Welcome to…March Badness!! Win something!

March is a time for brackets and basketball and – wait a minute, I don’t care about basketball! But one thing I do care about is dramas! And bad boys! So what does basketball, bad boys, and dramas have to do with anything? Well, here at Stone Cities we are proud to launch our own version of March Madness – drama style! And you can win something free! And vote! And not have to watch a basketball game! And there are bad boys (and girls)! What isn’t there to love about this?!

So what is this contest you speak of?

Welcome to March Badness!!!

March Badness Logo 2

Clever, huh? E-Kun thought of it, so please give her heaps of kudos for her cleverness 🙂

All month long we will be running a contest, bracket style, to determine who is the baddest bad boy or girl of them all. At the end of the month we will declare the winning baddie and the contest winner

What can I win?

A month of Drama Fever premium! That is right, a month of awesome, commercial free drama watching without a dent made in your pocketbook! Huzzah! Bad has never looked so good!

So how do I win?

Simple. Pick the baddie that will win (from our list of 16 baddies listed under the contestant section) by naming your selection in a comment prior to March 7th Please also include in your comment  your favorite bad guy or girl from dramaland. If you identify the winning bad guy you are already eligible to win. The final selection, supposing there are multiple people who have the correct answer, will be selected based on their favorite bad girl or guy selection  as described in their comment. SO IT IS IMPORTANT that along with your chosen winner you list your all time favorite bad boy or girl from drama land (on our list or off it).

So to recap-

Please vote! A lot! See the following poll!

Comment!  Tell us who from our list of 16 bad guys and bad girls you think will win in the final round of March Badness. Also tell us your all-time favorite bad boy or bad girl from dramas and why.

Check back every week for the next round of voting.

And vote! A lot! We will love you if you do!


Now on to the contestants!

Warning: If you have not watched the following dramas the contestant profiles may give away spoilers!!!!!

Dramas covered that may contain spoilers: King 2 Hearts, That Winter the Wind Blows, Personal Taste, Nice Guy, A Man’s Story, Princess’s Man, Arang and the Magistrate, Master’s Sun, I Miss You. We tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, but trying to describe evil deeds goes hand in hand with at least a little bit of spoilers!

Han Jae Hee John Mayer Kang Hee Soo Kim In Hee Cast of Empire of Gold Prince Suyang Kim Hyun Soo Jo Pil Yeon Choi Young Do Chae Do Woo Oh Soo Kang Maru Rachel Yoo Joo Wal Hanna Brown Harry Borrison

And the poll! Vote here – multiple times! Vote all day, every day!!!!

Let us know if you have any questions! And thank you! We love running contests because we appreciate each and every person that visits Stone Cites – a whole lot! Hugs! (Wait, this is a badness competition)…I mean, pshhhh, yeah, whatever.

Note- Please make sure you are commenting with a valid email address so we have a way to notify you if you win.

Note: the Sequel aka The rules spelled out on a more granular, non visual and fun level:

  • To officially enter the contest you must leave a comment. Tell us which baddie on the list you think will win, and also tell us who your favorite drama bad boy or bad girl is (note – your fav does not have to be taken from our list). Also tell us why they are your favorite (do they make you sizzle withe their sexiness? Maybe you like their scheming? Or maybe they are sooo bad they are good?!).
  • We are going to have a bracket style face off using polls. So at the end of the first week of March, we will reveal the top 8 baddies from our poll according to your votes. They will move on to face off during the second week of March. Essentially week 1 is a free for all- just vote for who you want to move onto the next round!

The bracket

  • Each week we will bracket the baddies and then determine the winner of the contest based on votes. So vote frequently, vote often!
  • On April 1st we will announce the baddie who won the contest! We will also announce which one of you won!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to…March Badness!! Win something!

  1. haahahaa SO cute!! looove the descriptors and, of course, the “march badness” 😉 😉
    my personal votes: soo (though i do lurve me my baksa) and young-do — two cuties who deserve some love! ^^

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