Running Man Headlines: Food trucks, iPads, and Model Gary

Yoo Jae Suk proves once again how nice he is, Gary talks about his ideal type, and the Commander gets all outdoorsy in this edition of Running Man Headlines. Cheers!

RM Ep 187

Ratings episode 187

1. MBC Real Man 15.5
2. KBS 1 Night 2 Days / SBS Running Man 12.9
3. SBS K-Pop Star 3 10.5

From 4th to 2nd (with an episode without guests, no less). Yep, I am happy.

Next week on Running Man…

Australia. Au-freaking-stralia! The time has come to see what the cast of Running Man, alongside uber guests Rain and Kim Woo Bin, get up to when they jet down under. Check out the massive picture post from last week if you need some BTS action. The preview of the episode is below (note that this is a three part special):

Now on to the headlines!

Yoo Jae Suk new variety show

Yoo Jae Suk

The nation’s MC is gearing up for a new variety show (his first new show in 4 years). Yoo Jae Suk’s latest variety program will premiere in April on KBS and is titled ‘I am a Man’. Each episode will feature a different female guest; the fixed hosts will discuss everything about women during the program (this sounds hilarious- largely because I am guessing they are seventy five percent clueless when it comes to what women think).

no hong chul

Set to co-MC alongside Jae Suk is Noh Hong Chul (who appears alongside Haha and Yoo Jae Suk on the Saturday night variety hit Infinite Challenge). ‘I am Man’ will be headed by PDs Lee Dong Hoon and Jo Gi Peum, who also work with Yoo Jae Suk on Happy Together. Get excited – I know I am!

Gary and his ideal type

Gary Ideal Type

Ji Hyo? Unfortunately Gary listed what he likes in a woman, not the name of his ideal woman (because we all know it is Ji Hyo- right? Delusional glasses on now). On February 5th Gary appeared on the show Night of TV Entertainment. When asked about his ideal type Peaceful Gary answered:

“I always try at love. My ideal type would be someone who is innocent at day but a bit sexy at night. I feel like as I’m getting older every day and become more honest, I tend to like sexier girls.”

Like this? Look- Gary’s ideal girl!

Ji Hyo night and day

Yoo Jae Suk gifts students

Yoo Jae Suk is still a nice guy -so nice in fact he gifted the 14 university students who appeared on episode 187 with iPads.  A representative of Running Man stated:

“Yoo Jae Suk gave iPads as gifts to the university students who participated in the ‘Running Man 2014 University War’ special. Yoo Jae Suk wanted to express his gratitude toward all of the university students who actively participated on the show. He was too shy to give the gifts in person, so he asked the production team to give out the gifts on his behalf. He wanted to let this pass quietly, but people found out.”

Yoo Jae Suk still nice as nice can be

Apparently one of the students posted about the gift on their SNS, facilitating the Running Man reps explanation. In addition to gifting the kiddies with iPads Jae Suk also gifted them with track suits and paid for motel rooms so they could change out of their wet clothes. What a nice guy!

Ji Hyo: Thank you Gary and Fan club love

Two of Song Ji Hyo’s fan clubs (DC, WithJiHyo) sent a food truck to the site of her drama Emergency Couple. Ji Hyo posed in front of the truck, holding a banner (the banner was sent by the FCs – she wrote her response on it) that read:

“To DC, WithJihyo
Truly, really really grateful. Will continue to work even harder from now! Song Ji-Hyo…””

Ji Hyo Fan club love 2 Ji Hyo Fan club love


While not munching on some love from her fan club Miss Mong was busy giving a shout out of thanks to Kang Gary. On March 6th Ji Hyo attended a press conference for her drama. Miss Mong took the opportunity to thank her Monday boyfriend for his cameo on the show (playing a designated driver):

“When I was eating out with the PD, we came to talk about how it would be fun to have Gary oppa as the cameo. So I called him on the spot, and he gladly accepted the offer right away.”

“Gary oppa was really worried about it. He asked me how many lines he has and how he has to say them. He even told me he practiced his ad-libs. Since we were on Running Man together for three years, we had good teamwork. I’m thankful that Gary oppa helped out our drama.”

An excuse to repost the video of Gary’s cameo? I think so!


Lee Kwang Soo Caffe Bene Opening on March 8th!

Caffe Bene Lee Kwang Soo

As previously mentioned Running Man’s Maknae, Lee Kwang Soo, will be officiating the opening of Caffe Bene in Malaysia. The event will take place on March 8th. Details, details:

– Go to Orange Entrance of Sunway Pyramid starting from 11am.

– Receive an autograph sheet from Caffebene Malaysia and meet Lee Kwang Soo in person.

– There’s no purchase necessary.

*It’s based on first come first serve. Limited quantity available.

*Lee Kwang Soo will only sign autograph sheets provided by Caffebene.

Anyone going? Take lots of pics, because I want to see!

Gary for clothing line Mizuno

Hot d**m! Gary cleans up nicely! Kang Gary was recently chosen to model for the athletic brand Mizuno. The brand released his full pictoral this past week, along with the following statement:

“As a singer with both individuality and skill, Gary, who shows a healthy and sporty image through the SBS variety show ‘Running Man’ and also normally enjoys exercising, fits well with the brand image so he was chosen as the model. As an exercise maniac, he perfectly took on difficult moves and did his best for the advertisement, impressing us with his professionalism.”

Check out his healthy and sporty image below. Do I spy Kang Gary’s tat? I think I do (*wipes drool quickly while pretending not to stare*).

Gary Mizino 3 Gary Mizino 2 Gary Mizino 1

Random SNS Updates

Gary took a selca and posted it to his Weibo account. Not sure if he looks confused or bored or both.

Gary Twitter Selca

Gary took a picture with a random Australian guy. Huzzah.

Gary and an australian

Lee Kwang Soo posted a picture on his LINE account with the words: Have a comfortable Friday night ♡

Lee Kwang Soo Friday Post

Monday Couple attends Sudden Attack Prize Ceremony

As previously mentioned, Kang Gary and Song Ji Hyo morphed into game characters for the mobile game Sudden Attack. The duo recently attended a prize ceremony for the game. Still no idea what the heck the game was about, but hey – you could make their avatars kiss. That is enough for me. Check out the pics from the ceremony below:

Monday Couple Grand Attack Prize final 9 Monday Couple Grand Attack Prize final 8 Monday Couple Grand Attack Prize final 7 Monday Couple Grand Attack Prize final 6 Monday Couple Grand Attack Prize final 5 Monday Couple Grand Attack Prize final 4 Monday Couple Grand Attack Prize final 3 Monday Couple Grand Attack Prize final 2 Monday Couple Grand Attack Prize final 1

 Kim Jong Kook for Fever Green

For a second year running Kim Jong Kook is a model for brand Fever Green. Check out his pictorial below, as well as a BTS video. Cheers!

Kim Jong Kook Fever Green 9 Kim Jong Kook Fever Green 8 Kim Jong Kook Fever Green 7 Kim Jong Kook Fever Green 6 Kim Jong Kook Fever Green 5 Kim Jong Kook Fever Green 4 Kim Jong Kook Fever Green 3 Kim Jong Kook Fever Green 2 Kim Jong Kook Fever Green 1

Parting Thoughts

Because when life gives you lemons, you should reciprocate with an angry Seumdwa (this is in no way influenced by the fact I have been living in a winter wonderland for the last five freaking months. Nope. Not at all).


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