Master’s Sun Episodes 3&4: Super Fun Drama Chat Time

Extrakun is here delivering the good on Master’s Sun! This week Lore Unnie and I really got into some of the things going on in the show (and not just fangirling like last week… We still love you So Ji Sub). Let’s get down to the Master’s Sun get down:


Lore­-I think I love Master’s Sun even more after these last two episodes.

Extrakun- Master’s Sun is cracktastic! I saw episode 4 like 3 times in two days.

Lore- Haha. I did too! I replayed it twice, and then I re-watched episode 1 as well. I am freaking addicted.

Extrakun-I think we got a few answers and of course more questions this week… Biggest question on my mind: Is Kang Woo Master’s half brother?!


Lore- I don’t know. I am super confused about that. The guy in Spain is Master’s Dad, right? And was talking to Kang Woo?! Color me confused.


Extrakun- But Kang Woo called him “Aboji”! I am glad I am not the only one who has question marks in their eyes. One thing I appreciate so far is how “Little” Sun is not in love with Master—I hate when that happens.

Lore- That would just be weird…they are half brothers? Then what the heck is Kang Woo doing spying on Master? Is it really Dad spying on Master?! I agree, I am happy we are not being subjected “Little” Sun getting all “don’t touch my man” on Ms. Sun. So, how did you like episode three’s ghost story…that started with shoes?

Extrakun- Oh I knew as soon as I saw that husband and he said “Yoebo” he was having an affair and was responsible for her death. Call it intuition or a jaded “subaenim” of k-drama watching, but he made me want to vomit at his audaciousness and willingness all for money.


Lore- No kidding. Hated that guy. His wife’s ghost though…eeek! I think I am going to have nightmares about being chased through a dark shopping mall by a ghost. Too scary! I am still loving the “ghost of the week” bit, with Ms. Sun lending them a helping hand. It kind of reminds me of Cyrano Dating Agency’s episodic sub plots.

Extrakun- Haha! You sound like another friend of mine who has a friend who is terrified of anything ghost like. I am over the ghost being scary, they serve a purpose and once they have resolution, they change form.

Lore- Still scared. They freak me out!

Extrakun- Not going to lie—that spirit that was following “Little” Sun around did make me feel some kind of way. It is a spirit not a ghost.


Lore- Yes, that thing following around “Little” Sun was, um, just plain bizarre! One thing I loved in episode three was how Master stood up for Ms. Sun when she confronted the bad guy husband- even if he only did it because he felt slighted by the man.


Extrakun- That is the thing with Master (Joong Won), he always stands up for injustice in some shape, form, or fashion. Remember in episode 1 with the soccer play’s shady manager?

Lore- Yeah, Master really does stay consistent in the way he stands up for his principles.

ExtraKun- And it might have everything to do with Hee Joo and the injustice he has suffered over the last few years. I like what he said in episode 4 about it… How he was humiliated and deceived by her but couldn’t tell anyone because she was dead.

Lore-Hee Joo seems to be the reason for a lot of Master’s actions- how she deceived him and how it made him feel (with her death bringing zilch in the resolution department) is something that this character has hanging over his head. So in episode 3 it seemed that Master began to trust in Ms. Sun’s “abilities”. I am loving the fact he is starting to believe her in this episode, which of course comes to fruition in episode 4.


ExtraKun- Agreed, but you could tell he already had a complex before the accident because of the conversation they had about her loving him just for his money.

Lore- True. I think his situation as the son of a wealthy chairman has probably been a long standing complex.

ExtraKun- I knew he would (start to trust her). But a lot of people have concluded that the reason she can touch him and the ghost disappear is because he does not believe. If he starts to believe, will she lose her solace in him? I personally think it is something else that makes him special not just his unbelief.

Lore- That is an interesting theory- if he starts to believe in ghosts, will he stop being Ms. Sun’s sheild? I tend to agree with you, I think it is something else. After all, he seemed to really believe he had talked to Hee Joo (when she visited him in Ms. Sun’s body), yet he was still able to act as a shield for Ms. Sun after the fact. Which brings me to my favorite Master’s Sun scene yet—Ms. Sun and her ghost possession. I just about died watching this scene, especially the dog part! And now it finally makes sense why Ms. Sun cannot sleep, if she does she ends up cycling through ghosts faster than I go through a box of chocolate chip cookies!


ExtraKun- Exactly, as soon as she touched him Hee Joo went bye- bye. LOL! My Unnichan loved that part too (I love chocolate chip cookies)!

Lore- I was laughing so hard as soon as I heard the Lion King theme song!

ExtraKun- I was like “Oh my goodness! Look at what she did to the pillow! Why Joong Won’s shirt cut so low –He could get hurt (if it was me).”


Lore- Ha! Yes, he could get hurt…And of course, I loved how her possession ended with her and Master holding hands and “sleeping together”. I especially loved Ms. Sun’s reaction to waking up in his house, “You have a nice house!” Ha!

ExtraKun- His reaction was even better! But I liked that she didn’t go all crazy. If my clothes are fully on; it makes sense we didn’t sleep together. Girls drive me up the wall with assuming every guy is a demon out to devour them.


Lore- True, it would have been kind of stupid if she freaked out thinking something happened. It is refreshing to have a heroine that says it like it is…with a whole lot of quirky charm. What did you think of Master hiring Gong Shil as his expensive radar?

ExtraKun- I was ecstatic! I feel like we now have a direction in which to take the story. All the other shows I am watching have that main point to “follow”—and the first 3 episodes did not have that feeling. So now I feel grounded and know what to look for in the upcoming weeks.  Another thing I loved is how he explained the situation to his aunt and uncle. “Meaningless touching”—I loved it!

Lore- My second favorite scene! I loved how Master was so straight faced as he basically told Aunt and Uncle he is keeping Gong Shil around for meaningless touching! Ahhh, this is the brand of Hong Sister’s comedy that I love!

ExtraKun- It is appealing to a viewer and even better when a character like Master (Sexy So Ji Sub) says it.

Lore- Yes, the character has a lot to do with how much I enjoyed this scene. Because…um…I am still carrying around that membership card (did I say character? I think I meant actor!).


ExtraKun- Another minor scene that I liked was the boys and the ice cream. “I guess we won’t have to worry about ice cream this summer.” They are too cute!

Lore-Those two little boys are funny. I like how they are sticking by the crazy lady just for some food, and they switch sides so easily when given a sweet treat. Kids!


ExtraKun- Which catapults us to my next topic Kang Woo? Does he like her or is he just a spy?


Lore- I am leaning towards him being just a spy. Because if he liked her, truly liked her, I cannot believe he would go snooping around her apartment and reporting back to his boss/Dad about having to keep an eye on her. That would be just creepy…but then again this is a creepy show. Maybe he likes her a little? I am so confused with this relationship. One thing I am confident about is “Little” Sun and her odd push relationship with Kang Woo. I predict these two will end up together in the end.

ExtraKun- I think he likes Ms. Sun. He said he was in an awkward situation for a reason…Oh yeah, that was a given when he ignored her in episode 3 (Seo In Guk getting in and out the car… HOT FIRE!). But they could be a Sun Woo and Na Na from Monstar


Lore-Say it isn’t so! That relationship traumatized me enough for this drama season!

ExtraKun- I don’t like to think about Sun Woo and Na Na not being together. It makes me want to spit every time I think about it!

Lore- Yes, I get all angry like inside when I think back to those two. Somewhere, in my imagination, they patched things up and are married. Imagining is fun!

ExtraKun-Oh, I call that “Extrakun’s world of endless possibilities”; only a few have the ability to go there.

Lore- Love it! Even better than imagining is naming your imagination! I haven’t done that yet, but depending on how Master’s Sun progresses I think I may have to bust out a lengthy name for how I will portray this story in my head. Because I am really on board for Kang Woo and “Little” Sun hooking up, and of course Joong Won and Gong Shil having a happy ending. I think, the happy ending or at least ending with the couple together, is pretty probable for Master and Ms Sun. I just don’t want any horrible second lead interference (beyond spying or non romantic meddling) to occur, because I am completely in love with this OTP. Which brings me to my third favorite scene—the end of episode 4… Thoughts?

ExtraKun- Yes I have thoughts!

Lore- Do tell!

ExtraKun- I was so livid with Gong Shil when she lied to Master! I wanted to give her a slap to make her think! The reason Master has you around is because you will not lie to him; but your fake comfort really hurt him even more.

Lore-You and me both! Why, when things were going so well, did she think slipping in a lie about her abilities (that he just started to believe in no less!) was a good idea?! Aisshhh!


ExtraKun- I was so mad that I did not want him to go out and comfort her. But Master is a good man.

Lore- I get that she thought it would comfort him, but she should have really thought about it more before she said it. Major props to Master for seeking her out—because of the giant accident and the ghosts. If I was in that situation I would have let her walk home. Which probably makes me seem like a jerk, but come on! She completely preyed on his major insecurity because she thought it would help him. Um…Gong Shil, time to think before you speak!

ExtraKun- And Master told you that Hee Joo and his ending was not like what she or other people think. Master has not lied to you, so you should take his words for what they are.

Lore- Trust is the key, and this was a major dent in their ability to trust each other.

ExtraKun- Oh, you and I are in the same boat. I would have told her to kick rocks and not gone after her either.


Lore- Yay for being in the same boat! I vote that we name it “Gong Shil can walk home alone, and no, we are not jerks”.

ExtraKun- Aye Captain!

Lore- Hey, so now that we have our own boat, I vote we have a party. First invite goes to….So Ji Sub!

ExtraKun- Absolutely! I will make snacks!

Lore-So, I am curious how episode 5 will address their trust issues?

Extrakun- Oh the Hong sisters have a great knack for glossing over such things. It will be a misunderstanding until things get resolved. Anything else we need to mention before final thoughts of the week?

Lore- My final thoughts: Episodes three and four were delightful to watch. I love how Master and Ms. Sun’s relationship became more defined and squealed over the continued humor of how their meaningless touching is viewed by the other characters around them. Gong Shil made me mad with her lying at the end of episode 4, but I am willing to forgive her if she gives us another entertaining episode of turning into a dog—cause that was freaking hilarious!

ExtraKun- My final thoughts: I will always be on Master’s side, I hope my tap to Gong Shil’s face made a difference, I want to see Kang Woo slip in and out of a car again, and “Little” Sun (her name is Tae Yi Ryung) needs to get her life together before she gets a think kick to the head…


Lore/ExtraKun Final thoughts: Overall, Master’s Sun has solidified its place as our newest drama crack, and we cannot get enough. So far, this series has not failed to produce main leads that are in desperate need of healing, learning, and a big heap of interactions that make it clear that they will grow together (which is good drama kryptonite to viewers). Also want to mention how the Hong Sister’s are striving to not only throw the main character’s story in our faces, but making a move to develop the other characters in the story is a major plus in our book! We needs more ASAP!

Until next week stay Fly and Classy! Master will thank you for it…


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