Master’s Sun Episodes 7&8: Super Fun Drama Chat Time

ExtraKun: What was your first impression of episode 7?

Lore: Child ghosts are creepy! But extremely helpful in the end…

ExtraKun: Yea, the kids were a sad story indeed. I hate horrible parents that are neglectful. It does something to me. That doll was creepy!


Lore: I agree- abusive parents get to me too. The doll was super creepy, the kid ghosts were super creepy, but I loved how their sad story was able to save another child’s life. This was a touching story of the week, for sure.


ExtraKun: I was so mad at that mom for trying to press charges against Gong Shil! I was I like, “Heifer! I will cut you!”

Lore: Yeah, I kind of wanted to hit her with a board… A couple of times. On a less sad ghost story note- did you laugh at the ghost jogger?

ExtraKun: Jogger ghost was hilarious!

Lore: I loved how Gong Shil made his dream come true—while she was on a date no less! I could not stop laughing at how confused the two people holding the “winner’s line ribbon” were. Haha.

ExtraKun: I would have been like, “she has drank one too many shots of Soju…”


Lore: Yeah—I would have thought “What is she on? Can I have some?” Back to abusive Mom—I just about died when Mr. Secretary slapped her on the head. Serves her right!

ExtraKun: Secretary Ahjussi coming out with all those credentials was sexy! I could have kissed him… in an “adorable ahjussi” kind of way.

Lore: Mr. Secretary is quite the accomplished man; I am starting to wonder what other badges he has hidden in his suit jacket!


ExtraKun: He has to be accomplished to roll with Master; it’s in the job description.

Lore: Good point- if you want to be Master’s secretary you better be pretty awesome.

ExtraKun: Would you like to know the resume to work with Master?

Lore: I would- but then it would dash my made up world where I somehow become Master’s accountant and financial planner. This world involves a lot of me having to grab him (a la Gong Shil) for some reason…..

ExtraKun: Oh well, you would fit right in. Master LOVES money makers and counters—you are hired!

Lore: He does?! All the calculations and such….my made up world just became populated with unicorns and dancing dogs and, um…okay, I will hold back my fan girling for bit. So episode 7 saw Gong Shil and Master get a whole lot closer, what did you think about this episode and their relationship ( Note- I hypothetically just typed my two weeks’ notice in my head so I can go work for Kingdom Enterprises.)?

ExtraKun: I am excited at the rate the Hong Sisters are moving their progression along. Master bended a lot quicker than I anticipated but I am cool with that.

Lore: Yeah- he definitely knows he likes her, yet he seems to be in self denial at the same time. The last scene of episode 7 was to die for! I loved the whole “I am not a marble shelter bit” Sighhhhhh


ExtraKun: Master, I never thought you were… have you looked in the mirror? But I am glad they brought up the point that a man is Ms. Sun’s shelter. I am glad she is starting to notice it too. I think her desperation was so great that she had forgotten how taboo it is.

Lore: Yeah- cause yunno, being all handsy with the CEO is not suspicious at all (or could possibly, in any way convey some kind of affection beyond friends)!


ExtraKun: So refresh my memory… Me and Kang Woo were on the verge of a break up in this episode (7)… what did he do again? I KNOW why we broke up for real in episode 8…

Lore: Well, if my memory serves me correctly Kang Woo busted in and looked through your desk! Tsk tsk, hate guys that are suspicious like that.

ExtraKun: I just saw. He saw them and got crazy jealous—He did! He took back Dooley and saw the photos!


Lore: Wait—did you just get possessed by the ghost of Gong Shil!? Is that why you asked why you and Kang Woo broke up?! How is it touching Master? I want to know… now! I am jealous… I never get possessed by decent drama heroines, only second leads.

ExtraKun: I wasn’t possessed… I liked Kang Woo. He was someone I could trust and like (and it’s In Gook!) but now that is all out the window because of episode 8.

Lore: Oh…you had me scared for a second. And, I ummm have never been possessed either. Sorry, I like to jump on bandwagons. Jump away! So what did you think about Kang Woo’s snooping?

ExtraKun: It was the catapult to our inevitable break up. ExtraKun doesn’t give second chances… in “Dramaland”.

Lore: I think that Kang Woo really sealed the deal in episode 8 in terms of their relationship. I was not happy with his “this wall all a misunderstanding bit”. Jerk…


ExtraKun: Good leap into episode 8! It is what I wanted to talk about…. I ABHOR when people try to tell you how to feel or what you are thinking!

Lore: Agreed. Where do people get off? What gives them the right to tell others how to think and feel?!

ExtraKun: When he told her she never liked him—I had a few choice words that shouldn’t be said around kiddies… I was livid.

Lore: Yep. Kang Woo- you just received Lore and E-Kun’s stamp of disapproval. No, this is not an award. It comes with a bucket of rotten fish. Enjoy.

ExtraKun: And Judgment Eyes Forever (echo) Ever Ever Ever Ever!

Lore: Ever Ever Ever Ever… Kang Woo lost our vote- what did you think about Master and his renting out the pool stunt?

ExtraKun:  At first I was mad because he knew she was terrified of water ghost. But when he explained himself, my anger subsided. I was a little taken aback with Ms. Sun because she should never have “high apple pie in the sky hopes” when Master has never given you a reason to. You made him and yourself look like an ass. Who cares what others say around you about Master, you know him a little better than they do. Should we discuss Water Ahjumma?


Lore: Water Ahjumma threw viewers a curveball—a ghost of a person that is alive! I liked this twist.

ExtraKun: She was priceless! Hell, I would take a rest too with a family like that!

Lore: I know—she was going on a ghost vacation, a well deserved vacation. I really liked that this case of the week was not about death but about reuniting the living with the living. And I loved how she showed her “hotel pass” when Gong Shil confronted her. Haha—her “ghost” proved that she had the right to be lounging around the hotel. Sometimes it is the little things like this that get me giggling.

ExtraKun: It was a nice twist in the story—I loved that she did everything a living person would do! A ghost taking a shower, eating steak, drinking wine? Too funny.

Lore: And to top it all off she wanted to see the fireworks before she left! I am your fan, Water Ahjumma!


ExtraKun: Totally, what did you think about Master finding about Kang Woo and his ahboji?

Lore: I was surprised that he found out so soon, I guess I thought this would be a secret for longer. And I am starting to rethink my outrageous theory that Kang Woo is really Master’s brother’s ghost in disguise.

ExtraKun: Well, we are at the halfway mark of the show at this point. We have to move it along. I find it odd that he and Hee Joo were from the same orphanage… this speaks to me, but I want to hold on to my feeling a little longer before I call it. That wench Hee Joo! You protecting fools even in death?! No wonder he calls you a bad girl.

Lore: I still thought this would stay a secret longer—it because of how much a game changer this is now that it is out in the open. Hee Joo also receives a disapproval award. Insert echoing voice of eternity here.


ExtraKun: She got that award a long time ago from me. “Little” Sun is a mess, but she is starting to grow on me. She genuinely likes Kang Woo and I like their portion of the story.

Lore: Yeah- but this is the official disapproval ceremony (no speeches welcome) I have not liked her for awhile as well. I am liking Kang Woo and “Little” Sun’s dynamic as well, you can tell that under all of her “my contacts float when my brain is working” comments she truly likes this guy. So I guess she is starting to grow on me too. I kind of cheer for all of her set ups with Kang Woo- like when she announced her presence in the subway resulting in him helping her escape the curious crowds.


ExtraKun: Them individually I could care less about, but together it’s delightful to see.

Lore: A case of secondary characters becoming a whole through their interactions and only half as interesting on their own. Kang Woo would fall flat without all of his crushing of “Little” Sun’s hopes and “Little” Sun would be kind of annoying without the glimpse into her human side (not celebrity jaded side).

ExtraKun: Great analyzes of those two, I agree. Thoughts before we wrap it up?

Lore: Master- you need to fully admit what you feel, and not in a way that can be confusingly conveyed as a statement of friendship. Gong Shil- just keep being yourself, because I love your character. Episodes 7 and 8 gave us a push towards the main leads relationship fruition but we have a ways to go yet—which makes me realize that Master’s Sun (if I was ever in doubt) is my current drama crack. Because I am hook line and sinker addicted to seeing these two becoming a couple. Yes, in fact my ship is sailing well. Thank you for asking.

ExtraKun: Master- I love you always and forever. Gong Shil- we had a minor setback but you got your life together, so we are cool. “Little” Sun- I need you to get better contacts… Secretary Ahjussi- “How you doing?” Water Ahjumma- I would so eat cheese and drink wine with you! Hee Joo and Kang Woo- YOU SUCK! Glad the boat is doing well… Next weekend is my turn for it right? I will have the “I Love Master” jet come and pick it up.


Lore: I am so happy we started that business! Is the “I Love Master” 50,000 square foot mansion coming along okay? I haven’t been down to check on it lately.

ExtraKun: You know, they are a little slow with getting the bathrooms just the way I want them, but everything else is coming along just fine.

Lore: Aishh! They must be confused about where the “I Love Master” inlaid marble tiles need to be placed. Seriously, we need to sit down with the builders and catch them up on Master’s Sun.

ExtraKun: Exactly! Always the installation of the marble with the contactors!


Lore: So frustrating! When they finished our second yacht I was this close to telling them that they should have moved the Tiffany stained glass I love Master skylight two inches to the left of the I Love Master ceiling mural. Why is this so hard for them?!

ExtraKun: We will have to use Master’s people next time. They always get it right the first time—or they don’t get paid.

L ore: Agreed. Mr. Secretary is probably an architect too. He would do a superb job.

ExtraKun: Secretary Ahjussi will be there (eyes glazed over in excitement)?!


Lore: We can give him a big ole “thanks Ahjussi” hug! And then have tea or coffee with Master.

ExtraKun: Good times, good times.


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