Running Man Headlines: Lee Kwang Soo Fan Meeting Edition

Do you ever think to yourself: I wish I was on a deserted island with Shinhwa! Don’t worry, you are in luck! Cheers!

RM Ep 159

Ratings Episode 159

1. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 19.4

2. MBC Real Man 17.8

3. SBS Running Man 14.3

Next episode on Running Man…


A mysterious preview hints at a deserted island and some kind of Survivor style elimination. BTS pics hint at Shinhwa playing the role of “the others” ala Lost. Okay, totally made the Lost reference up, but I have to try to reference something out of the waste of a show that was Lost….or I will just go back to shaking and crying in a corner. Trust me it is not pretty.

Disregarding my past trauma and returning to Running Man, BTS photos have been released showing the members of the long running Kpop group Shinhwa filming with the cast on an island. Some sites are declaring Shinhwa guests during episode 160-others are saying episode 161. Regardless, a deserted Island and Shinhwa? Yes please. Where do I catch the next boat?!
You can check out the preview below:

This Week’s Running Man Headlines…

LKS Fan Meeting

The giraffe jetted off to Singapore for a fan meeting on August 17th. The meet up was attended by 1,000 fans of the Asian Prince. Judging by all of the photos and video released the fan event went off without a hitch.

To start things off Kwang Soo sang “Hug”. Kwang Soo singing? I am entertained just thinking about it. During the fan meeting the audience played a telepathy game with the star, guessing which pose he would strike next. Ten fans who guessed correctly were invited on stage to bask in the giraffe’s glory. How I wish I had been there! You can check out more pics and a plethora of video (including a MSN interview and greetings from the Running Man cast + Song Joong Ki) below.

LKS Fan Meeting 2

LKS Fan Meeting 3

Greeting from Lee Kwang Soo

Interview with MSN

Press Conference

Greetings from the Running Man Cast and Song Joong Ki

HaHa celebrated his 34th birthday (35 in Korean years) on August 20th. Because HaHa and Byul cannot help but be adorable, we were treated to a cute twitter post by Byul cheering on her husband on his special day. Apparently HaHa was busy filming during his birthday, but that did not stop Byul from baking him a cake and posting the following message on her twitter:

“Today is a special day. It is the birthday of the person I love and treasure the most in this world. I wanted to make him seaweed soup and sing him happy birthday with a cake lit with candles, but he is going to work over two days and one night. He really looks beautiful when I see him living life so diligently. Please support him a lot. Please congratulate him. Send him strength! Dream’s dad, happy birthday!”

HaHa Byul

A few days earlier Byul showed the world her fan girl best by posting the following picture in response to HaHa and Skull’s August 17th concert at Sogang University’s Mary Hall. Is it just me or are these two starting to look like each other? You be the judge:

Byul Fan Girl

Parting Thoughts

2 thoughts on “Running Man Headlines: Lee Kwang Soo Fan Meeting Edition

  1. Huahahahahaha… I wonder if Kwangsoo wants to learn English now? Judging by the looks on his face, it seemed like he was thinking, “I should have paid more attention when I was being taught this in school, I feel bad…” ^^;

    • I know- as I was watching this I wondered how bad LKS felt about his lack of English skills. Regardless of his multilingual talent: Giraffe fighting!

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