March Badness: Round 2 -with New Prizes!

The votes are in – the top 8 baddies have been selected! Now it is time to bracket off the villainous guys and gals and indulge in a second round of March Badness! Oh, did I mention we have upped the prizes? Because we did. Making a Korean-drama-nefarious-character-centric game based on College basketball never felt so good. Cheers!

March Badness Logo 3

You now have until March 16th to enter the contest! And we have a new giveaway item – a sweet $30.00 USD gift certificate to Yesasia (the premiere Asian film / tv/ music e-tailer). You can check them out here. And remember, one month free of Drama Fever premium is still being given away as well.

To enter:

  1. Tell us in the comments which baddie you think will win Stone Cities March Badness.
  2. Tell us who your all-time favorite bad guy or girl from Korean dramas is and why.
For a boring bulleted list of the logistics of the game,
please see here. 

Based on your votes here is who is moving onto round 2. The bracket was assembled randomly (no, seriously, I busted out my mad excel skills and randomized the random out of this list). Remember to vote for who you want to move onto round 3.

Vote often, vote every day. May the best baddie win. Huzzah!

Let the Games Begin!

Bracket Week 2

Click on the baddies name for their profile info!

Choi Young Do (the Heirs) vs. John Mayer (King 2 Hearts)



John Meyer

Kim Hyun Soo (Heartless City) vs. King Hee Soo (Boys Over Flowers)




Kang Maru (Nice Guy) vs. Harry Borrison (I Miss You)

Harry borrison


Kang Maru alkd

Rachel Yoo (The Heirs) vs. Oh Soo (That Winter the Wind Blows)

Rachel Yoo


Oh Soo

2 thoughts on “March Badness: Round 2 -with New Prizes!

  1. From the dramas i’ve seen it has to be John Mayer my gosh that guy was just crazy I still hate him till this today for what he did to my Eun Shi Kyung(a.k.a hottest/cuttest/best bodyguard ever!!). But against Choi Young Do it’s obvious people are gonna pick him,lol
    Favorite villain hands down Mishil from Queen Seon Duk gosh that woman was smart like hell…or does it have to be current? cause then…El temur’s daughter in Empress Ki,lol

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