im Soo Hyang (Gaya) from talking. Is it wrong of me to mention?‏

Lore: Oh yeah- the writer news. When I heard it was about violence it made me shake my head – the story is centered on violence, so yeah…..about that…..I don’t think it is wrong of you to mention. ‏And we had the news of Jae Wook leaving the show as well (right on the heels of the writer change news). Both pieces of news made my stomach lurch a little. ‏It is never a good sign for a show when the writer changes and one of the actors leaves mid series.‏

Ekun: *Sobs* Jae Wook Oppa!!!! ‏But I get it, he could get out without anyone really noticing;‏ I feel like they teased me and wasted his time with this foolishness‏.


Lore: Jae Wook’s character was built up to be the secondary love interest for Ok Ryeon. He did leave at the right time though, because it was as his character fled with Ok Ryeon prior to the jump forward in time. So yeah, as good of a time as any for his departure. But I agree- it was a tease. I was looking forward to seeing him in Shanghai!‏ And I was hoping Ok Ryeon married him. Seriously. Because I want to slap her every time she gets all cray cray over Jung Tae.‏But alas- it was not meant to be 😦 ‏

Ekun: I don’t know why everyone (in the show that is) loves either Jung Tae or Gaya (including them trying to love each other). Final thoughts?‏

Lore: Show- I am really not happy with you right now. That is all I have to say.‏

Ekun: Show (and I mean this in the nicest way possible) get your S*** together! That’s all.‏


4 thoughts on “Super Fun Drama Chat Time (Melo Edition): Inspiring Generation Episodes 7- 10

  1. How can you be so heartless! You try to pull up other than you pull down the other in the same time.Gosh…feel like I read a piece of rabbis.You need to make your own drama than you recap or whatever fun chat you call than you can get your own award…???!!!!

  2. hey you, if you dont like it , why you watch IT, JUST FOR CRITIC I think , I agree with the opinión before , DO YOUR OWN DRAMA, all of the stories in dramas are not real stories some ridiculous, like a man for the star, it is ridiculous but entertained, like this (the hero never dies)I suggest you to be more objective, that is the way of the dramas, i will follow my own suggestion, If I dont like the way you do here just………. DONT READ FOOLISH THINGS. IT SUCKS, bye for ever

    • You are right… A man from the stars is a ridiculous concept– but the writing is good. It allows me (Ekun) to suspend reality of how asinine the concept is and makes me believe in what the story is trying to sell. I am elated that you are able to go there with AofF aka Inspiring Generation (suspend reality) and enjoy it– seriously I am! If the writer for this drama did that; I wouldn’t have so many problems with the show or the fact that Jung Tae never dies. I don’t recall saying I didn’t like the show (or Lore unnie for that matter), but I apologize if that is how you took it. The fact of the matter is this story has a lot of holes (in our opinion) and could have been better executed. We still have 14 episodes, and though I am not optimistic (due to the writer switch) this story still has time to get a “Kudos” instead of an “Uh oh”.

    • E-Kun, I could not have said it better! I don’t hate Age of Feeling but I am disappointed in the direction it has taken (and as E-Kun mentioned the story direction can very well change). I am hoping I come out of this drama watching experience happy and satisfied.

      Regarding the ridiculous elements – yep, they happen in dramas (fiction in general) all of the time. It is a story after all and part of what makes fiction, well, fiction. I am not expecting 100% realism, but I am expecting the writing to make some sort of sense of events or at least wrap it all together with some continuity and a coherent narrative. Unfortunately AOF has not been doing this of late, so I felt the need to point that out. I am sorry if you took offense to the post, it was not my intent to offend anyone. I was simply sharing my opinion as an avid viewer of dramas.

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