Master’s Sun Episodes 11&12: Super Fun Drama Chat Time

Ekun here delivering another dose of Master’s Sun for all you drama watcher, cravers, big money makers (I like us and our “I Love Master” enterprise)! If this your first time reading, please feel free to checkout the other post below. And leave comments! We are dying to know what you all think! Please be forewarned that this contains spoilers! If you did not watch the episodes and do not want to know what happens, please wait to read until watched…

Lore: So….wow, just wow with the cliff hanger. I could go on about it for the entire chat! Should we wait to cover it until the end of our chat review so we don’t skip everything else (because I totally would)?

Ekun: I think that sounds like a plan. I am so loving this show! I saw this week episodes twice.

Lore: So did I! I watched some parts a third time a little while ago. Too much goodness (and of course not goodness) in these two episodes. I can’t yet claim this is critically my best of 2013, but it is probably the most fun and engagement I have felt in a drama for a long time.

Ekun: I have watched some really good ones, but this is definitely in the top 5 this year. Let us start from the beginning of episode 11.

Lore: The confession, so how did you like Gong Shil’s response? Is she off the show?

Ekun: I was fine with her response, it is understandable because of her personality, it wasn’t until the end I had question marks in my eyes with her. But let’s discuss that later. How did you feel?

Lore:  I was okay with it too. I think she brought up some valid points (you were engaged, asked me to be candy girl, and now this? And I am not supposed to fall in love with you to boot?) But it was not really a bad response, given the circumstance. I just love how wacky the conversations between these two are when it comes to their relationship. I also liked how the confession, from Master’s point of view, was supposed to deter Gong Shil from liking him! Yeah…about that Master, I don’t think telling someone you love them is going to drive them away from loving you back.


Ekun: I was in agreement with her in that too, it is one of the reasons I appreciate her as a leading lady. It was well thought out and truthful. I keep telling Master that I (Ekun) cannot do this with him! I was so about to get in the car and roll to his Villa with him! Ugh!

Lore: Well you certainly cannot go to Master’s villa without taking me.

Ekun: About that… It’s a one on one interview with Master at the Villa this week. You are welcome to roll with us next week!


Lore: Sure, one on one interview? Hmmmmmm (evil eyes)

Ekun: Not the evil eyes Lore Unni!

Lore: *turns evil eyes into non-scary drama watching eyes* All right, I forgive you! So what were your thoughts on Lee Jong-hyuk appearing as Master’s rival in the mall business?


Ekun: I will have to say I was rather annoyed with the ghost story this week for one reason…. I knew he was a cross dresser the moment we saw him! My eyes were filled with tears of JOY to see Lee Jong Hyuk Oppa! I love him to pieces!


Lore: Yeah, I called it to. My hubby was sitting next to me engrossed in his iPad when I saw the perfume and yelled “Cross dresser, or mistress, prob cross dress!” He just looked at me and went back to what he was doing. I love the weird things dramas make me shout out! Love him too! He was perfect to play Master’s rival!


Ekun: I know right! But I liked the thing that Master said about how it is time for him to let his son protect him instead of “protecting” his son.

Lore: Yeah, that was good. Another favorite line from ep 11 is when Mr. Giant Mall Chaebol accuses Gong Shil of being his Dad’s mistress-“It was you!” Master’s response just about killed me “No, she is my mistress. Take a look at this picture (of your dad in drag) Hahahaha!

Ekun: Master is getting too free with calling her his woman, mistress, baby, etc. It’s like his inner thoughts about her are flowing out into the atmosphere.

Lore: Yep, starting from that conversation he had with his Aunt where he declared their relationship was based on “meaningless skinship” he has progressed towards claiming a whole lot about their relationship to others. All while telling Gong Shil to not like him…


Ekun: What did you think about Master and daddy’s conversation?

Lore: Master and Dad were a lot more forthright then I thought they would be. I did not think Master would admit Hee Joo’s involvement in his kidnapping so freely.

Ekun: I knew Master would get his life together—He would have to in order to move along and be a “healthy” adult with healthier relationships.

Lore: Yes, and Gong Shil was really a catalyst when she told him it was embarrassing to run from his fears. He really took that advice to heart and decided to change. Which leads in nicely to Ms. Twin hanging around watching Master visit Hee Joo. What did you think about the Twin, now that we know more?


Ekun: That was in episode 12, right? Why do I feel like my thoughts last week were not too far from the truth? But instead of her loving Master, she was mad at her twin for loving Master. The whole Wolf and Lamb bit is really applying to many different relationships.

Lore: E-kun’s drama psychic abilities win again!!! I have a bunch of thoughts about her and who she is. I think your theory is probably correct, but after learning that she signed her postcards “Wargrave” I had a thought….Wargrave is a character from Agatha Christie’s Mystery novel “And Then There Were None”. The character is someone who tries to commit the perfect crime … by basically faking their own death, killing others, and then committing suicide (but making it look like murder). I think that if I want to read into this reference too much, think that this “twin” may actually be Hee Joo (having staged her death way back when in the car explosion). Then I think that Master loved Hanna, but thought it was Hee Joo. So the ghost is Hanna but the twin is Hee Joo. Yes, these episodes made me look up both books referenced. I read all about the sheep and the wolf as well as recalling “And Then There Were None” (read it a loooong time ago).


Ekun: Wow! That is a lot to soak in. I might have to run to the Library and look that up or borrow it on my kindle app. I am not certain if they really switched roles in death, but I do believe they would play the “Switch Twin” game with Master when they were younger. There are 4 sets of twins at my church and they LOVE switching to trick people…

Lore: Yep, I think they were playing the whole “switch twin” game. So Master fell in love with Hanna thinking she was Hee Joo. It was Hee Joo talking to Master when he was tied up, but Hanna that was in the car when it exploded. As to why the twin, whoever she is, is still carrying around the diamond necklace, I have no clue.


Ekun: She is mad at him. She thinks he is responsible for Hee Joo’s death. Remember when she was talking to Master’s aunt and was saying how the wolf and the lamb were not supposed to love each other? That was a shot at her sister and Master. Master was not supposed to follow them after they got the necklace.


Lore: But why does she still have it? I mean, I would have assumed they would have sold it. Why is she still carrying it around?

Ekun: That necklace is the last thing she got from her sister before her untimely death… would you sell it? But did they show the adult her with the necklace? I don’t remember seeing that.

Lore: She had it when she was visiting Hee Joo’s grave. Yeah, I wouldn’t sell it if it was the last thing I got from my sister, true. My train of thought was that this was a larger operation looking for cash from kidnapping Master, so whatever they received they would have used to become rich.


EKun: But the value of the necklace has gone up astronomically at this point. Holding on to it was the better move. Think about it this way (Ekun is in no way a thief mastermind): You steal the item and sell it, you run out of cash, you’re S.O.L… But if you resell it to the people you stole it from as a different person at a higher price (because they will be desperate to have it back) you can be set for life. A tricky maneuver, but it can be done with the correct know how.


Lore: Awwwww! Good point! Never thought of that, tricky, tricky! So, the ending of episode 11, what did you think about the “I am possessed by a ghost, you are a jerk” speech from Gong Shil?

Ekun: It’s cool; I was going to come back to it anyway. Before we get to that, let discuss the happenings beforehand: I was going to choke “Little” Sun and was so confused by Gong Shil being mad at Master over what he said to his aunt.


Lore: “Little” Sun was choke worthy for that stunt! I got why Gong Shil was mad at master (though it took me watching the scene on two different sites with different subbing to understand). He basically said she had no self respect; she could never like him because she just needed to use him. Yep, she was safe for him, because her lack of self respect meant she could never love him fully. I felt like it was Master basically confirming that she would always be safe from getting into a relationship with him because she had the element of the pathetic of needing to make sure she did not chase him away.

Ekun: I read around too, and I still was not satisfied as I am now; even with your interpretation. I think it was a cheap ploy to make me as the viewer feel a certain kind of way, but it didn’t work. Her reaction seemed completely out of character, especially when she said something similar to her high school friends at their meet up. I think it was a catalyst to get her and Master to the next level, but it was poorly done in my opinion.

Lore: That is a good point- she pretty much said the same thing at her mini-reunion, so her reaction was kind of overboard. I agree that it was written a certain way for a certain reaction. I think we both have valid points of how to interpret the scene (because we are awesome, of course!).


Ekun: Agreed, because though I understood her and why another woman would be offended; I was very puzzled and left with a, “Huh?” after she ran off mad. Master is trying to be the best thing since sliced bread and I can’t do this with him! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

Lore: Do you think we could use the “Best thing since sliced bread” slogan for our I Love Master company? Now that you said it, I kind of agree…sliced bread, master, sliced bread, master. Master wins every time. I don’t really like sandwiches any way—Way overrated.

Ekun: Who needs a sandwich… When Master is offering you his love? OH Sugar Honey Ice Tea! New T-Shirt ready for print!

Lore: Thanks for calling the t-shirt people. Is the first shipment ready? I need fifteen hundred delivered to my house (I assume you would like fifteen hundred too?)


Ekun: They gave a special discount because of the profit they turned with “I Love Master”…

Lore: Yes!!!! I will say it now and I will say it again “I love Master! And I am rich b***h!” Business ventures aside, did you like when Master, Kang Woo and Secretary Ahjussi formed a singing trio?


Ekun: I am telling you! My love for Secretary Ahjussi grows stronger and stronger! It scares me…. I loved them singing the song to little Woo Jin. I hate what happened to Woo Jin though, are you even human mechanic killer!?

Lore: Loved the song too! I laughed when Master continued the last verse a little too long and Secretary Ahjussi had to tell him to stop! Ha. Yeah, that mechanic, Wow. Could you be more of a terrible human being? Not even call 911 or something and just take the kid’s body (plus help his Mom hand out fliers).

Ekun: He is the sticky scum not even at the bottom of the earth, the stuff that makes maggots turn up their nose in disgust! That is what he is—Bastard!


Lore: He is a bastard! Absolute monster! Jerk, freaking horrible jerk that defies invented insults! That jerk makes me think about what happened to Master! Before we go all cliffhangers on everyone do you want to touch on a couple more things…

Ekun: Yea, lets discuss a few more things then to the crux of the story… shall we discuss “Little” Sun and Kang Woo?

Lore: I love how Kang Woo finally got a teensy idea about “Little” Sun’s deep down feelings. He almost looked like he cared when he caught her crying on the CCTV. I see a potential seven minute relationship in their future (maybe 8, to be overly hopeful)…


Ekun: Oh, it is more than a 7 minute relationship. I see more like 30 minutes solid. Do you remember when he asked about how she would deal with the scandal? He is not willing to admit it yet, but she is growing on him. Or it could turn out like Pil Joo and Se Ri in Greatest Love.

Lore: She is growing on him, he kind of cares! Yes to the 30 minute relationship! I have yet to watch Greatest Love- do tell, how does Pil Joo and the other girl turn out? Should I be worried?

Ekun: No, no need to worry. They were not together, but he wasn’t as annoyed by having her around. They would probably eventually date if the show was 24 episodes instead of 16. You should watch it; Gong Hyo Jin is the lead actress in that drama too.

Lore: I should! So many dramas, so little time (seriously I need to stop time for a few months so I can try to get through everything I want to watch!). I am a major fan of “Little” Sun these days. She can be annoying, and too confident, but you can tell she is a girl that hurts deep down.

Ekun: I would like her more if she would stop with the whole “D. I. V. A. Diva thang”! She is a sweet girl and I think Kang Woo would really like her if she wasn’t stuck on herself all the time. He said he is not in the mood for whale wrangling, but I promise of you were a dolphin… 30 minutes would turn into 24 hours girl!


Lore: Ha! True- drop the whale act and go with the dolphin (or maybe, at least for the first date, an anchovy)!

Ekun:  Ha! Anything else before we break out the Soju for the ending?

Lore: Nope- got the Soju half done already. I mean, it is stuck in my head. STUCK IN MY HEAD. Like a screw driver, pushed by a horrible, horrible mechanic!


Ekun: I am going to be honest and say I did no cry and I do not believe Master is dead. He just popped out of his body for a momo (moment) to say what he wanted to say to Ms. Sun.

Lore: I do not believe he is dead either. Because if he is….arghhhhh…. (Lore just turned into the Incredible Hulk, but with a cuter outfit)! I did cry, but I cry pretty easily. Plus major props to Gong Hyo Jin for sobbing, I mean sobbing. That got to me a whole lot. I think he popped out of his body as well, after all he was not dusty and blue looking, he did not dissipate towards the sky (like the other ghosts did when they resolved their earthly business).


Ekun: Oh, I am a crier too, but I was so in denial after he was stabbed that I refused to cry. They are trying to make me believe that Master is the wolf, and I just am not sold as of yet. Sure he verbally expresses himself more, but words are just words.

Lore: It was a cliffhanger that wanted, begged, for this type of conversation. Is he dead? Is he not?!

Ekun: He can’t be dead… That is a reason for me to stop watching the show!

Lore: No, he pretty much cannot be dead. If he was, um, I am going to raise a pitchfork torch carrying mob to find the Hong Sisters. And I assume they try to avoid torch carrying pitchfork wielding mobs as much as possible. Noooo! Don’t stop watching!

Ekun: Look, I have become fond of Water Ahjumma, Secretary Ahjussi, and other characters. But if the best thing since sliced bread is dead I am over it!

Lore: Yeah, if Master is truly gone I am with you. I thought you meant stopping the show because of the cliffhanger and I got all nervous and such. Totally misunderstood! If Master is dead I am going to block out that this show ever existed (except for the character of Master). So do we agree- Master is dead, we take the “I love Master” yacht to the Caribbean and try to forget about this story! We can invite So Ji Sub of course, and Secretary Ahjussi, and Water Ahjumma, and maybe “Little” Sun (if she promises to be quiet when we tell her to stop with the “I’m a star” bit)?

Ekun: Agreed, they have to bring wines and cheese since we are proving all other things for this “Escape From Hell Vakay”.


Lore: Yeah, they better! At least, if Master’s Sun does the worst- we have a daebak vacation ahead of us! And with enough wine we will be saying “Gong what? Sorry, Secretary Ahjussi, you are a licensed Ship Captain too?”

Ekun: Seriously Secretary Ahjussi! What don’t you do? You are turning me into a full blown groupie ho!

Lore: There is nothing, nothing Secretary Ahjussi does not do well. Did you know that he won a Nobel Peace Prize? Because he did—heard it from a reliable source.


Ekun: Secretary Ahjussi and I ran away… and lived happily ever after. Final thoughts?

Lore: Master- You are alive—that is an order. Gong Shil- makes me cry because you cry really, really well! Kang Woo- Your heart is kind of beating now, isn’t it? “Little” Sun- Thanks for kind of being real for a few seconds. Stop the star act and adopt a kitten with Kang Woo. Twin- I still have no clue who you are. Hong Sisters- Be forewarned, you may have an extremely strongly worded letter in your future.

Ekun: Master- You sure as hell are alive! Gong Shil- I am with you girl… missing out on the best thing since sliced bread is rough! Kang Woo- I knew you would get there; give her at least 10 minutes! “Little” Sun- From one Diva to another- live it and people will believe it; keep saying it and people will laugh. Twin- You is cray cray if you ever think you will get sympathy out of me! Secretary Ahjussi- My address is 184…. Hong Sisters- I am going to put my trust in you, if Master is dead, you better have a hell of a reason why (if not, forget a letter; Imma be on a plane)!



2 thoughts on “Master’s Sun Episodes 11&12: Super Fun Drama Chat Time

  1. Yeah, there’s no way he’s dead, but that didn’t stop me from feeling absolutely gutted!

    About Gong Shil being mad at JW over what he said to his aunt, I totally got it. It’s one thing to say that about herself to her friends but it’s another thing entirely to hear it from him, the person she loves.Plus, who likes hearing they don’t hv any self-respect? And she had just decided to take a risk and wore the necklace, so to hear that was really like a slap in the face. So yeah I bought it. But yes, it is a set-up to get JW to lay a big wet one on her, but also to get her to put up those barriers again.

    And they haven’t caught the killer yet, right? Or maybe that happened off screen and we’ll find out this week?

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