Stone Cities New Year! 2014 is Here!

NEW YEAR3YAY! 2014 is here bringing along a batch of new dramas that I cannot wait to see! I am not one for making New Year’s Resolutions because I think change can happen at any time in a person’s life. But I do have a few hopes, dreams, and changes I wish to see in 2014. I started the year cracking coconuts for the following things:


Age of Feeling will not wait until episode 5 to show Kim Jae Wook’s face (he really is the only reason I am watching this show).


At least 2 dramas this year will have a leading lady that I like from episode 1 until the end. I can count on one hand the number of times this has happened— did I mention I have seen 250+ dramas in the last 5 years…. Here is one of them Lee Tae Ri from I love Lee Tae Ri.

Lee Tae Ri
Kim Soo Hyun…. That’s all.

Min Joon

Hyun Bin will show his face in a drama this year. I was sick when he returned from the army and did not see him in one drama!

Hyun Bin

Rain (Bi) will explain what “30 Sexy” is.


Yoon Kye Sang’s drama The Full Sun will be decent at best because I love him and want him under my tree in 2014.

Kye Sang

Things that I will change:

I will finish Tree With Deep Roots (I was supposed to finish it in 2012… Oops).


I will be quick to listen instead of throwing popcorn, Pringles, etc at the TV when someone says something stupid.


I will try to give out only 5 “Unnie Slaps” this year…
Lastly, I will work hard to understand why people are so upset that Lee Seung Gi is dating Yoona (I just had to mention it since it was the last bit of gossip to usher out 2013)…

Seung Gi

What about you Lore Unnie? What are your hopes, dreams, and change you want in 2014?

Lore: Hopes, dreams and change, hmmmm. Let me see…

RM Members Red CarpetI am hoping that Running Man sees an improvement in ratings. I love this show, and hate seeing it in 3rd place in the ratings week after week. Maybe with the second season of Dad Where are We Going we will see RM jump in the ratings. A fan can hope….

Age of FeelingAge of Feeling- Just be good. Really good preferably, because this drama has so much potential right out of the gates.

masters sun

Hong Sisters– please give me something as daebak as Masters Sun in 2014.

Things I will change:

I seriously need to stop with all of the variety shows. Because right now that is 70% of what I watch. While some shows I will never stop watching (cough Running Man cough) others could probably go (cough Hello Counselor cough). Then I can watch more dramas! Or exercise more or something. Or watch more dramas!


I will watch Gaksital!


I will not take PTO the day Leeteuk is released from the army. I will not take PTO the day Leeteuk is released from the army. Nope- nope, not going to do it. Even if I want to stay home and watch SuJu shows to celebrate.

Happy New Year from Stone Cities!! The year of the horse begins (okay, technically not until lunar new year, but I had a deep burning need to post the following images)!!!!!! Cheers!

815552996 e0072385_497df86609adb

What are your hopes, dreams, and changes for the New Year?


7 thoughts on “Stone Cities New Year! 2014 is Here!

  1. I am so with you on Hyun Bin and a drama, hopefully a rom com. Rain, using the word sexy in anything he does–does it need an explanation? 😉 The best I can figure out on the celebs dating thing is that some, uh, fans, feel a certain ownership of their “oppa?” Plus it crushes their fantasies that he is pure and just waiting for them? Feel free to roll your eyes, I did. Those are probably not the same fans that for some reason expect drama lead pairings to actually date. That’s another degree of special I guess. When it comes to celeb news, I’m like so what? My biggest surprise reaction to dating news is generally the off hand thought, oh, hmmm, did not see that coming, thought he’d be gay. I personally don’t care who is dating who or doing who, I just want good dramas. Maybe that is one of my wishes for the new year, less fan silly stuff? I’d like to read a comment thread and not see someone attacked for critiquing a drama or actor OR reamed for squeeing over a drama or actor.

    • You are hilarious! I agree, I typically do not care who is dating. Let me know about marriages and babies! And you are right about fans (though they are a bit possessive), Call a spade a spade– Most idols who go into acting really should stick to their day job making music and people dance. Lets keep our fingers crossed with Hyun Bin doing a drama this year!

      • I don’t think it’s confined to idol acting, gees some crazy stuff goes on over various actors especially if they are young and adorable. But if it is an idol in question, that usually intensifies the situation. I personally cut the idols slack. i try to remember the strict management system they have in Korea and don’t really know how much say some of the idols have. I understand people get worked up because they think it effects drama quality and puts “real” actors out of a job. This has been going on since the invention of film and idol acting is not going away. Frankly it is smart business for all parties.

      • True. True. Though I cannot dispute the fact I tend to enjoy dramas with minimal to no idols a little bit more. No matter how much I like some of the idols. Just call it my “Stuck up movie/tv junkie” side.

  2. haha! We all have are preferences. To be real, sometimes I do not know that an idol is an idol in a drama because I am not up on all the kpop groups lol. I find out by reading a recap or something and the I’m like okay let me google this person-then this happens to me-mind blown holy crap who knew they could so that with their hips that’s dangerous, that’s the same person? Am I being punked?

  3. sorry about posting so late, but hey you get in whenever you read interesting stuff like this. I to have been waiting, and I do mean waiting for Hyun Bin to release a drama, no pressure of course seeing as how the AE Entertainment, the company that managed him was absorbed by SM Entertainment. And we all know how SM Entertainment is…career killers for any celebrity that doesn’t drink the kool-aid. Nevertheless, so glad that Hyun-Bin is back and will be gracing his fans with something soon (SIDENOTE: Shin Min-Ah, was also apart of AE Entertainment and did not sign with SM Entertainment….Shin Min-Ah, where are you…Arang and the Magistrate has been a minute ago…please come out with something soon!!!).

    Rain…what can I say, a whole lot….sexy, sexy, sexy doesn’t begin to say enough abou this man! I was so hoping he would do a Ninja Assassin 2, it’s still not to late…I mean the first one only came out in 2010….it be awesome if he reprised that role….but then again, I understand that time and age does things to the body…he might be unable or willing to go back there again….did you see the videos on youtube about how hard he trained to get that body!! Lord that boy really drank his milk…..good luck to you Kim Tae Hee….I’m not gonna be a hater!!!!

    K-Pop idols who date…well, their fans are some bonifde die-hards….some lifers, who really don’t understan that these guys and gals are ddoing a job…they are selling an image a lifestyle…but their personal lives are the same as ours…at 5p.m. I punch out of the job and go home or somewhere to get a life….so diehards please realize the reality, you don’t have a change….I had to. Well, I had no choice seeing as how I live 21 hour flight away….

    Well, that’s all….I’m hoping for 2014 to produce some really great asian films…with mainstream release!

    • It is never too late to comment!! So thankful I am not the only one waiting for Hyun Bin! Rain will always be an artist I can respect… Glad he is shinning a light on how 30 is the new sexy (I am almost there!!).

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