Master’s Sun Episodes 5&6: Super Fun Drama Chat Time

This week’s super fun drama chat time finds us coming up with a solid business plan, all while theorizing what Kwang Woo’s deal is. I hope you enjoy. Cheers!5 6 2

E-Kun:  It is hard to pick a starting place for this week’s review but let’s just start from the beginning of Episode 5. I told you the trust issue was going to be glossed over, but I am glad it was in this case. And what in the world do rich people spend their money on? Dead weddings!!!! As if living ones weren’t costly enough.

5 6 3

Lore: You were correct, totally glossed over the trust issues. And the dead weddings, yeah, how much does one of those cost?!  Ghost match maker freaked me out. When Gong Shil, talking to the coffee ghost, was noticed by the creepy ghost match maker I kept thinking “Be quiet Gong Shil! Don’t get involved with this scary lady!”

5 6 4

E-Kun: She is a con artist swindling people out of money. But if people are stupid enough to go along with such things, can I really be upset with her entirely? That was such a sweet story with young master and the milk “boy”. Who knew the milk boy had boobs (and not because he is fat… it was a girl).

5 6 6

Lore: Haha. Loved the “milk boy” story as well! When Gong Shil told master about it I just died laughing. And if rich people want to spend their money on ghost weddings, I can’t blame the woman for grabbing a piece of the business. But locking Gong Shil in the room! Eeek and weird!

5 6 9

E-Kun: I was thinking, “What is she and young master supposed to do in this room for 24 hours?!” They can’t consummate a marriage so….

5 6 8

Lore: I know, right. Was she supposed to do the nasty with ghost guy? Cause, I mean I know Grandma wants him to be happy but that is just weird. Reasons for being locked in the room aside, I loved when Gong Shil popped her head out of the room after Master had the door unlocked and he shoved her back in so he would get the business deal. Haha. So wrong of him!

5 6 10

E-Kun: LOL! Oh Master (Joong Won), he acts like he loves money above everything else but we know that is not true. I loved that he was willing to help get things resolved- even if it did involve a perk for himself. He was even better in episode 6 ghost arc. There was no gain in it for him. Not going to lie. I cried in episode 6.

Lore: I did too. Episode 5 was a sweet story, and definitely pushed the Kwang Woo and Gong Shil relationship into full force, but episode 6 had the better ghost story and suspenseful scenes…and the dog being put to sleep really got to me!

5 6 16

E-Kun: I cried so hard when they made him do it! How can you make the owner kill their dog! Bastards!

Lore: I second that! Hated them for it. Poor dog. But can we agree that Master’s dream was hilarious. I was so confused when the scene started, thinking-did Master ingest some kind of drug or something?!

5 6 21

E-Kun: It was super hilarious! But I think there is something to him having the dreams. Remember how Master dreamed about Hee Joo the day before she came to visit him in Gong Shil’s body? Is this the key that we have been looking for?

Lore: Insert light bulb graphic above my head- it could be!

5 6 18

E-Kun: My drama buddy also mentioned Kang Woo’s hatred of ghost and Master having dreams about ghosts…. Is it because they are brothers?

5 6 17

Lore: You are freaking genius. I never even thought of that! I had another thought about Kwang Woo, but it is really kind of bizarre. You know how creepy matchmaker lady went on about how ghosts can occupy a body? Well, it seems that Master does not recognize Kwang Woo yet Kwang Woo calls Master’s Dad Abuji. What if Kwang Woo is possessed with the ghost of Master’s deceased brother? I would think Master would recognize his own brother. Maybe not, if they were separated at an early age but I still find it strange.

E-Kun: Hot Sugar Honey Ice Tea!!!!

Lore: Haha. I know. My mind was a little blown as I wandered if that could be true.

E-Kun: You just ninja-ed my mind…

Lore: And I have always wanted to be a ninja, so now I am warm and fuzzy inside. Ha.

E-Kun: Perhaps that is the reason Kwang Woo is scared of ghost! Glad you are working up the ninja ranks.

Lore: I hope to make ninja rank 1 someday, but I think that involves actually leaving my couch so I have a rather low chance of success. A girl can dream…So what were your thoughts about Master busting in to the store after hearing the gun shot in episode 6?

5 6 15

E-Kun: I thought it is just like him to do it. Even though he is seen as cold towards some, even the coldest person would want to save a close acquaintance/ friend. I loved what he said the soldier who went A-wall. About how he had no intention of shooting any one- then offering him a job when he gets discharged.

Lore: The job offer was too nice, and did show how much heart Master can have despite how he comes off to most people. Gong Shil has definitely become close to him, though it seems like that is the last thing he wants to admit. All of the petty jealousy (his get out of the car now) and his reading disorder revelation really make it hard to ignore how much he likes Gong Shil- though I doubt he will admit it anytime soon. He seems like a rather lonely guy given his past (and present), love how he is growing as a person and getting rid of loneliness through working with Ms. Sun (with her own mega issues).

5 6 11

E-Kun: Even if he does not recognize it yet, he knows that he can trust her. That is the only reason he revealed the fact that he has trouble with reading. I was glad he shared that with her. Like I said earlier, before her accident she had a lot of coveted qualities and could have easily worked her way up to be something like his secretary. This relationship can be beneficial to the both of them. What did you think about “Little” Sun finding out about what Kang Woo is up to?

5 6 13

Lore: An interesting twist. I see a lot of attempted blackmail in Kang Woo’s future. Yet I somehow think “little” sun will be blackmailing him into going on dates with her! She seems much more interested in Kwang Woo than Master.

5 6 14

E-Kun: She was not thinking about Master except to get revenge on Ms. Sun. But I think she sees that as a dead end so now she has to work her way into Kang Woo clutches. I see a lot of blackmailing too but Kang Woo is pretty smart, he might get himself out of it

5 6 17

Lore: Yeah, I think he will have the upper hand. After all, he is kind of a pro in the spying, secret information department. My curiosity lies in how and when Gong Shil will find out who Kang Woo is and what he is doing at Kingdom. I anticipate that Gong Shil will take Master’s side when this secret comes spilling out, but my thoughts on this are so vague and fuzzy that I am beyond interested in how this will play out. I suppose I am jumping way ahead in this story but I just love these characters so much! I cannot wait to see how everything shakes out as secrets are put on the table.

E-Kun: I think we are right on course with the show to where the secrets will spill out. It will not surprise me if another bomb is dropped in episode 8 since it will be the halfway mark. Even though Gong Shil says Kang Woo this and Kang Woo that I am inclined to believe she is already pro Master.

Lore: I think Gong Shil just likes Kwang Woo because he makes her feel normal, but the ending of episode 6 proved that when faced with normality (not seeing or answering the ghost dog) she chose to embrace what she could see and help. So normalcy aside, I think she is on Master’s side.

5 6 1

E-Kun: But that is the thing…. Master is making her feel normal again. She would not have the courage to “like” Kang Woo if not for the relief provided by Master

Lore: So it is really a weird cycle of – Master gives her room to breathe and feel normal so she can like Kwang Woo that makes her feel normal but then not feel herself because she cannot reveal her abilities like she can with Master. All roads lead back to Master. I am pretty sure Gong Shil has an I Love Master shirt somewhere.

i love master

E-Kun: OoOOOO! Can I get one of those?! With a pic of So Ji Sub on the back in a snazzy outfit that Master wears?! *Eyes glazed over in excitement*

Lore: I want one too! Or seven. Okay, maybe fourteen! And a poster. I want a poster too. And maybe a notebook, and a pen. I wonder if there is a sticker for my car…I suddenly spent my entire year’s salary in my mind.

E-Kun: I want all that! Is undies too creepy? Kids wear superman and my little pony. Can’t I wear I love Master ones?


Lore: Yeah. I would buy that. I was just thinking about curtains myself, and you know once I change the curtains I have to redecorate the room. Master Couches, Master lamps, Master bookshelves…I think I just spent someone else’s salary now. Do you think a bank would approve a large loan to purchase I Love Master merchandise? I hope so….

E-Kun: OOOOO a bookshelf is classy…

Lore: I try to keep it classy. That’s why my I Love Master desk will be made of real mahogany, with I Love Master written in gold.

E-Kun: Well if we manufacture it once we sell to the masses we can get the cost back…

Lore: That is true- we have a new business! Thanks Master’s Sun! I am rich b**ch!


E-Kun: Is an I Love Master Piano too much?

Lore: Nope. Not at all. Where else would you play the soundtrack of Master’s Sun?

E-Kun: You are right! Piano is in. LOL! Oh snap! Royalties will have to be shared with the Hong Sisters’

he man

Lore: Hong what? Let’s just pretend we are talking about a different Master. Like, um, the master of the universe. He-Man. We are making merchandise to honor He-Man! Note- we need to hire Master as a spokes model for our company so there is no confusion. We will just pretend like he is in it as a fan of He-Man. The money is ours!

E-Kun: Oh Sugar Honey Ice Tea! That’s why you are the brains of the operation!

Lore: And then with all of the cash maybe I can go to ninja school! Win-win!

E-Kun: It’s a Win Win Win… We get to meet Master!

Lore: Yep. Before he comes for the photo shoot we should ready the I Love Master lock So Ji Sub in a room plan. I mean…um…we are not going to kidnap him. Promise.

E-Kun: Not at all… Kidnapping is a crime and I am too pretty to go to jail

Lore: We are just going to borrow him for a while. Borrowing is not a crime. Nope. Good thing we are going to make all that money because I see us needing to fly to a country with a nonexistent extradition policy and a good Wi-Fi connection so we can keep watching Korean Dramas.

E-Kun: You think if everything. As long as it is a tropical place close to a beach I think we will be ok.


Lore: Deal. That can be the after locking master in the room plan. I will look into an I Love Master private jet to make our getaway.

Lore: Parting thoughts time. Episodes 5 and 6 kept up the ghost of the week theme, with some heavy relationship progression. I am still loving this show, and thrilled at what next week will bring. And I am still crying. Why did they put the dog down?! Jerks.

E-Kun: I think that we have so many questions and not enough answers at this point, I do really like all the characters and look forward to how the story and characters will continue to develop. Random thought: Was anybody else like, “Did you see the green roses vanish in thin air and not think anything of it?!” I want a dog like Pil Seung… except he will be trained to love Mayer Hawthorne, Super Junior (only the 3rd album), and GD.

Until next time…cheers!

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