Running Man Headlines: Dream, Lost Wallets, and G-Dragon

Running Man Headlines are back! After a two week break that included a whole lot of visiting with Grandma and sitting on a porch (seriously, I have never sat on a porch so much in my freaking life) I am back and ready to rattle off the latest Running Man news. It feels good to be home (though I am thinking about building a porch in the Stone City, ‘cause sometimes it is nice to sit on a porch. In moderation. Moderation Grandma!)

RM Ep 160

Ratings Episode 160

1. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 18.2

2. MBC Real Man 17.5

3. SBS Running Man 12.3

RM Ep 161

Ratings Episode 161
1. MBC Real Man 17.9

2. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 17.8

3. SBS Running Man 11.3

Next Episode on Running Man….

Running Man is staging its own Idol Athletic Championships (note, there will not be 160 idols on the episode, but almost). Popular idol stars from A Pink, MBLAQ, Infinite, 2PM, Sistar, Girl’s Day, and Beast will be pitted against each other to see who will be crowned king of the idols.

162I am on the fence about this episode, mostly because of the sheer number of guests that will appear and the focus. I generally enjoy the Running Man Olympic episodes where they compete against idols, but the preview makes it look like the entire episode is focused solely on which idol is better without regard for the cast of Running Man. Which, in my opinion, is what the Idol Athletic Championships is. I guess I will have to wait and see if this episode proves my gut feel wrong. You can see the preview below (for some reason the preview is split into two parts…because sixty seconds is too long for one video, I guess):

This Week in Running Man Headlines…

The recently released news regarding upcoming guests made my head explode. Once I put my skull back together I did a little happy dance and thanked the casting director of RM. What am I so worked up about? Well, one of my all-time favorites is going to appear on Running Man for the first time. Get ready for it…are you ready? You may want to put on one of those Crayon Pop helmets because your brain may explode too. Okay, here it goes (and in no way did I only post this picture to stare at it. Nope, not at all): YooAhIn

Yoo Ah In!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, back to reality. Yoo Ah In will be guesting alongside his co-star in the film Kkang Chul Ie,  Kim Hae Sook. In the film the two play a wacky mother and son pairing. No word yet on what the premise of the episode will be, but frankly I do not care. Reference above picture.

Running Man EP163 Guests Big Bang

Sixty percent of Big Bang will also be appearing in an episode in the near future. G-Dragon, Seungri, and Daesung will guest star in episode 163. This will be the first time the trio have guested since the Big Bang special during episodes 84 and 85 special. G-Dragon was especially hilarious in those episodes (mostly because of the teasing he received from HaHa) so I cannot wait to see what his latest guest stint has in store.


Speaking of G-Dragon, HaHa hinted at a possible parody of the artist’s crooked MV. The parody idea was unveiled on HaHa’s twitter when he tweeted:

“G-D!! ‘Crooked’!! Did you watch the MV?? G-D… Really awesome!!! huhhuhhuhhuhhuh.”

PD Kim Tae Ho (of HaHa and Yoo Jae Suk’s other variety show Infinite Challenge) responded to the tweet with:

Are you working on it to get closer with him? hehe”

HaHa responded:

 “Quiet!!! Quiet!!!!”

The man himself, G-Dragon, learned of the tweets and took to his own twitter to respond:

“Please film one as the sequel to you ‘Haru Haru’ parody..^^”

G-Dragon is set to take part in Infinite Challenge’s Bi-Yearly Music Festival, perhaps to help HaHa come up with a song better than a parody? I can’t wait!

haha byul 3

In other HaHa news little Haroro Jr has had his name legally registered. All throughout Byul’s pregnancy the couple referred to their son by the nickname Dream. Apparently the name has stuck as the pair legally registered their son’s name as Ha Dream (and that is Dream in English, not a translation of a Korean word). Byul shared the following on her twitter:

“Thank you to everyone who congratulated Dream. Ah also. You’ve all been wondering what Dream’s real name is. We have already registered the birth of our child under the name of ‘Ha Dream’ hahahahaha.”

Ummm…I really thought this was just a nickname. Good luck Dream, you may need it.

In a moment I had been eagerly waiting for Kang Gary finally weighed in on the now simmered down Hip Hop feud (in a way only Gary could have). No, he did not release a diss track or hate on anyone. Instead he posted the following on his twitter:


Haha. Gary was referring to pictures posted by two rappers involved in the feud, Simon D and E-Sens (former partners):


Apparently Gary found these way back pics extremely endearing and could not help but tease the two a little. Only Gary!

Days before he was tweeting about the diss battle, Gary was lamenting his lost wallet. On August 24th Gary posted the following on his twitter:

“Ah.. I lost my wallet on the KTX yesterday and heard that it’s not there anymore. The start of a hopeless day ㅠ.”

Oddly enough Lee Kwang Soo had lost something himself, responding to his hyung’s tweet:

“How the. I lost my phone. How about we grab dinner, hyung?”

Gary hilariously replied:

“We will lose our souls if we meet people with no manners. Let’s be careful.”

Gary and Kwang Soo

I feel like St. Agnes and the Burning Train was playing when Kwang Soo read Gary’s response. I guess even if you lose your wallet and are having a bad day, dinner with Kwang Soo is at the bottom of your list. Haha. Love it!

Parting Thoughts

Song Joong Ki left for his mandatory military duty on August 27th, leaving behind a whole lot of heartbroken fans to count down the days until he is discharged. Because I am one of those fans I thought it would be fitting to include a Running Man fan made MV as my parting thoughts this week. The video highlights the same aged friends Lee Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki. These two are great friends in real life (Kwang Soo is the only celebrity friend of Joong Ki’s that has visited his parent’s house) so I imagine the giraffe is pretty sad to see Joong Ki go as well. Here is to you same aged friends. Cheers!


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