Master’s Sun Episodes 9&10: Super Fun Drama Chat Time

MS 9-10 16

Lore: So….episodes 9 and 10!!! Wow- was there a whole lot going on!

ExtraKun: This is what I said after episode 10: “MASTER! I cannot do this with you!!!!!” Just like that.

Lore: I know- while watching these two episodes I felt like I was cycling through emotions. One minute I was sighing and happy- then I was all “You would get engaged, wouldn’t you, you…argh!” and then back to sighing.

ExtraKun: I never sighed… I knew what Joong Won was up to the whole time.

Lore: I bow down to your perception. I was ready to write the Hong Sisters a strongly worded letter at that engagement!

ExtraKun: Ha! Well call it intuition, but as soon as I saw Seo Hyo Rim I was like, that engagement ain’t real.

MS 9-10 1

Lore: So engagement and my emotional roller coaster of a viewing experience aside- I loved that Gong Shil (once she learned about what Hee Joo did) saying she would swear at Hee Joo’s ghost. Hahaha. I could see someone walking in on her swearing up a storm and thinking “Um, okay”

ExtraKun: I am glad she was willing to take Master’s side in the situation. I hate when “happy” people try to tell hurt people to get over it.

Lore: Agreed. What did you think about episode nine’s ghost of the week case?

ExtraKun: That was the one with the piano player right?

MS 9-10 2

Lore: Yeah. That guy was too creepy!

ExtraKun: He was so darn selfish! You just wanted your wife to come back so she can serve you hand and foot. I think you loved her, but all you did was take, take, take. I would get over that real quick.

Lore: Loved it when his wife told him to get over it at the end- he was not expecting that!

MS 9-10 4

ExtraKun: I think his wife knew he was crazy for drugging an innocent woman for his own selfish desires. Your wife is dead and you have to let her go.

Lore: That whole drugging thing- wow. Just wow.

ExtraKun: My favorite part of the wife taking over Ms. Sun’s body was– You know right?

Lore: Yes! The kiss. Finally they kissed! Too bad Gong Shil doesn’t remember it….

MS 9-10 3

ExtraKun: Honestly, I think I love it even more. It was everything you wanted right? It was Master owning up to his feelings for Gong Shil. It was his confessions (not the Usher kind… no impregnating another woman that is not your wife). Now the song is stuck in my head… Dang it!

Lore: True, the kiss acted as a way for Master to admit his feelings without admitting his feelings outright. If Gong Shil had been aware of the kiss it would have been a full on game changer. I like that we are still seeing this push and pull (cause, yunno, if they just started dating there really would be not a whole lot of plot left, at least in the romance department).

ExtraKun: Well, he made up for that in episode 10… We will get to that later (evil laughter). What did you think about Gong Shil telling Kang Woo?

Lore: I like that she finally told him about her “affliction” and could not stop laughing once he realized she could see ghosts. When he showed up with his own dark circles from being so freaked out I just about died!

MS 9-10 5

ExtraKun: He is such a scaredy cat (as I used to say when I was 6)! I laughed him out.

Lore: Yeah- and “little sun” and all of her sneaking up on him did not help! Haha, poor Kang Woo.

ExtraKun: LOL! I love their 32 second relationship and breakup! It is the only time I like Kang Woo these days. Because you know, we broke up. How does he think he can win her over after he pulled that bastardy stunt last week?!

Lore: Does he think he will just be like “I was kidding about all of that I don’t like you bit and you don’t like me bit, let’s go out?” Not going to happen Kang Woo! He should really consider trying to date Little Sun again. Maybe for two minutes this time.

MS 9-10 6

ExtraKun: She deserves at least 3, but we will take baby steps.

Lore: Ha! Maybe they will eventually get there, and maybe they may even make their relationship last five minutes. We can hope! So what did you think about Master and that “amulet”. I love how he left the trash can ghost to protect it.

ExtraKun: I think he was going to get it for her even if Secretary Ahjussi (who I have a full blown crush on these days) did not make mention of it. I love this drama because we can see the growth and development in Joong Won every episode. I hate how in some dramas the lead guy seems to change or let someone in, and it feels so out of left field. With Master, it has been a long time coming. He is acting on the feelings that developed since, perhaps the first moment he Gong Shil.

MS 9-10 7

Lore: Secretary Ahjussi fan club in the making perhaps? Loving how he is always trying to get Master and Gong Shil together. Joong Won’s growth as a character has been consistent, so his actions do make sense. It took him this long to get to the point, which is believable given what that b**ch Hee Joo did to him.

ExtraKun: Was it really Hee Joo? Or this “twin”? I am about to be mad and kick a cat if this “twin” doesn’t have a good reason for showing up!

Lore: That is the question. I did not see this plot twist coming. So is the ghost Hee Joo? Or was Hee Joo really the evil twin? And if Ms. Twin has been following around Master for all this time what is she gaining? If she was going to make some kind of move (revenge, or um, something. so confused) why is it taking her so long?! So many questions…..but this twist definitely made for a stellar cliffhanger for episode 10 (other than the “I love you bit” of course).

ExtraKun: I think Hee Joo is really dead and knows that it was her “twin” that was a part of the setup to kidnap Joong Won. Hee Joo said she wanted to protect someone and is clearly with “the twin” all the time. If it is revenge, it is misguided, that I am certain. Watch- this heifer was loving Master while he was in love with Hee Joo and then decided to try and steal from him and then Hee Joo died, so now she has to get revenge.

MS 9-10 8

Lore: My brain just exploded.

ExtraKun: Oh, well that is a typical Makjang setup. Hopefully the Hong Sisters will do better.

Lore: I second that! The surprise twin trope is totally makjang- the Hong Sisters need to use this element in a way that does not cause this show to go all cray cray. I am just hoping that this twin, whoever she is, will be fully revealed in episode 11 (at least to viewers). I don’t think I can handle this mystery hanging over the show for another episode. I need to see what she is up to or at least what she looks like -so I know who to blame if this twin thing gets out of hand!

ExtraKun: Typically, I would not care because she is miniscule on ExtraKun’s grand scale. But since she has been following Master around the globe– I got questions!

Lore: Yep- I have quite the list myself. So, this whole twin deal aside what were your thoughts on episode 10 as a whole?

ExtraKun: Creepy pottery ghost taking over Emo’s mind…

MS 9-10 9

Lore: Ha. That sums it up. That pottery ghost was creepy. I liked how the “victim” of this episode was the Aunt and not a one-episode character. It was kind of nice to have the ghost story involve some of our secondary characters. Plus it gave Vice President more screen time (I love how hard he is shipping Master and Gong Shil)! I feel like Vice President and Secretary Ahjussi should make a Gong Shil and Master scrap book together. These two are total fans of this relationship.

ExtraKun: LOL! Well I am not certain if VP motives are as pure as my boo– I mean Secretary Ahjussi.

Lore: Yeah, VP seems to be kind of shady with his intentions. But I still loved his “Fighting” bits, Haha.

ExtraKun: I do like that Hong Sisters are utilizing more of their characters. Sometimes they create these characters, and as a viewer you are like, “what is his/her purpose in the show?” Lord knows I loved Big, but it was notorious with characters like that!

Lore: I like the case of the week format, but I admit to being bored with some of the one episode characters. It is nice to focus on the fixed characters and learn more about them instead of meeting a creepy pianist (though Water Ahjumma was an awesome watch).

ExtraKun: I so want to eat cheese and drink wine with Water Ahjumma!

MS 9-10 11

Lore: So do I! She is totally invited to our Master’s Sun wrap party!

ExtraKun: Haha! We can save her a spot on the guest list and permanently ink her name on the club “I Love Master” admittance list. It will be opening in 2014.

Lore: In New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, and Los Angeles (we are currently considering other locations around the globe)! So what did you think of the way Master is handling his affection for Gong Shil with all of his “just be a candy girl so I know how this ends” bit.

ExtraKun: I was glad she got mad. I understood where you were coming from Master, but that was out of pocket (Cali slang for inappropriate).

Lore: Ooohhh- I learned new slang. That was out of pocket! Completely out of pocket! Gong Shil had every reason to be offended- especially when Master tried to “save her” during her mini class reunion.

MS 9-10 12

ExtraKun: I think it is one of the few times we have actually seen her get upset in the show. She has a very Zen personality, so seeing this reaction gives more depth to her as a character. Oh the mini reunion was hilarious! I laugh at the most inappropriate times in life- that was one of them.

Lore: Yes, Gong Shil has not really been the weepy out of control type so her getting this mad was especially noticeable. It was funny when she described her relationship with the CEO of Kingdom enterprises. “I will not let him go”. Haha, everyone cringed at that point but knowing the inside joke made her little speech freaking hilarious.

MS 9-10 10

ExtraKun: It was him calling her baby that made me say, “MASTER!” Hahaha!

Lore: Haha! That was great, and sooo disturbing. If I ever had a doubt before that Master could pull off the cute it was just expanded into certainty. Please Master, please, I beg of you, do not ever, ever do that again! It doesn’t suit you! But it was hilarious.

ExtraKun: Let’s talk about that ending that made me want to bring Master’s heir into the world (and I am an anti- kids 20 something).What were your thoughts on the REAL confession?

Lore: I was not a fan of the “handle this yourself” piece until Master delivered his confession (because at first it kind of sounded like he was being a coward about the whole thing). But that “I love you, what are you going to do about it” *sigh*

ExtraKun: I was not mad at him. It was his reaction to her lying to him and herself. I like that both of these people are adults in a similar regards.

MS 9-10 13

Lore: On the flip side, the handle it yourself piece, while initially rubbing me the wrong way, was a big part of the confession. Master needed to feel Gong Shil’s feelings out “Are you attached to me? You think you can just leave? Then that is your deal, but I love you” *sigh* And I like how it put the ball in Gong Shil’s court- what is she going to do now?

ExtraKun: Gong Shil knows what she is about and thought that Master would never feel that way about her so she would need to keep a lid on it. Master knows what he is about but was not willing to change or did not want to change unless something worthy came along.

Lore: Great assessment! They are both the type of characters to not admit their feelings so easily. So this type of confession made sense.

ExtraKun: Exactly. I think it is more than not admitting your feelings, it’s the consequences that come along with it that makes them worthy characters. They actually think about them consequences. Don’t get me wrong, I am a hopeless romantic, but sometimes, reckless confessions are more harmful than good. You have to weigh is this confession worth it? More often than not, it is not… Unless you are MASTER!

Lore: Completely agree!

MS 9-10 14

ExtraKun: Gong Shil can make me the happiest viewer in the world or become dead to me….

Lore: She better have a good response! Or I am right with you. Gong Shil who? Can this just be the Master show? I mean Master, Secretary Ahjussi, and Water Ahjumma show? Because I would watch that. It could be like a talk show. The coolest, weirdest talk show ever. First guests- not Kang Woo, or Gong Shil, or creepy piano guy. I nominate Little Sun and those adorable ice cream kids.

ExtraKun: Secretary Ahjussi! You could see him on the couch counseling people with tears in their eyes. Master would show you how to turn a profit, and Water Ahjumma would do weekend excursions…. and Little Sun would join Water Ahjumma on a trip to Hawaii!  Call the producers! It can be added to the “I Love Master” franchise. I love it!

Lore: Who wouldn’t watch that show?! Water Ahjumma and Little Sun could showcase the best beaches and hotels while Secretary Ahjussi and Master fix the world’s problems one guest at a time!

MS 9-10 15

ExtraKun: That is why I called the producers. This show is ready to be broadcast in over 100+ countries already!

Lore: Let’s make it 200+ countries, because once people watch this show there will be mass worldwide demand. What are you planning on wearing to the awards ceremony? So many choices with I love Master written on them!

ExtraKun: I just designed some new heels. 4 inch pumps with I Love Master tastefully written on them.

Lore: I want a pair (or twelve)! We are going to take that red carpet by storm. That is if they notice us next to Master. Because I would not blame them if they do not. So, parting thoughts?

ExtraKun: Master- I can’t do this with you (but I am willing to anyway)! Ms. Sun- It sucks to be in limbo (as you are now) but I was glad to see another side of you. Kang Woo- We are still broken up and that will never change. Hee Joo- Your “twin” better not be cray cray. Little Sun- Go in a room, turn off the lights, and open up a box of life! Please!

Lore: Master- You have my undying love and devotion. Gong Shil- You better come up with a good answer or, or, you will never ever appear on the best talk show in the world. Kang Woo- Wake up, realize you screwed everything up, and go on a ten minute date with Little Sun. Twin Plot Twist- Please, please, please make some kind of sense and not suck. I beg of you. Because if you kill this show, I am never going to forgive you. Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever….


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