Actor and Actress of the Month: January

The New Year is creeping up on us which means here in Stone Cities we have had some tough choices to make. What, you ask? Well, our choices for Actor and Actress of the Month of course. For January our selected thespians are costars in the upcoming tvN drama Emergency Couple. Can you tell we are a bit excited for this show (largely due to the two lead actors)?!

Bonus -Emergency Couple Pre Show Poster:



Actress of the Month Jan 2014

Actress of the Month: Song Ji Hyo

Because: I am pretty sure if I have ever had a girl crush on anyone, it is on Song Ji Hyo. I mean, literally, I would make signs with her name on it and wait for her at an airport. Of course she kicks it with the boys on my favorite variety Running Man, but she also acts – as evidenced by her extensive filmography. Endearing on variety shows and amazing in dramas I want to be her when I grow up.

Also seen in: Running Man (variety), Mandate of Heaven, Frozen Flower (film), Goong, Jackel is Coming (film), Jumong

Actor of the Month Jan 2014

Actor of the Month: Choi Jin Hyuk

Because: Gumiho Daddy was the best thing to ever happen to Gu Family Book and I am still mad the show wasn’t about him and momma raising little Gumiho! I digress, Jin Hyuk has done several projects that I personally have not seen but I respect him as an actor and fashion icon. Ever since I saw him in Pasta I felt that there was something about him. Loved his portrayal of Hyung (Won) in Heirs and I am really excited to see him take on his first leading role in 2014!

Also Seen in: Pasta, It’s Ok, Daddy’s Girl, I Need Romance, Panda and Hedgehog, Gu Family Book, and Heirs.

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