Random: Korea’s Hip-Hop Battle Rages On


I usually keep my posts focused on Korean Drama  or Variety programs however, as I was spending some major time this afternoon trying to figure out the heated hip-hop battle raging in Korea (cause, what else would you do on a Saturday afternoon?) I decided I might as well write it all down for my sake and anyone else that is interested.

Event #1

Big Sean (featuring Kendrick Lamar) started this battle with his single ‘Control’. The lyrics called out the entire universe by proclaiming the artist at the bestest of the best. So basically, he said ‘Begin the battle’. Several rappers responded with lyrics of their own, including Cassidy, B. o. B., and Bizarre. All of the responses were set to the beat of the song ‘Control’, which is an important part of how this is linked to the current diss battle raging in Korea.

Event #2

The Korean hip-hop artist Swings released a song that featured the ‘Control’ beat, giving clear reference to the rap by Big Sean. The song, King Swings, gave a big ole challenge to Korean rap artists in general to come out and play. Basically, we don’t need to name names we are dissing you all (well..except for calling out Buckwilds and Do’main directly).

Event #3

Lyrics in English

Ugly Duck and TakeOne, both featuring members of the two crews dissed by name in the song King Swings answer with their own diss songs.

Event #4

Lyrics in English

E-Sens, the first mainstream artist to get in the middle of this battle, releases ‘You Can’t Control Me’ with lyrics that call out Dynamic Duo and Amoeba Culture (E-Sens old label).

Event #5

Swings responds to Ugly Duck with a long track that includes insults a plenty directed at Simon D (E-Sens former partner). The insults include accusations of Simon D being two faced.

Event #6

Ugly Duck releases a track admitting defeat to Swings, all the while making iffy illusions to a crew that used to house Simon D, E-Sens, and Swings.

Event #7

Lyrics in English

Gaeko, having been insulted by E-Sens, releases a song ‘I Can Control You’. The lyrics heavily criticize E-Sens and refer to the artist’s former legal problems involving drugs.

Event #8

Lyrics in English

E-Sens, not letting Gaeko have the last rap, releases ‘True Story’, a rap that heavily hints at the sellout attitudes of Dynamic Duo and their shady business methods.

Event #9

Lyrics in English

Simon D releases his first response to the battle, aptly titled ‘Control’, which takes aim at Swings.

There you have it! Now I kind of know what the what is going on….


2 thoughts on “Random: Korea’s Hip-Hop Battle Rages On

  1. Thanks for digest! I’ve just filled myself in about this and wow, looks to escalate.

    (Should we say bring in the popcorn or let’s all start acting more maturely now?)

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