Two Weeks: Six Days In

D-8 episodes. I finally found time to catch up on Two Weeks, MBC’s currently airing Wed/Thur drama. I am up to episode 8 and I have to say this show marathons extremely well. This opinion is largely based on the belief that I would have developed an abnormal heart rhythm in tandem with uncontrollable fits of mumbling if I had live watched episodes 3-8 (facing down the time period between the thrilling cliffhangers that Two Weeks likes to throw at viewers seems akin torture). Yep, this show has me at the edge of my seat, wide eyed and alert-I have no idea how I am going to go back to essentially live watching this drama. I may have to just wait until the end of this show to marathon the rest of this series or risk a major slip into anxiety ridden hand wringing.


The story of Two Weeks details a two week period of time (get it, huh, clever title!) in which Tae San  (Lee Joon Ki), an all-around D-bag, is a fugitive from the law. At stake is not only his freedom and life, but also the life of his daughter. Tae San is set to donate bone marrow to the daughter he only recently learned of. Tragically his daughter is stricken with Leukemia and desperately needs a bone marrow transplant in order to live. If Tae San cannot make it to the hospital in time to donate his daughter will die (due to preoperational radiation treatments that leave her with a zero percent immunity to disease and infection, her life saving surgery is two weeks from when Tae San is arrested). To make matters worse Tae San is being hunted not only by the police but also by a Mob boss and his assassin son. In other words- I want to buy Tae San an ice cream cone and give him a hug- man does he have it rough! *Hugs*

msr 2

The path of Tae San is one of redemption. Consistently we are given glimpses into how this character, on an instinctual level, cannot be the evil beast he has lived his life as. Prisoner, jerk, and low life are titles that hang over Tae San (but are largely invited or accepted by the man himself). As this show progresses it is clearer and clearer that he is anything but the scum that others think he is. And maybe that is why I love this character so much- antiheroes have every opportunity to fall flat and sail into annoying land with the wrong writer behind their idea, it is a cheer worthy event to see a true antihero that is likeable.

msr 3

Strong characterizations aside, Two Weeks is not exactly a masterpiece. It is a nail biting thrill to watch, but a good thirty percent of the twisty addicting scenes are born of human stupidity. Or maybe this show just lets viewers know too much before the characters can connect the dots that are blaring neon signs to anyone watching the show- either way I am still yelling at my screen far too much while watching Two Weeks. Not necessarily a terrible thing- I am engaged, that is for sure.

msr 4

The larger theme that seems to call this drama its own (at least half way through) is sacrifice. This is really a story about what people will do for other people: Tae Sang’s fugitive life for his daughter Soo Jin, Prosecutor Jae Kyung’s life mission to catch her Father’s killer, Boss Moon’s actions to keep his own name and that of Senator Jo out of the press, Tae San’s past sacrifices to save In Hye and by default protect Boss Moon, and Seung Woo’s desire to keep In Hye as far removed from unfortunate reality as possible. Their reasons are different- love, hatred, power, greed, and redemption, but the willingness to sacrifice is consistently woven in the story and interactions of these diverse characters.

I am impressed by Two Weeks, it is exciting to watch. This drama is not perfect, there are some definite over acting bits and ridiculous events ( I mean, come on, how many times would police officers go after a suspect while eschewing backup or failing to let anyone know where they are!) but the heart that this show brings counters a lot of the glaring imperfections. In other words, Tae San- when all is said and done please have a good day with your daughter and In Hye and the gorilla stuffed animal. You deserve it. Really, if anyone does I nominate you- after you finish that course of antibiotics needed from your open wounds and constant falls into lakes, rivers, and dirty warehouse floors. Tae San fighting! Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Two Weeks: Six Days In

  1. Welcome aboard the “Two Weeks” train! 😀 It’s a fast moving one, so hold on. 😉

    I agree that the pace of the show is so fun and thrilling and Tae-san is the best kind of hero to root for. Yeah, there are definitely scenes where it’s probably best to not think too deeply… but for me, the pace makes up for it. 🙂

    I’m glad you’re watching, though! Are you going to wait for more eps to come out and then do another marathon? Or are you sliding into a nail-biting live-watch?

    • Hey! I am in between the live watch and the marathon right now, in other words I have two more episodes to watch before I would enter live watch territory and I am not sure if I can handle that! This is one fast moving drama, love the thrilling cliffhangers (which, I doubt I can handle live watching). Aishhhh! Decisions!

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