Stone Cities~ The times they be a changing

Autumn is creeping up on the northern hemisphere. With all of the cool weather and leaf changery (is that a word?) comes some unexpected but welcome modifications- or should I say daebak changes to Stone Cities. That’s right, Stone Cities be a changing- for the better:

Stone Cities has a new resident

Shoe Castle

E-kun, Eboni, aka ExtraKun (yes, she is awesome enough to have three names) has bunkered down and built her own stone castle. I am extremely thankful for her presence in Stone Cities- because market day sucks when there is only me and that crazy guy selling persimmons. Plus I honestly bow down to E-Kun’s drama mastery (seriously, she has seen enough dramas that I need to start referring to her as drama sensei) and appreciate her humor and outlook regarding the drama medium. Please join me in giving her a huge welcome as the new land holder in stone cities!

Drama Ratings meet Drama Suggestions


We are trying something new here in Stone Cities and that is drama suggestions. The idea behind this feature is twofold: as a drama viewer you may have a favorite show and concept that ignites a desire in you to see a similar show. Never fear, because Stone Cities is ready to offer suggestions. The second point of this page is to let you know what we are up to- what shows we are watching and fan-girling over. We are currently focusing on dramas from 2013 but are more than happy to write about older dramas- right now we are concentrating our effort to the present (but, as always, will never pass up an offer to fan girl about the past). Cheers!

Of the Month


No, not book club of the month or cheese of the month or wine of the month (though I will take all three) Stone Cities is introducing our favorite actor and actress of the month. In honor of the guys and gals that make our drama watching month we have decided to create a new feature- call it our version of monthly drama awards. This feature is coming soon!

Colors are pretty?!

The post titles, post font color, and menu color has been changed up. Please let us know what you think- is the site more readable or a jumbled mess? We appreciate your readership and your feedback!

Thank you for checking out our new features, and please give us feedback! Because if we love anything more than dramas it is blogging about dramas (and getting it right). Cheers!

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